What are fast breakfast recipes I can prepare daily?

Keziah Z.
One of my favourite recipes is protein oats because you can leave it in your fridge over night and really make it out of whatever you have/want. Btw there are sooo many recipes on YouTube and pinterest!!
Abigail N.
Smoothies of any kind are great. My favorite is almond milk with protein powder, fruit and nut butter. Using a banana, peanut butter and chocolate protein makes it taste like a Reece’s shake and satisfies my cravings for some time.
Marcus W.
Caprese, granola with yoghurt and berries, scrambled eggs and fresh vegetables on the side, smoothies, tuna paste with egg and chives (put in on a slice of bread with fresh vegetables, like tomato or cucumber)
Yassmim Q.
Health cereal is always a quick meal, but over night oats and just plain old oatmeal are great because you can make it in batches and just reheat (or not) as needed. I am also fond of leftovers and cut veggies if you really need to get out of the house.
Jess N.
I personally like quick stuff. I cut and clean fruit and can grab and eat that for a few days. Or you can make frozen breakfast sandwiches. Scrambled eggs freeze okay, same with donuts if you like those. Worst case, eggs and toast takes less than ten mins to make and is always great for you. Or freeze fruit for a smoothie. So many diff things you can do!
Corey E.
I don't have the gut to eat a lot in the morning, so what I like to cook is two fried eggs. I think some fruit would also be nice, and you can eat it in your way to work! Fast and healthy!
Anna N.
I like porridge of various kinds. You can mix it up by adding different fruits or nuts so it doesn’t taste the same all the time. I prefer buying those ones without added sugar as I like to add honey myself, this way I know the exact portion of sweetener I use.
Lisette R.
My personal favourite is this one: toast two slices of bread. Put some butter on thm. Then cut an avocado put it on top. Boil some eggs, cut them in slices and pit them oj top of everything. Add some salt and pepper.
Lucy Q.
Try searching up, Bircher muesli. Or you can try oats, or you can try a frozen raspberry smoothie, because they are so thick that you eat them with a spoon! Hope this helped
Amy O.
– smashed avocado toast with egg
– smoothie
– yoghurt parfait
– classic omelet and greens
– tropical smoothie bowl
– raspberry chia jam and peanut butter toast
– quick and easy scrambled egg
– blueberry muffins
– quinoa muffins
– matzo toasts
– Greek yoghurt pancakes
– shakshuka
– mini sesame courgette loaves
– make ahead quiche
– granola
Hope this helps!! 😊
Karla P.
Have a bagel with cream cheese and basil pesto on top! Just chuck the bagel in the toaster first so you get a good crunch!
Yvonne T.
Yoghurt with granola or oats and fruit
Congee (Chinese version of oatmeal with rice instead of oats)
Bananapancakes (1 banana + 1 egg + a bit of flour = easy and tasty!)
Andrea J.
You can prepare guacamole with tomatoes the night before, so that when you wake you will only have to put in your toast and done!
Jiri W.
Scrambled eggs! They are delicious and a good source of protein. Add also some fruit to the mix to get some fiber and quality sugars and a bit of low fat yogurt and you are good to go
Rosa W.
Hi im Jess, in the mornings i find it easy to make a simple smoothie it is both fillings and yum. You can prepare it the night before aswell ( jessica_batts21 on snapchat)
Efrosini P.
Well there are many options like a protein bar or you can prepare a small toast with just cheese..! You can make a bowl of fruits like just cut them in a bowl and add cinnamon or honey if you like . A smoothie is always a great option or you can just eat some cookies with milk but if you are looking for something healthier you can have cornflakes with milk or even yoghurt.
Sherzy F.
If you are in a rush and need something to eat on the go make a healthy smoothie with all your favourite fruits and grab an energy bar as well.
Fi T.
Poached eggs on toast with spinach or rocket, done avocado, topped with sprouts and kimchi.

Otherwise I go for cereal mixed with wholegrain oats, and add some seeds (chia, sunflower, seasame, pumpkin), buckwheat groats, yogurt, flaxseed oil, and fresh fruit

D Bora Z.
Eggs with some various nuts, a fruit maybe a banana or a apple, you can do a smoothie, oat with milk and honey, a cup of tea and maybe Coffee.
William P.
Oatmeal, smoothie or just a plain old sandwich. I think it’s really up to me to have the strength and power to try something new!
George Z.
Smoothies! Quick and easy, I always make sure to add complex carbs, protein, and adding a source of fat like avocado or coconut yogurt helps keep me full but not heavy.
Holly Y.
Scrambled eggs is always a great one.
(For one serving)
1. Crack 3 large eggs into a bowl.
2. And a pinch of salt, ground pepper to taste and a dash of chilli powder.
3. Whisk.
4. Pour the egg mixture into a hot pan and mix repeatedly to make sure it doesn't stick to the pan. Repeat until fully cooked.
5. Toast some bread and butter it.
6. Serve your delicious breakfast
Eliza G.
If you were to make an omelette for breakfast pour some of the mix into a muffin tray for small breakfast if you are short on time or late for work.