I love having an espresso in the morning but with my new morning routine I’m not sure when is a good time to have coffee. What do you think?

Frida Z.
i’ve cut coffee out of my morning routine and i feel waay better. but if i ever have a craving for it or just want to go out and drink some with my friends it is usually after midday about 2 or 3pm. hope this helps

Fanny N.
I have read that drinking coffee early in the morning has the long term effects of reducing the caffeine rush in your body. From my perspective I think you should wait a little more time to drink coffee perhaps when you are deep into the morning and you brain is mostly awake. I don't drink coffee much, but I used to.

Lillian P.
In fabulous there is a part where it tells you to drink a coffee before going to rest in the afternoon because the time it takes for the caffeine to take effect, you wake up with energy. I think that drinking coffee in the morning is not very healthy, it could cause a lot of nerves and stress for the rest of the day. It is better to eat a lot of fruit that will give you a lot of energy.

Oliver Z.
Fun fact – You shouldn't be having caffeine on a empty stomach! There's no reason why a cup coffee can't be paired with protein bars/ fruits/ nuts/ meat. If you're worried that the taste of your espresso might be overpowered, you can always wait 20 to 30 mins or have it during brunch or evening snacks.

L O A.
I think coffee can be a good mid morning drink or energizer. Or maybe with lunch. Personally after lunch, I think it's too late to have caffeine. So mid morning drink or with lunch

Debra B.
I don’t know if you have concluded drinking water in the morning, because I think it’s good to first drink water. I would do it somewhere before makeup. Hope this helps!!

Lissandra C.
I normally have coffee right when I wake up with my breakfast and water, so to be exact I have coffee after I wash my face (which helps me wake up) and before I brush my teeth in the morning!