What’s a good light breakfast?

Lydia N.
Granola which is seeds and oats. Mis that with dairy free coconut yoghurt and add some fruits like raspberries , strawberries, blueberries and apple. Then add a little bit of honey on the top
Petula Y.
A good, light breakfast is yogurt with added fresh fruit. Blueberries, strawberries, and cherries on the side. Some granola and pumpkin seeds.
Hannah F.
I always have a smoothie. A plant milk or coconut water mixed with some greens and a mixture of fruit. I alternate adding carbs ( Oats or milled flaxseed) and fats ( avocado, nut butter or coconut oil). I have it after my workout or yoga so I burn a few calories from the day before and it tends not to bloat me out as it's a liquid. Also it makes sure I have a good dose of fresh fruits and vegetables full of nutrients to power me for the day.
Jeremy R.
In my opinion it can't be too light leaving you hungry or too heavy leaving you lethargic.
What has worked for me is a small serving of scrambled egg using one egg and a 30-40g bowl of porridge with half a glass of orange juice also.