Do you make time to sit down for breakfast, or eat it on the go?

Hannes T.
I always leave time to sit and eat breakfast. If I need to leave for work I will wake up earlier just to do so. I enjoy eating anyway, and making that time to connect with my breakfast through cooking it and sitting with it makes me enjoy it that much more.
Julia G.
I've been at home most days, so I always have time for breakfast. Usually, I'll have breakfast/lunch at university or out and about instead of at home before I leave.
Lydia E.
I always like to sit down and try to be mindful about what I'm eating and give the meal some respect. I would like to enjoy eating alone and not feel the need to distract myself with my phone so often.
Herta T.
I usually eat when I get to work, but sometimes I make something at home and eat it on my way there. But it something I would love to change, I would love to make time to eat properly before leaving the house.
Sol Ne Y.
Usually I sit and take my breakfast. But sometimes I take it on the go. I enjoy sitting down for breakfast and eat in peace.
A X.
I sit down to eat it so I gave time to read the new and see what my friendship are doing online and it also gives me a chance Toby Ben calm before the day starts.
Shade I.
I sat down with my family and ate a good breakfast, while cooking I played a song and danced which helped me stay motivated to cook and eat.
Tina U.
I like to eat on the go. Usually for breakfast I like to drink a juice with cucumber, spinach, lemon, apple, kale, celery and banana while I’m on my way to work. When I arrive at work I continue drinking my juice in the parking lot while I listen to music. It is a great way to start my day!
Patsy W.
I almost always make time to sit down and eat breakfast with the people I live with. Enjoying good food in the presence of good company ensures that I start and finish my day on a happy note.
Alba B.
Depending on the plans for the day. If I have somewhere to be by 8am or earlier, I'll probably just eat on the go. Starting the day later, I'll make time to sit down for breakfast. As simple as that.
Alvin O.
I tend to rush breakfast; however, I still try to at least sit down and eat (even if it’s super quick) rather than eating on the go!
Lija Q.
I try to sit down but I always take it outside, I enjoy eating breakfast after I’ve had my morning tea, as well as my pre & probiotics.
I enjoy lite but hearty, Whole Foods breakfasts. Then I enjoy my morning stretch/yoga
Karen I.
I should make time and when I eat something that's solid instead of a shake I will sit down, but when I eat a shake I swap that moment with just a coffee to sit down with.
Tristan B.
I usually eat on the go sometimes I have time to sit and eat breakfast but I usually dont like the food when I eat on the go I usually grab a granola bar and a breakfast essential drink it usually doesnt leave me feeling yucky afterwards so I've been doing it more often
Michelle A.
I always (!) make time to sit down for breakfast. I have always been a breakfast person and cannot function without it. If I really need to skip breakfast, I will at the very least pack an apple and a banana in my bag to eat on the go. Combined with a whole grain roll and a cup of coffee (I can buy those more easily on the go than fruit) it makes a good breakfast.
Melissa Y.
I usually make time to sit and eat breakfast. We make breakfast together and while he makes tea I arrange the table. Then while eating we discuss our day and plans.
Serenity P.
I usually make time to sit and eat. It gives me a chance to start my day on a more relaxed note. But sometimes I'll have to take it to eat at the office. In those cases I eat something like a smoothie or oatmeal.
Gabrielle I.
I usually don’t make time to sit down and have a proper breakfast, I usually eat will running out of the house. I think that is a permanent change I would like to put in place.
Elizabeth E.
I love my mornings and i enjoy making breakfast because it’s such an easy meal to make healthy foods! I feel my best after having a smoothie or eggs
Jossu U.
During the week, I eat it on the go as I go to work so early that I cannot eat before leaving. So while driving from first place to the second, I eat my breakfast in the car.
During weekends I sit down and enjoy my breakfast slowly
Samantha N.
I make time to sit down for breakfast because I can relax and eat before, I also am a teenager so I still live with my parents, it is really nice to sit at the table and talk to them, if you live alone I would recommend you to watch some series or movies while you are eating, I don’t really like the idea of taking food to go because sometimes it can be really problematic because of the space where you’re working in and things like this aren’t really pleasurable 🙂