Does anyone have any other very quick breakfast recommendations?

Ryan Q.
2 eggs (cooked however you like), overnight oats, protein bars or shakes, smoothies, vitamin shakes, avacado toast, peanut butter toast. There's many things. Get creative, and you'll soar!
Ted B.
A granola bar, an apple, or some pumpkin seeds.
Ivonne O.
A protein or energy bar – they are easy to grab in the morning and coupled with a piece of fruit can get you to launch time easily. However, a more substantial breakfast will be much better for you so consider preparing you meal a day before if possible.
M Lody F.
Prepare the night before. I'm a big fan of protein smoothies in the morning but they take a bit of prep. My suggestion is a scoop of blueberry protein, sprinkling of chia, linseeds, sesame, a tablespoon of small oats, a few Brazil nuts, 80g frozen berries, a spoon of Greek yoghurt, small teaspoon of honey, a few pieces of ice. Get that measured the night before add 150ml of water and amazing smoothie ready. With all of that said the ritual of preparing a fast but multi ingredient breakfast can be good for the mind a morning committment to a mindful day… So I'd actually suggest trying to save the time somewhere else and then use the 3-4 mins to do this well! Enjoy.
Grace B.
Sourdough toast with ricotta cheese sliced banana drizzled with honey and cinamon
Andreas A.
Slices of avocado and a boiled egg to eat on the way to work is great way to get a great, quick breakfast to start the day. I also like to make a sandwich with whatever I could throw in from the fridge like cheese, tomatoes, salami, and maybe some avocado. I hope this helps, and just know that breakfast may not always look like a precise recipe.
Nicole U.
I think the best idea you could have to save time is to just prepare it on the evening. This way, you'll just have to wake up, eat and go !
For example, this morning, I've done some cookies, without too much sugar it's perfect !
Soham P.
I do egg in a mug, it is quick filling and yummy.

1 tsp dairy free spread or butter
2 eggs
Spinach – I normally use a cube of frozen spinach and cook it in mug for a minute first
Cherry tomatoes – cut in half
Some feta cheese crumbled
Salt and pepper

Mix everything together and cook for 1 min in microwave.
Stir. Cook for another min then done. I normally stir then let sit for a couple of mins before I eat.

If you need to eat on the go you can always put in a wrap.

You can put anything you want lying about in the fridge.

Caim O.
I like to make superfood smoothies! I add maca and ashwagandha for strength and stress prevention. Berries for my brain, banana for energy, spinach or other greens for vitamins and minerals. Overnight oats is also great because you can throw the ingredients into a jar the night before and voila you have breakfast you can pull out of the fridge that is healthy!!!
Amalie A.
I like to bake and do meal planning for the week. I often make quiche and store it in the fridge. That way I can get up in the morning, grab a piece of quiche (which has eggs and spinach), a fruit, a piece of bread and some tea for a quick breakfast.
Naja C.
Most convenient for me is the pre-made bulletproof coffees. Allows me the benefits of intermittent fasting, without getting hangry. ๐Ÿ‘
Neil O.
Hard boiled eggs prepared the day before (or earlier), precooked breakfast meats that can be heated in a microwave, toast or English muffin with a mini avocado or guacamole cup, protein shake made with fruit and milk of choice, yogurt with a favorite granola, green smoothie
Adina Q.
I preboil eggs the night before or a couple of nights before and have all bran cereal, oat milk and a boiled egg. Nutritious and keeps me good till lunch!