What is the best weight loss breakfast?

Laura N.
Best off looking at a reliable source or speaking to your GP.

But I’d say it’s one that has no sugar, is filling, healthy and nutritious. Whole foods are good.

Totally depends on your budget and what you like/can be bothered to make in the morning. You’ll have to figure it out for yourself as there’ll be loads to choose from. Experiment if you can.

H Lo Se A.
Stuff like gronola or eggs because it will fill you up and give you energy for the day so you won't feel like you have to snack all day and it won't add to your weight so basically just a high protein breakfast
Abdulaziz N.
Honestly, I feel that it differs from day to day. I like to have a breakfast that contains proteins, Fiber, and vitamins. You can notice that it’s a collection of healthy choices. For example, I usually prefer to eat fried eggs with a slice of brown bread, and a delicious red apple 🍎. Also, Milk 🥛 is a great choice in breakfast if you’re not allergic to it. That is it! Hope you have a delicious healthy breakfast 🍎🤍
Julie I.
Oatmeal is satiating and should keep you feeling fuller longer. Avoid overly sugary ones…and it's a healthy breakfast.

I don't know that it will make you "lose weight". But, it will help keep you from gaining weight with unhealthy options, and from unhealthy snacking from a less filling breakfast.

Good luck!

Catherine F.
For me a good weight loss breakfast consists of oatmeal(oats with almond milk) with fruits. Or if you want more protein added to your meal then eggs with ham and crispy bread. I do believe a breakfast in the morning will give you enough energy for the day!
Julie U.
I love steel cut oats with cinnamon and peanut butter! The oats are hearty and stick with you, I add the peanut butter for some extra protein and fat, and the cinnamon makes it smell and taste like a treat!
Marcus W.
My personal favourite is oatmeal! It keeps you full for a longer period of time while also getting you a healthy dose of vitamins & fibre. I also assorted fruits & cinnamon for flavour. If oatmeal is not a meal of choice for you, I would also highly recommend plain greek yogurt topped with fruit, some granola & a little honey if you’d like 🙂
Noah C.
The best weight loss breakfast so I've been told is a well rounded breakfast with more protein and vegitables than dairy and fruits. Also, on that note, a breakfast like that HAS to be paired by a follow up of exercise. My suggestion to loose weight the healthy way eat a breakfast like the one described 2-3 times a week followed by some stretching then vigorous exercise then stretching and the other days of the week eat whatever breakfast you want followed by some light exercise like a quick walk around the block. It gets your metabolism boosted for the rest of the day. ☺
Margie O.
I think the best way to loss weight recipes is using fruits and oatmeal… fruits has many healthy benefits that can fuel ur tummy all day without taking any snacks…as example u can make a banana smoothie,or u can just eat the fruits! Oatmeal has their own good and oatmeal can making u feel full on ur day because it is in carbohydrates categories…so u can make oatmeal with various of dish like with fruits like strawberry, bananas,kiwi,and others..so I think that is the best recipes to make you feel full but makes u even healthier than before
Maja N.
Personally I enjoy eating slices of apple with crunchy peanut butter. It has the sweet taste of the apple with the salty peanut butter which works really well. Also it is really quick to make and good to eat on the go. If I have more time I also like to eat yoghurt with some oats sprinkled on it.
Anju C.
I think breakfast should not be about weight loss. Its the first meal and should be complete with nutrition. It could be just oatmeal and fruits if your are busy. Or a nice eggs and bread with veggies and fruits. I'm having eggs frittata today with lots of veggies.