What do you eat as a great breakfast?

Elizabeth Evans
I don't eat breakfast. I am not hungry in the morning so find intermittent fasting natural. I instead have a black coffee.

Billy Green
Well, I usually eat scrambled eggs on toast when I am in a hurry or want a quick breakfast. I enjoy making eggs and bacon in the mornings, with some protein cereal and almond milk 😉
Clinton Boyd
I have two eggs, and a bowl of oatmeal with berries added. Alternative breakfasts include toast with peanut or almond butter I mix with some cinnamon as that is filling.
Two egg omelette with veggies is good, too.
Warren Bailey
A mixture of fibre carbohydrates and protein. Oats with banana smashed, dry fruits, curd mix and honey can be a good breakfast to start with. I also have one date in my breakfast.
Glen Payne
I make some cage free organic eggs, usually 2 , over easy. Then some appelewood smoked bacon and then some fresh avacodo
Petar Weidmann
For a great breakfast I would usually eat something like this:

• Eggs, Toast, Juice, Fruit, Bacon

•Yogurt, fruit, smoothie

•Oatmeal, fruit, Milk

•French toast, fruit, milk, juice, eggs

Maélie Bourgeois
I’m currently following the slimfast 321 plan today breakfast was a meal replacement bar other days I may have a shake it’s quick easy and healthy, also great for someone like me that used to skip breakfast
Ella Nielsen
I eat a porridge with butter or jam. If I'm too lazy then i make myself an oatmeal the night before, to eat it in the morning

Damien Leclerc
I always try to get protein and fruit in, as well as healthy carbohydrates.
So a typical breakfast for me when I am in a hurry is a hard-boiled egg (I either buy them already prepared, or I will make a batch and keep them in the refrigerator so they are handy), half an avocado, some kind of fruit (I try to avoid too much fruit juice), and a half of a whole wheat English muffin or a slice of multigrain bread with flaxseeds.
On a day when I have more time I will make steel cut oatmeal and add flaxseed, some vanilla Ensure instead of milk for added protein and nutrition, brown sugar and dried cranberries.
Other days I will make a scrambled egg in a microwave dish that forms the egg into a patty, sometimes I will add Beecher’s or Chèvre cheese to the egg before I microwave it, and then put it on a whole grain English muffin with vegan cream cheese (it has less fat and calories and adds some calcium) with fresh spinach and a tomato slice or avocado slices (it’s a healthy version of an Egg McMuffin!), and either a piece of fruit or a bowl of mixed berries. It is a large breakfast, but sustains me throughout the day.
Victoire Marie
I have just started this habit today, but I had two scrambled eggs. I was lucky enough to have my son make them for me!!
Adiel Viana
I tend to eat too quickly, and forget to drink. My breakfast therefore starts with drinking a Matcha Latte, which is ensures I don’t get dehydrated.

Afterwards, I like to follow it up with porridge. I prefer it with almond milk, and made gluten free. Taking small bites is still a challenge!

James Saller
I have 2 breakfasts I alternate. One is 2 eggs and a fruit. Sometimes I make it over a thin slice of turkey. The other is plain Greek yogurt with blueberries, some flax seed and a little Kind granola cluster with dark chocolate for the crunch factor. Every once in a while I’ll have a slice of toast with smoked salmon or a little cream cheese.
Marieluise Böhringer
Today I had nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt with grated fresh ginger, red grapes, rye flakes, & unsalted sunflower seeds all mixed together.
Nadia Schroth
My best breakfast options are either:
-Activated Protein Oats with honey, cinnamon and fruit with sprinklings of maca powder and nuts.
-Eggs and vegetables

If I have toast or carbs I need to drag myself through the day.

Vickie Miles
This week I’m eating two boiled eggs, a banana, and a small pot of fruit yogurt. Last week I had avocado on toast with two boiled eggs. I think this week’s breakfast seems to last longer.
Faustine Richard
Often I grub coaches oats (oatmeal) and pre-hard boiled eggs, both with random things added in, and both at a great Costco price.
Auguste Lefevre
2 scrambled eggs, apple chicken sausage and some fruit. Light, quick, tasty and easy. Search for some good techniques for scrambled eggs and you'll likely enjoy the results more.
Tatiano Gomes
Lemon tea 250ml
1 teaspoon sunflower seeds
Main breakfast:
jackfruit cooked with tomatoes with spices and roti
All freshly prepared. Planning in Advance
Kailane Jesus
When I'm in a rush, I'll eat a banana and a handful of nuts or a granola bar. If I have more time. I still eat a banana but I'll have scrambled eggs with mushrooms or ham or something with a little cheese.
Irene Freeman
For breakfast I start with a bowl of Instant Oats with flaxseed. The ones I’m eating now are flavored with some sugar but I want to work towards preparing it without. I the. Have a Casein protein shake which I plan to substitute for 3 eggs in the future.
Alexander Petersen
Hi, This morning I had two eggs, a slice of avocado, and a small banana. It gives me energy, it gives me that full feeling. And drank an infused water, 500ml of water with a lemon, mint, and half of a cucumber. Keep it up one day at a time.
Brad Gardner
Oatmeal. With fruits, nuts and honey. It's got all the macros and micros you need. The complex carbs will keep you energized throughout the day while the fibre content will make your bowel movements smoother. Also, boiled eggs for protein.
Lillian Stewart
Smoothie, I use Greek yogurt fruits and vegetables and sometimes protein or vegetable powder mix-ins to make a great breakfast that's also good for on the go.
Storm Rasmussen
I had a ham cheese croissant from the bakery at work today. I wish I got up earlier and made those delicious scrambled eggs again!
Sofia Rhodes
A smoothie usually does it for me. The prep time is minimal, and you can vary the recipe depending on your mood. It’s also great for sneaking in some of the more boring stuff like spinach into your diet. Bar the change in colouration, you won’t even notice the spinach in an otherwise fruit-laden smoothie.
Caleb Hughes
I try to cover all the macronutrients: carbs, fat, protein. So toast (carb) with avocado (fat), an egg (fat+protein). These types of food will make you feel full longer. I also LOVE making overnight oats.

Night before:
– 1/2 cup rolled oats
-1/2 cup almond milk or yogurt
– tbsp chia seeds (protein source)
– 1/2 crushed banana (crush into dry oats before adding wet ingredients!)


– mix cooled oats and contents
– add honey, berries, nuts anything you want to top!

Hope this is helpful 🙂

Florent David
My breakfast is great and easy! I have 2 eggs (poached, hard boiled), 1/3 avocado, 2 slices of Canadian bacon and a small tomato all over 1 slice of heathy toasted bread. I prefer Rye (less sugar). I will enjoy this breakfast with a cup of coffee, & sugar free creamer. Occasionally, I’ll switch my coffee for a glass of diet cramberry juice. Yum! I hope you’ll try this too.
Larry Davidson
I am currently also on the Keto diet, so I eat a lot for breakfast. I usually eat eggs or an omelette, few slices of bacon, and sausages. I alternate because sometimes I get tired of eggs but this usually my breakfast! It really fills you up for a few hours!
Jaroslaw Freytag
I bought a NutriBullet to make nutritious shakes in the morning. Today, I used the following ingredients for my breakfast shake:

1 scoop of superfood greens (chocolate flavor)
1 Tblsp Cacao nibs
1 scoop Bone Broth protein
1 scoop Collagen
1/2 cup Kefir
1/2 cup of water with 2 Tblsp of chia seeds (I soaked the chia seeds while I prepped the other ingredients)
1/4 cup frozen blue berries
1 Tblsp Peanut Butter
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 Tblsp Flax seeds
1/4 cup carrots

The result was a creamy shake. I know I got real fruits and veggies plus a doze of super greens such as chlorella and spirulina (I’m the supergreens scoop). I know my body is being fed at the cellular level and this puts a smile on my face. I’ve only been doing it for about 2 weeks now but I can already feel the difference in my skin. It feels so soft. Also, my jeans aren’t as tight as they used to be.

Irma Gonzalez
A piece of toast with peanut butter. Then I have a smoothie with with. The smoothie has bananas, strawberries, mango, blueberries, strawberry lowfat yogurt and some coconut water.
Benjamin Reed
I vary it so it doesn’t get boring. A typical one is egg whites (from a carton so it’s fast) non fat cheese and a slice of whole wheat bread.
Kyle Harvey
Typically I have a glass of juice (either orange or cranberry juice), a price of fruit (apple or banana), and some raw almonds. On the weekends I plan to make something more like eggs and sausage.
Ronnie Hunter
Sauté onion, garlic & yellow bell pepper in coconut oil / ghee. Add organic kale until slightly cooked. Add 2 eggs. I season w/ turmeric, Himalayan salt & fresh ground pepper. Occasionally add others veggies &/or aged cheese.
Maja Christensen
Cereal with milk, a hard boiled egg or bowl of plain yogurt with nuts, and fruit ( blueberries, or a sliced banana with a little OJ on it).
Hans Wiegand
Check out nutritionfacts.org and the daily dozen,
For me it's oatmeal and fruits seeds and nuts, check out the website and find tons of information why
Alvarim Aragão
Yes! Greek yogurt, strawberries, vanilla almond granola and honey. Our Santorini Breakfast from our honeymoon.. when I was gloriously skinny!!! And it was prepped yesterday so super easy to grab and eat between meetings. Feeling proud for prepping and planning and mindfully choosing what to fuel my body in the morning. Go me!