What do you do if you just don’t feel like eating breakfast?

Ronald I.
I always eat 6 pieces of bread in the morning for as long as i can remember. I can't imagine what it's like to whem i don't feel like eating
Sherry Z.
Symbolic gestures mean a lot if you're trying to make a habit. Eat like a handful of cereal and check that box. You might be hungrier on other days.
Leonard T.
Exercise!! Im not usually hungry if i havent burned any energy. So if your not hungry pump up the intensity in your workout . if your not burning fuel why would you be hungry. I also like to fast few times every other week making breakfast a. Non issue
Emily T.
My boyfriend has the same problem! He has a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice for breakfast! I’d say to start small by making yourself a fruit smoothie; fruits like berries, peaches and melon aren’t very filling and very tasty so should help you get started with breakfast!
Katzenjammer P.
I guess you have late dinner. If you'll move your supper earlier, you'll feel hungry in the morning. Plus, due to intermittent fasting, you'll shed a couple of pounds in the long run.
Avelino S.
I haven't been one to eat breakfast for years. This was because I ate my dinner so late at night.
I now eat my dinner earlier in the evening so that I'm actually hungry in the morning.
Savannah E.
When I don't feel like eating breakfast, I always think of healthy recipes that I could use as my breakfast. Thinking about healthy food always makes me happy because my body loves all the nutrients it's getting. If I just don't want to eat I try and eat a brunch, it's somewhat a mix of breakfast and lunch
Mariam R.
The first thing I do in the morning is drink a bottle of water or at least some sipps and if I don't feel like eating breakfast or I feel for I just stop thinking about breakfast and drink less water to feel less for and then I take a deep breath I wait like I normally eat my breakfast 6:30 in the morning and I just wait half an hour and I start preparing my breakfast 7 a.m. and I will be finished probably 7:30 so then I eat my breakfast and then that's it
Salvador A.
I will usually make a smoothie, because they are easy and healthy. They aren’t as filling as say, eggs, but I do like them.
Le Nidas S.
When I don't feel like eating, or just don't know what to eat, coffee has been the breakfast of choice. I waste more time trying to decide what to make, fit it in to a time frame so I can hit other goals for the day, and making it "healthy", I'd rather just get what I like and think about the next meal or a good snack later.
Just this morning I mulled over what to have for breakfast. Took too much time to finally decode on a grilled cheese and coffee. While trying to be concsious of how I start my morning I was also getting more worked up about it than necessary. Tomorrow, I'll have whatever….
L On O.
You don’t have to have it but instead have a drink like coffee or have just like 3 grapes or strawberries do you don’t go all day starved
Рената Таджиметова N.
I always feel like eating breakfast. Because if I don't I will have no energy, hence I will be sleepy, distracted and so. And I'm just always hungry in the morning. I might not having breakfast if I'm only in a hurry but that's not a good option. P.S. Sometimes I cannot maintain a healthy breakfast because of lack of ingredients needed and being lazy. In this case I let myself to eat what I have like a slice of bread with jam. Anyways I don't regret
Herbert W.
Typically if I don’t feel like eating i trying to have something to drink. A smoothie is usually a good option. This way I can still have some protein.
Daryl J.
Give your body at least two hours after waking up to build up an appetite. It is best to start your day by drinking water. If you dont feel like eating, break your breakfast into small meals as it is very important to eat breakfast as it provides you with energy for the rest of the day.
Isobel Z.
I think it’s important to eat something so even if you’re not hungry, have something like a piece of fruit and this will mean you will probably be hungrier later on in the day, so make up for the small breakfast with a big lunch.
Jess N.
Make a healthy green smoothie and drink it. It’s not a matter of feeling like breakfast, it’s fueling your body full body of nutrients for the day
Paige Z.
I usually eat almonds if i am not feeling like breakfast, then i eat breakfast after some period or i open the fridge and grab something light like a fruit or vegetable
Julia F.
Anything is better than nothing, I grab something small and on the go like a protein bar or muffin, along with some water or juice.