Does the order matter (drinking water before eating)?

Jeppe Z.
Yes, I prefer to drink water to start my day. It gives mr a good boost of energy. I drink water as soon as I wake up or after O brush my teeth and then I eat.

Cory T.
Hello stranger! For me personally, it does. The feeling of drinking water first thing as I wake up just makes me feel refreshed in a way that drinking water after having breakfast (when I normally always also drink a cup of tea) does not. Also, it is such an easy goal to accomplish, that it makes me excited to accomplish more! Hope that sharing my experience helps 😊

D Nia A.
If you drink water 💧 before you eat your breakfast then you feel refreshed and ready to start the day. It's not massively important though.

Dimitra G.
Drinking water before eating and before doing everything is essential to me because I have started the drinking water habit one day after I quit smoking! So, that's how it works for me, you see

Gloria Y.
Not as long as that works for you and you do all habits. Thing is, doing it in order makes the habit stick more. It isn't necessary, though.

Louane S.
Not sure how much of a physical change I got from starting the morning with water since I drank a lot of water anyway but, it has helped me mentally. By being on a schedule to do so I feel motivated to add things to my schedule that I didn’t do routinely like working on myself to learn more etc.

Lorenzo E.
Hi! Yes the order is importante. It`s good for your body to drink water first. A glass of water as soon as you awake up helps rehydrate your body and helps to fuel your brain. You will fell the diference. Then after a few minutes eat your breakfast and don`t forget to drink water during the day.

Samir U.
I prefer to drink water as soon as I wakeup, because is when I remember and it feels good. After I leave the bed I go and prepare my coffee, eggs and eat some fruit.