What do you eat for breakfast when you’re struggling for time?

Dan P.
A banana and some peanut butter. When I don’t have bananas, I struggle a bit. I have a smoothie, but don’t love it. Thankfully I always have some frozen fruit and protein powder on hand.
I also do cereal, once in a great while. Either it’s sugary, or I don’t enjoy it.
Thankfully most mornings I have time for a nice hot breakfast, and that makes me so happy. Mmmmmmm!
Rebecca N.
It all depends on how much time you have! If you have 10 minutes then i’d deffo recommend making quick oatmeal in the microwave & top w peanut butter & take it to go!

A super quick breakfast go-to:
– peanut butter toast
– protein shake (or meal replacement shake!)
– banana and peanut butter

Nolan Z.
I think about what I want for breakfast the next day before I go to bed. If I’m in the mood for something that takes more time then I will prep it or set out what I want so it’s more accessible in the morning. But if I’m in a rush, I’ll eat some cereal Or a granola bar.
Araiz Z.
I just have a boiled egg or toast with tea mostly when I'm running late. I make sure I eat something before leaving for work even if I get late. If I'm have to absolutely leave, which is rare, I skip breakfast and just have biscuits with tea when I reach office.
Erika U.
I make a smoothie, but the best is to make a batch of something on the weekend and then your breakfast is ready all week. Muffins (freeze easily), fritata (high protein), bagel and cream cheese or yoghurt with fruit and müsli are all easy and quick 🙂
Erica X.
I have nature valley protein bars I'm my work back pack, and Oiko's Greek yogurts. Otherwise ensure drinks are a wonderful meal replacement.
Nicole I.
When I usually don't have time to eat anything. I toast 2 breads and spread some strawberry jam, and I eat that with a banana :). Or sometimes an egg sandwich. ✨💜
Mathilde Z.
If I am in a hurry I eat banana. But if I am not I eat proper breakfast, like toast with coffee or egg, avocado salad etc
Aileen X.
I need some fresh pastry (sweet filled with chocholate for example) And a piece of fruit like a banana. And I drink a cup of Black Tea.
Seshego Z.
I eat bran flakes or oats as this is a healthy quick option. I actualy eat an elaborate breakfast when I am treating myself. Today my daughter and I made pancakes for breakfast because we were celebrating being with each other after two weeks. Although she doesn't know it was a celebration. In hindsight I should have made sure she knows it was a celebration so she can learn to celebrate life.

I digress.

Boiled eggs are also a good option and so are fruits. But what you eat also depends on what you are looking to achieve with your body and what your body can digest well.

I tend to gain fat rapidly around the midsection like most men so I try stay away from sweet things and baked goodies. Nature blesses me with a sweet tooth 😥 but we make do….

Sandra Q.
I make my own granola which lasts for weeks. Make you’re own base (You can just google it) but mix it with coconut-oil and honey. Use it in smoothies, yoghurt etc