Is there a breakfast food that you particularly look forward to, and that helps you to wake up in the morning?

Michelle Z.
I would suggest the best breakfast food as the authentic South Indian food . Dosa, idli ,upma all of them are energy boosters and are rich in carbohydrates.
Ella W.
In the morning I don’t have a certain meal I look forward to but having treats like pancakes or waffles with fruit and toppings definitely brightens up my morning. A breakfast meal that is less of a treat and more of daily meal is granola with yogurt and fruit.😄🤩
Mareike R.
Omelets! They're pretty easy to make and I get to choose what ingredients to put into it. I can change it up each morning if I want to keep it from getting bland and boring.
Adiba Z.
It's noodles, to be specific ramyeon (korean noodles) made by me i love eat noodles and my hand made noodles recipe is chef's kiss☺️
May F.
I bilieve food should be not only about quality but also about quantity, I've always said that and I always will, I'm currently on a diet but that doesn't stop me from eating what I love, for me breakfast is what helps me stand on my feet for the rest of the day. I have a lot of favorites so I'll list some of them:
1- boiled egg sandwich
2- peanut butter and toast
3- smoked turkey sandwich 😍
4- avocado with nuts (my mom used to do this when I was in school, she sometimes puts a little bit of chocolate on top, yummm)
Basically, anything that is not dry, anything that has rich flavor.
I've tried sugars in the morning and it never worked, it was the worst thing you could ever eat in the morning, it leaves you foggy and absent minded for a while so yeah, hope this helps ❤️
Felix N.
I tend to go for a small breakfast and recently love a whole grain toast, some ricotta cheese, slices of apple and some raw honey. I also make an oat latte using organic oat milk I love and a locally roasted organic coffee.
Gabin Y.
Jeg elsker havregrøt. Noen typer av dem er sjokoladegrøt med kaffesmak. Den toppes med proteinvaniljesaus, blåbær-/bjørnebærsyltetøy, peanøttsmør samt nøtter eller frø. Dessuten liker jeg også overnightoats og et par skiver grovbrød med skinkepålegg, ost og litt grønnsaker på toppen. Et stort glass med melk i tillegg er prima!
Colleen U.
Scrambled eggs and turkey or chicken sausage with orange juice and possibly pancakes or French toast until I get a waffle machine