What is the difference between a great breakfast and a not-so-great one?

Allison E.
a great breakfast tastes good to you and energizes you, a not-so-great one doesn't taste too good and you'll still be hungry after.
Aria F.
A great breakfast makes me forget about eating. If I don't have a breakfast well, I'll become hungry easily during the day. My mind is always distracted by the delicious foods in there. So that I can't focus on anything, feel unmotivated and tired
Noam Y.
a great breakfast gives you the energy that lasts throughout the day, a not-so- great breakfast leaves you feeling tired and will most likely result in you eating more to make up for your lack of nutrition
Matthew P.
A great breakfast is a breakfast where you include all the food groups and get all the nutrients you need and a not-so great breakfast is the opposite, where you only eat from one food group and don’t eat nutrient dense foods.
Lizzel N.
Well, a great breakfast contains vitamines and fruits. A not so great one is sugery amd unhealthy like cornfleaks . If you need ideas there: toest with cheeze, eggs, mixed nuts, apples, bananas, and salad. Hope i helped
Pepe Q.
A great breakfast will charge up your body and help you function well, however a not so great breakfast won't fuel your body and you won't be able to function properly.
Alma P.
A great brakefast should be healthy which will give you the energy you need for the day. A not so great one for example a coffee will just give you the energy for the morning, not the whole day.
Hope it helped😊
Tilde P.
Great breakfast keeps us energetic and is healthy whereas not so good breakfast doesn't gives is enough energy to survive
Ira C.
Well, living with hypoglycemia has taught me that a breakfast with protein and vitamins is the way to go. Anything that's just kind of a snack won't cut it, and I'll feel the effects all morning long.
Miguel F.
A great breakfast is a breakfast that can fill u up and give you enough energy to work your way to lunch. A not-so-great one would be a small breakfast. Doesnt consist of much calories or energy to get u through the morning.
Ellie U.
Enough nutrition for the day to give you energy. Your system can start working and depending on how diverse e.g. proteins etc. they have different responsibilities in our bodies.
Dhanika N.
Great breakfast keep S u energict and peace of mind and healthy not so great one make s u think about what to eat and not energictic
Alban Y.
A Great breakfast is healty like fruitsector or eggs or Banana Pancakes a not so Great breakfast is not healty like nutella or thinks like that it also doesnt give you enhougt Enery so you Will take snack like a Mars or a cookie and you wil het fat
Catherine B.
A good breakfast gives you energy for the day and it makes you feel good. It usually also doesn't cause to much bloating. A bad breakfast makes you more tired i think
Kaitlyn A.
A great breakfast is good that has the right nutrients to fuel your body! Most things like fruit, veggies, eggs, and meats are a great source of proteins and vitamins our body needs. This will help you feel more energized and ready to take on the day!

Most breakfasts that are not so great are things with lots of sugar. Well having these things from time to time, it’s important to eat things that are good.

Celine I.
A not so great breakfast is, a breakfast that fell on the floor, has gone off or you're allergic to. A great breakfst is one that breaks your fast (so some food NOT coffee), one that fuels you and makes you feel good.
Pascale L.
A great breakfast is something you realy like to eat in the morning and healty, a not so great breakfast us something not healty and what you do not like to eat
L Rke C.
Having less processed foods, more fruits and vegies, and have it balanced. Somthing like eggs, apples, oatmeal, peanutbutter bead would be good but a breakfast with lots of bacon, sugary cerial and anything that says "all in one breakfast" "breakfast the easy way" would not be good
Will N.
A good breakfast requires deliberate attention, and a bit of love to create something to nourish yourself. When you eat it, you do feel nourished and you do feel loved. If you go for something quick and easy, it can set the tone for the rest of your day, even making you more reactive in your decision making. A good breakfast starts with mindfulness and ends with feeling grounded, focused and ready for the day ahead.
Andreas U.
I think it for me is having protein , I.e. eggs and good fats (avocado) and a piece of whole meal toast would be perfect for me , I sometimes have Bircher muesli (I make up at night) (I make a few up in small containers for a few days ) I.e. oats or granola works well too topped with plain full cream yoghurt . In the morning I can too with some nuts, fruit and a little sweetness like honey (sometimes I don’t) that really fills me and sustains me for a longer time throughout the day.
I know if I start with a sweet breakfast like a Danish pastry or sweet cereal or sweet muffin I tend to crave sweet food more frequently and usually it’s the sweet I crave.
I hope that helps x
Est Ban O.
A great breakfast enables us to be more active throughout the day and a bad breakfast makes me grumpy and sluggish throughout the whole day.
Nupur Q.
Hmmm… To my knowledge, it depends on two things it can be on a person's mood or the meal maybe not be of their choice. Like kids get to eat the only things their parents provide which might not be of their liking. Or the meal they want or want to prepare they don't have ingredients for that.
Celina Y.
Food you enjoy that you can feel the benefits of straight away. Plant based goodness: fruits, nuts, oat milk are some examples. A healthy cereal; maybe a freshly made bread or roll.
Zoie U.
Good question so to start off with any breakfast better than no breakfast But a good breakfast is something healthy eating something like eggs avocado toast or yogurt are all really good healthy breakfast options now eating something like cereal is still a good breakfast option but it’s not the best Choice just choose something that will filling and nutritious So that you have energy for the rest of the day
Silas P.
A great breakfast is something that is filling and nutritious that gives you energy for the morning, reduces the desire for snacking and makes you feel good.
Seleni S.
The great one will make you more happy and will give you more energy, but a not-so-great breakfast will not make you feel ready for your day.
Julian B.
A great breakfast is comprised of foods that will nourish you and keep you going for hours. A perfect foundation to your day! Fruits, grains, and proteins are included in a great breakfast. Think satisfying. A not so great breakfast is filled with added sugars and empty calories, foods that will have you hungry soon after. Like cereal, or sugary pastries.
Darren U.
A breakfast that is balanced and satisfying. One I feel good about an enjoy. It includes a source of carbs, protein, and fats, along with some fiber/dairy. It should be free of guilt and overthinking and leave me feeling happy and proud with the way I fueled my body!
Manon I.
Personally I like food so having a nice big meal at morning really cheers me up, and if I want to eat well I need to wake up earlier before school which gives better morning routine. I feel more energized at day and I'm not so hungry during days
Christoffer X.
A great breakfast will give you energy through out the day and will help you be healthy. A not-so-great breakfast will give you energy only for about thirty minutes and then you will have a sugar crash
Ma Ly T.
A great breakfast fuels your body and brain. Gives one enough energy for the day. A not so great breakfast leave one sluggish and tired throughout the day.
Eleni F.
Breakfast is my favorite meal! I love breakfast foods. I will eat anything but I prefer and go for the breakfast type foods. Oatmeal with raisins is my favorite. I enjoy a piece of fruit like a banana or berries if they are in season. If I don’t have fruit then I enjoy a yogurt. The oatmeal is enough and gets me through the day up to 7hrs before lunch. My most disappointing breakfast from my past was tacos. It wasn’t the tacos themselves but my mind set. We were traveling and that’s the only food we could find and the majority of my friend’s family wanted them. I made sure to eat them with a grateful heart. It was food and I was hungry.
Mackenzie E.
A great breakfast is one that you put effort into and a healthy one like eggs or porridge! A not so great breakfast is when you don’t care and not so healthy like peanut butter on toast.
Isabete F.
Great breakfast is, when you can eat exactly what your tastebuds want. When you feel full but your veľký is not floating. When you have time to eat peacefully
Ruth T.
I think a great breakfast has fruits and vegetables and proteins and then a little bit of carbs. A not so great breakfast would be like a big plate of French toast, it's really yummy but it's just a bunch of carbs and sugar and in about 2 hours you'll fell hungry again.
Tyanna N.
A great breakfast is something that’s sustains you for a good portion of your morning while a not-so-great breakfast leaves you sluggish and starving by lunch.
Zoe E.
A great breakfast is nutritional, keeps you full and fuels you for the day. A not so great breakfast is the complete opposite.
Sydney F.
A great breakfast is one that leaves you, most importantly, full physically and pumped through feeling awake for the day. A not so great breakfast is one that doesn’t leave you full, is leftovers from the night before, isn’t necessarily on the healthy side, doesn’t set a foundation for the day that you’re gonna have.
Gustav C.
A great breakfast has the proper ingredients that keep me energized throughout the day. It’s low on sugar and high in nutrients to power my body and wake me up.
Benevenuto C.
Well , start your day with a GREAT breakfast. It gives you energy for the day and is the most important meal of the day. We should not skip this . It contributes a lot to keep you fit. Increases concentration and mental and physical power . So have something delicious – nutritious food in breakfast.
Jade A.
A bit so great breakfast is sugary and leaves you hungry 20 minutes later. Sometimes if a breakfast is too heavy, it can make you feel sluggish. My perfect breakfast includes something to take the edge off of the hunger but doesn’t bog me down. I am most likely to eat it if it’s fast and easy to make. Usually I have a shake with spinach, berries, banana, coconut oil, protein powder, oat milk and yogurt alternative. If I’m lazy I’ll have peanut butter and jam toast or a banana.
Lovely Z.
I think the difference is how you feel afterward carrying on through the day. If you eat something that drains your energy or doesn’t contribute to it then it was probably a not so great breakfast. Now if you are energized and ready to take on the day and your mood is boosted you’ve had a great breakfast.
Maritza Q.
I think a great breakfast is not only a breakfast that has all the required nutrients and vitamins but also a breakfast that satisfies you and leaves you feeling good about yourself. A not so great breakfast on the other hand is something that you don’t put much thought into, its something that you can eat anytime and you just have it for the sake of it
Francilene Q.
A great breakfast makes you feel nice and refreshed but a not so good breakfast is just the regular and doesn’t make you feel different
Amani S.
A great breakfast gives you more lasting energy without damaging your health but a not-so-great one makes you fell hungry a lot faster .
Emma A.
Great breakfast means you're doing good. Everything is fine while not so great breakfast means you don't have enough power or like you have no energy to everything
Allison C.
A great breakfast is one that gives you energy and keeps you full until lunchtime. It is nourishing, full of good things like protein and carbs, as well as tasty. 🙂
Oscar W.
A great breakfast gives you the protein and good energy your body needs to start the day. It’s also easy to process. Read the article this app provides for more – it helped me.
Retaj W.
A great breakfast that includes healthy meals can direct you in a good life and lead your body to perfect health, and when that happens. Your body starts to send messages to your brain that you’re eating well and by that your brain processes these pieces of information and begins to form Endorphins, which will lead to a positive mindset and positive attitude, and therefore you’ll feel more happy and healthy. But while eating a not-so-great breakfast, can lead to a weak body and you’ll find it more difficult to sleep during the night, because science has shown that when a person doesn’t get a healthy (or great) breakfast in the morning, then the body starts to weaken during the day and finds itself held at a position where it can find sleeping hard at night.

Quick conclusion is that try your best to eat healthy good breakfasts because you’ll feel positive and happy all day!

Aalayah Z.
A good breakfast is going to make you feel good. It makes you wanna get things done throughout the day. You don’t wanna eat something thats going to make you feel sick or sleepy.
Tamika X.
A good breakfast leaves you feeling full and a little energised for the day, a good, healthy breakfast can break away any brain fog in the morning. A not-so-good breakfast has you feeling hungry again very soon and have you start the day feeling a bit sluggish and bloated
Cl Ment P.
A great breakfast is balanced, high in protein, low in sugar and fats. A great breakfast should slowly release energy throughout your morning and last until lunch.
Jhenny F.
I definitely think overnight oatmeal is the best for a busy morning. Literally prepare it the night before. It takes 5-10 minutes depending on how many ppl you’re making it for and what you want to put in it. I have always liked using frozen fruit and granola. You don’t have to heat it up. Just grab it out of the fridge and eat it right away or take it with you.
Ella C.
Energy levels spike through the day. protein is specially important but Having a good balanced breakfast is one of the mos rewarding things of the mornings
Ticira Q.
If you had a bad breakfast in taste,then you wont eat a lot of it,and because of it you will want to eat while you need to work. When you had good breakfast you will be okay until next time you eat,and you will be happier.
Greg J.
I guess the great one is balanced with good things on it. And the not so great might be with lot of things like big amounts of bad food
Lauren Z.
I think a great breakfast fills you up, gives you energy, and is healthy. A not-so-great breakfast leaves you still wanting more. It's not very healthy, either. Things like waffles with syrup are still good because they give you what you need, with calories and such, but maybe add a few berries on top.
Zeynep R.
A great breakfast will make you feel better and more energetic while a not-so-great breakfast upsets your stomach and wouldn’t give you energy like a great breakfast would do
Hannah Z.
Foods that don't result in a crash-and-burn energy high and which takes into account my stomach's morning sensitivity. Don't go for sugary things and take it easy on the fried stuff. Been replacing fried things with boiled ones, like boiled eggs.
Yasmin F.
A great breakfast is when you feel energized in the morning ready to start your day.
Not so great breakfast is when you feel weak and won't be able to focus.
Roger G.
A great breakfast gifts you with the kick-start in the morning to have te strength and energy though out the rest of the day. With that you can achieve all your goals you set for the day.
Jayden N.
I think that breakfasts that have lots of sugar arnt so great compared to ones with less sugar, but no matter wants you should be in joying your food so eat all that sugar!!!
Merna Z.
The great one makes me wabt to eat the breakfast meal… A not so great breakfast makes me skip eating the breakfast sometimes
Anna U.
A great breakfast is balanced and filling with multiple food groups being present. It’s good to start the day with slow burning carbs and protein.
A J X.
A great breakfast will get you ready to start your day. It will give you nutrients needed and will keep you energized throughout the morning. A not-so-great breakfast such as a donut or really sugary cereal won't give you enough nutrients and will energize you at first, but soon you will wear out. I would suggest plain oatmeal or lowfat yogurt with some granola and/or fruits in it. An apple or banana would also be good with some peanut butter. I like to coat my bananas in peanut butter and put it on a stick. Then you can freeze it. Congratulations! You made yourself a peanut butter banana popsicle. Although sugary goods may taste better, they won't provide enough energy to get you through the morning. (Food ideas aren't mine. Except the peanut butter banana popsicle. UwU)
Kasper Z.
A not-so-great breakfast means that you didn't take a sufficient amount of food intake for your body that makes you tired and bored for the entire day!😴 A great breakfast means that you took a sufficient amount of food intake for your body that makes you happy,energized and active for the entire day! If you eat a great breakfast in the morning, then you are likely to be more focused during the day.😋 😉
Andre J.
Well, a great breakfast will help you feel satisfied physically, mentally and emotionally and will also positively start your day. While a not-so-great one will just make you feel full but you'll have that thought throughout the day where you'll be like "ugh I should have had (this or that) for breakfast". So, it's better to plan out your breakfast the night before, like make overnight oats or prepare the things you will need so you won't forget or it can also save much time since some of us are always in a hurry every morning.
Soham Y.
I think a good breakfast is the one that fill you up, makes you happy and gives you nutrients and energy to start the day. A not so good one should achieve less then two of the goals listed before.
Brooke Z.
The sugar is always what gets me because pancakes or waffles sounds so good in the morning and leaving me to crash a little later.
Daniele M.
The difference simply consist of what are the sensations of your body. With a "not-so-great one" you'll probably be feeling weak, still tired, not fully filled. With a great (and healthy) one it will be a whole different another thing. Your mind won't be giving problems to you, instead you'll feel way more free, with energies that you believed couldn't exist.
Mathilde B.
I think that a great breakfast just puts you in the mood for a great day … it energizes you as well as make you feel motivated … a not-so-great breakfast can make you feel not-so-great … it can make you lazy and unmotivated … this is only my opinion on this matter so make sure to try it out yourself and see if you find a difference between a great breakfast and a not-so-great breakfast
Lina U.
A great breakfast gives you energy that could be maintained through the day without sugar rushed or crashing in the mid morning
Cec Lia S.
A great breakfast gives your body the nutrients it needs and avoids poisons such as added sugars, trans- or saturated fats and too much salt.
Constance Y.
A great breakfast is one full of goodness to substance you through the – shouldn't be too heavy, fruit, poached eggs, avocado. I avoid bread but that is my choice
Albert O.
A not so great breakfast is as example muffins,donuts, chocolate spread,…
Because it will make you energy level become high in the next 10-30 min. but it will make your energy level after this go really quick down so you become really tired. So a great breakfast is as example fruit,yoghurt,eggs,….. because this will make your energy level rise slow and your energy level woud be go really slow down so you have like more energy for a long time.
That is the diffrence between a great breakfast and a not so great breakfast.
Madara N.
A non great breakfast is like having chicken nuggets and fries because it is junk food and it’s not a good way to start a day off. Having cereal and orange juice is a good breakfast because it gives you more energy for the day
Rhiannon N.
A good breakfast will sustain energy and nourish the body. It has a mix of many different nutrients whether it’s sweet or savory. It shouldn’t be so heavy or overfilling that I feel unable to comfortably continue my day afterwards.
Ravi Z.
A great breakfast has more protein and less sugar- apples and bananas are ok sugars because they break down more slowly, but plain oatmeal, salmon, eggs are all useful for a healthy breakfast
Hannalee N.
Well I would say that a great breakfast is one that will fill you up and as not so great one is a breakfast that you won’t finish.
Keira Y.
A great breakfast is one that keeps you full until lunchtime. Generally, you want protein like eggs, nuts, or even meats, with carbohydrates, like toast, muffins, or oatmeal. Fruits and/or vegetables are also good to add!
Trude W.
In my experience it’s much better, because when I put effort in eating a healthy breakfast, I feel like I have more energy. On the other hand when I eat a not so healthy breakfast, I feel very tired through out the day.
Mattie Q.
A great breakfast is when your happy and in a good mood and showing gratitude to what you have received today and a bad breakfast is the opposite having a bad mood feeling down so you have probably had something bad before it or you're really anxious about something.
Eleonora O.
it depends on you i think. i consider a not so great breakfast the ones that make me feel bad or guilty after ate them. remember that you dont’t have to be strict with food to have a great breakfast
Erban N.
A great breakfast has a little bit of everything. Doesn't make you feel empty, but energize you enough to start your day.
Catalina A.
I believe it’s all about how the breakfast makes you feel. For the first couple days I just ate breakfast but I paid attention to how I felt afterwards. Doing this makes the eating intentional allowing for breakfast to have more of a purpose making you want to do it. I hope this helps!
Gabriel O.
A great breakfast is simply nutritious, tasty, complete and most importantly, healthy. A not-so-great one is one you don’t enjoy, is unhealthy, or fails to energize and supply yourself with what your body and mind would benefit from. A great breakfast is a way to stack the cards in your favor.
Tori I.
The difference is what your body wants rather than your brain so if you’re low on vitamins eat a piece of fruit rather than your brain mining a piece of chocolate but if your body says you’re having bad cramps have a piece of chocolate just not every day!
Leandro N.
A great breakfast can help you on having a great day as well, 'cause when you start the day doing something right, you can push yourself to end the day the same way you began
Celine I.
A not so great breakfast, is one that you're allergic to, fell on the floor or has gone off. A great breakfast is one that breaks your fast (Some actual food NOT coffee), that fuels you and makes you feel good.
Trinity O.
a great breakfast fuels you for the day and gets you excited about the rest of the day. a not so great breakfast could make you feel miserable and drained
Heinz Wilhelm Z.
A great breakfast makes you energetic in the morning and enhances your mood somehow in my opinion and not so great breakfast makes you in a low mood and your energy ain’t that high
Lily X.
a great breakfast involves lots of nutrients and must be filling. it can range from anywhere between a three course breakfast of nutritious foods to an apple or banana for a quick meal. anything that will help you last throughout the day!
Laura Q.
I think that the big difference is a complet one with all type of food inside giving you the proper nutritional content for the day.
Rico S.
Het geeft je ruimte en energie om de dag te beginnen. Het is een positieve start van de dag waarin je positief wilt leven.
C Lestin Z.
El café antes de las 9am galletas, repostería y azúcar, elevan alto los niveles de energía y luego dan un gran bajón, tomar mucha agua y smoothies, desayunar huevos, avena, frutas, pinto
Eugene T.
a good breakfast makes you feel more energized and a not so great one makes you feel energized too but not fully energized
Emily F.
When you eat a good breakfast, you are much more energetic and your brain can learn new things more easily. But if you don't eat breakfast, you're tired and your brain can't learn new things.
So eat breakfast, however, it is the most important meal of the day☺️
Tina Z.
A great breakfast contains different vitamins and a not so great breakfast is not that good, so the great breakfast will give you more energy, which will make you more positive and optimistic during the day!
Viazimo N.
a great breakfast has protein and keeps energy up through the day, unlike a sugar-filled food like donuts, waffles, pancakes etc. which leave you craving more sugar and depleted of energy two hours later
Ros J.
A great breakfast is one you’ve made yourself and feel like you’ve accomplished something especially when you’re not feeling as productive, when you’ve invested your time and love into. A not so great breakfast is one you spend your money on
Aria I.
A great breakfast is balanced and healthy. It should nourish your soul as well as your body. It should make you feel good!! So if you're the type of person who beats themselves up after eating junk or sugar, or someone trying to get fitter, try something like oatmeal, a bowl of berries, yogurt with muesli, and, of course, my favourite- smoothies and smoothie bowls! Even a simple peanut butter and banana toast can leave you feeling fueled for the upcoming day ahead
Mila N.
A great breakfast is well rounded. It has protein, complex carbs, complex sugars, fiber, and minerals etc. A great breakfast will give you sustaining energy throughout the day and will keep you full. On the other hand, a not so great breakfast does t have those qualities and usually has a lot of simple sugar and carbs.
Lord R.
A great breakfast is one that is substantial and will give you energy until your next meal, a not-so-great breakfast would be something not substantial enough to last until your next meal
Gabin O.
A great breakfast will fill you up for longer, based on a good amount of protein, whilst a not so good breakfast will cause you anxiety peaks where you would be looking for sweets to deceive your appetite
Madeleine Q.
A great breakfast differs with every person but I would define it as some food that makes you feel good and energies you for the day so try to include fruits and natural sugars, while also adding proteins and staying away from large quantities of unnatural sugars.
Heiko J.
A great breakfast is something nutritious and rich that can improve your health and life. Things like sweet breakfasts are still good but not as nutritional and can’t benefit you as much.
Brooke Y.
A healthy breakfast that gives me energy for the day without being too heavy is perfect! Hot breakfasts are always preferred to a cold breakfast even though it takes more work.
Vignette N.
First, having time to eat. Waking up early, making breakfast, and sitting down to enjoy it and center yourself. Also, it helps if your breakfast is satisfying. A satisfying breakfast can be different things to different people but to me, it’s something warm and salty. (Usually eggs and avocado toast).
Lo S Y.
I believe a good breakfast contains foods & substances that can give you energy that’ll fuel the body, allowing you to power-through a whole day. Compared to a not-so good breakfast, for example, a drive-thru breakfast meal from mcDonalds, or just a iced-coffee by itself, which would hardly give you enough energy to last you more than a few hours of your day. The difference is the nutrients that are provided in different foods and what you’re allowing to fuel your body through the day. Not only does a good breakfast determine your energy levels but it may also improve your mood and mind/thought process.
Holly Q.
A GREAT breakfast is one that offers a variety of macronutrients, rather than a simple subset. “1 egg” for example, is terrible. HOWEVER, “1 egg, toast, and fruit” is perfectly acceptable (scaled to your daily caloric needs, of course)
Diane J.
A great breakfast gives your body the fuel it needs to get you started. And can keep you full longer. A not so great breakfast is like a yo-yo, your energy level can go up and down, causing you to re-fuel with not so great choices.
Aisha N.
I feel like a great breakfast will leave you feeling full, satisfied, healthy, energized, and a bunch of other positive feelings. A great breakfast, for me, as well, is one for which I take my sweet time to prepare – cooking and making food in general is a therapeutic practice for me. I love indulging in the precise preparation of the ingredients, the exactitude of the heat or cool I should establish in them, the mixing, the right measurements and amounts, all of it.

But I’m aware that not everyone loves to cook, so I would say for the ones who don’t, it’s about the quality of the ingredients, how healthy the breakfast is it, how fulfilling as well. And as The Fabulous says, whether it spikes your energy and leaves you depleted for the rest of the day, or whether it sustains you with energy until lunch or dinner time!

Laura J.
A great breakfast will provide more nutrients and energy for you to carry out activities during the day. Where as the not-so-great breakfast doesn’t provide those necessary nutrients your body desires for it to pull up during the day.
Sander G.
Well a great breakfast is balanced and healthy. These types of breakfasts get you in a good mood and you are ready to start the day. A not so great breakfast is one that is just like a pop tart and that is it. This is very unhealthy.
Tony L.
For me, there's a difference between the two. But it's your choice anyway. And it also depends on our situation. If we can afford those healthy fruits etc. But if you can afford it, I'll suggest that the GREAT BREAKFAST is a much better sweetie.
Katie F.
Great difference as it makes me feel that i do care for myself. Also, it practically makes me underdtand how my body properly function
Duane S.
A great breakfast is one that is thoughtfully created, it doesn’t need to be a labour but it should have been considered and not just consuming something for convenience. For me a delicious whole egg omelette with pan fried veggies, avocado and feta, or Greek yoghurt, frozen raspberries, blueberries, banana, a sprinkle of home made toasted oats and a drizzle of maple syrup. Both these breakfast set me up for the day with a generous amount of protein and sustenance that helps me to stay fuller for longer.
August F.
If it contains all the vitamins, carbs and protein that you need for the morning, giving you energy and keeping you full until the next meal
Bobby P.
It entices you to keep eating breakfast every morning as well as ensure the propet vitamins and nutrients are in your food
Kornelius F.
The great breakfast gave me a super energy to continue my day and to achieve more goals, on the other hand, the normal breakfast that I used to eat was ful of sugar and unhealthy food which decrease the energy through the day.
So I really enjoyed this challenge and I decided to make it as a healthy habit in my daily life.
Mason X.
Probably the amount of processed nonsense you’ve got involved with it. The more natural and wholesome the ingredients the better.

Another aspect is the level of mindfulness with which you savor it. A slower thoughtful appreciative meal is better than a hastily scarfed down one any day. 😀

Rasmus G.
A great breakfast should make you happy. It shouldn’t just be whatever you found in your pantry and think “yeah, this is fine.” It should be something that makes you excited to get up and make. Of course, this isn’t always possible, but more often than not it’s better. It should also be something that makes you feel good to eat! Maybe don’t be having that sugar cereal every single day 😉
Ruth P.
I’m my opinion, a great breakfast has everything beneficial to your body in it. Vitamin C, potassium, iron, protein, grains, etc. A not-so-great one would be a “lazy” or “quick” breakfast. For instance some people are in a rush to get to work so they would grab a protein bar or a banana and just walk out that door. Those can only do so much for you. An example of a great breakfast that I’ve had would be : Wheat toast, scrambled eggs, cereal with or without milk, yogurt, orange or apple juice, banana or apple slices, and any extra item you like or want to add that’s nutritional. There is plenty of nutritional foods that can make a great breakfast. You can do your research and find out what you like and what’s good for you. Just remember not to go for a “quick” snack. I hope this helped you out and if you need anymore help I can assist further 🙂 have a great breakfast (day)
Flaviana Q.
A great breakfast fuels you with energy, contains healthy things such as fruit but also the right carbs and sugars to keep your energy levels going. Preferably a great breakfast is homemade or from fresh ingredients. A not so great breakfast contains a lot of fat and sugars , usually processed, and although it tastes nice at the time makes you feel guilty and sluggish afterwards.
Gabin Y.
Fast breakfast was normal for me, now when i'm doing great breakfast I feel better becouse it's fun for me when i'm doing my breakfast by my self
Jovon T.
Great breakfasts fill you up and give the energy needed for the morning. Not so great breakfasts just leave wanting more. It doesn’t give you the proper nutrients needed to go through it the day
Darryl O.
A great breakfast is full of protein and healthy things that will give you energy to last through the day. Filled with fruit and eggs and vegetables.
A not so great breakfast is full of sugar and not eneough protein and nutrients to give you energy. It will give you a sugar rush for an hour or so then you're starving again.
Also a not so great breakfast is not having one at all. You need the energy to get you through the day, not just the morning.
Fleur Illustre N.
A great breakfast is rich with protein to keep you going for the day. Not to great for me is Donuts, cinnamon rolls, danishes, and toaster pastries, coffee
Jackie Z.
Anything you do first thing in the morning frames your day. If you have a good breakfast, I choose porridge, it will fuel and nourish you, releasing much needed energy-giving sugars slowly into your blood stream keeping you going until lunch time. We all need to eat to function properly to have the energy to do the things we want to accomplish. Eating a great breakfast gets us off to a good start.
Yolanda F.
A great breakfast makes you feel for hours later and makes you feel good after eating. Not so great one doesn’t give you satisfaction and you feel hungry quickly after.
Sraavya C.
I believe the difference between a great breakfast and a not-so-great breakfast is the fact that it makes you feel good afterward. Not just while you’re eating, but after. When you’re eating something that is not as healthy, such as sugary cereal, you might feel good eating it then, but after you feel regret because you wanted something that would give you energy and nutrients to start your day right.
Lara X.
A good breakfast is filled with nutrients that can boost your energy and make you feel good. A Not so good breakfastbis when you dont consume enough nutrients to feel good
Niloufer N.
A great breakfast is something you look forward to making and eating. Something that you enjoy. We as humans love colors, having a colourful breakfast makes us happy. Add in fruits, eggs (or protein), or anything that you like. It will make you feel not just energised but rather productive!
Jayci Y.
A great breakfast should consist of proteins and healthy fats. Some of my favorite meals include avocados, eggs, bacon, peanut butter, fruit, granola, yogurt, and don’t forget tea & honey! I think a not-so-great breakfast might include donuts, pancakes, waffles (all that sugar in the morning makes you crash by noon!) it’s so worth it to take time to make yourself a thoughtful & healthy breakfast rather than just grabbing a granola bar out the door. If time is an issue, try meal planning or prepping your breakfast the night before!
Jessie E.
A breakfast that I get the satisfaction of making myself, especially if I can get creative with simple ingredients/recipes, that I can take the time to eat and enjoy and that I know is nutritious and filling, is much better than something quick and nasty e.g. cereal, toast, a sugary takeaway pastry or something, that I eat quickly and leaves me craving snacks shortly afterwards.
Storm B.
A great breakfast should be high in protien to give you more energy throughout the day. Avoid greasy, processed foods, and try to get in a serving or two of fruits or vegetables. Greek yogurt with nuts and berries, hard boiled eggs and some grapes, or peanut butter and apple slices are easy to make and great for breakfast.
Kylee P.
A great breakfast keeps your energy up and I think it puts me in a good mood. A not so great breakfast makes me tired and unmotivated to do anything.
Valentina I.
When it fills you up and keeps you full throughout the morning. When it makes you happy and let’s you be energized and not slow and heavy. When the breakfast fills you with joy and doesn’t make you feel guilty so you just skip the next meal and punish yourself
Amelia T.
A great breakfast has protein and vitamins that will keep me motivated and energized throughout the day. A not so great breakfast is more just eating to eat – like a muffin or granola bar
Jeremy U.
A great breakfast means you woke up feeling good, and that your day will star good, it means your body enjoys that food much better than it usually does.
M Ximo S.
A great breakfast is a great start towards a great today. Eat something fulfilling and savor your breakfast. Eating a rushed, non-nutritious breakfast will not keep you powered through the day. Make sure to eat some grains, fruits, and possibly protein. You can last so much longer with healthy, nutritious food in your body.
Marietta J.
A great breakfast makes you feel energetic and good.While a not so great breakfast makes you feel the same way you were feeling before
Roberto U.
The main difference between these two are that Great breakfast in the morning keeps you healthy and fresh for a whole day.
On the other hand:
Not so great breakfast makes you unfit for a work ,promote the quality of laziness.
Dan G.
A great breakfast, at least for me, is something that is enough to fill me up, but not to the point where my stomach is packed and I start feeling sleepy. What you eat for breakfast is also important as well; a bowl of Frosted Flakes and milk has much less nutritional value than half an avocado and an egg cooked with some tomato, onion, and spinach, all on a piece of toast. Try avoiding super sugary foods and drinks to start your day; you don’t want a sugar crash that early in the day. If you’re really stuck on what to eat, the internet has a bunch of great ideas. Just google “healthy breakfast ideas” or “breakfast ideas that’ll give me a lot of energy
Anjoom L.
There were days i never had breakfast or had not so great breakfasts… the whole day i felt like resting and most of my days werent productive at all. Now that things are back to(almost) normal, waking up early and eating good breakfasts gives that energy and not feel grumpy all day.
Sahar A.
The great breakfast compromises of all components of a balanced diet. While not so good will have some. To sum up, great breakfast will have good amount of protein, vitamin, less carbs and fats. While not so good will be stuff from shelfs, will have additional calories in them.
Vicentina A.
A great breakfast is one where the food u eat gives you everything you need to stay energetic throughout the day. So great breakfast foods should be high in carbohydrates and proteins. A not-so-great breakfast is one that does not give you enough energy to get through your day and leaves you feeling tired
Kristine T.
A great breakfast will bost your energy, make you focus more, be a better person and just not make you hungry. But A not so great breakfast will do the opposite.
Aneta C.
I think i enjoying the day with a great breakfast. Im happy that i started the day so good. I have better feeling and I’m also not hungry in school.
Edouard C.
A great breakfast has to do with eating great. The food has to include fruits or grains. Also water, milk, or juice. A not so great breakfast has to do with a single food that is filled with sugar. JUST LIKE CEREAL.N
Tracy P.
A breakfast high in protein and slow releasing carbohydrates. An example of this could be peanut butter on seeded toast with sliced banana. Or scrambled egg on toast. If you have a bit of time (Sunday morning?) then you could have pancakes made from eggs and banana with a fistful of blueberries. A bad breakfast would be cereal or buttered toast.
Anna P.
How you feel when you are eating it and the intention. Food is something people often take for granted not realising just how important and lucky we are. By slowing down and really taking the time to both make and appreciate your food is what really makes the difference. The nutritional value is important to an extent but it isn't the deciding factor.
Damian E.
A great breakfast will taste good but also leave you feeling energized to start your day where as a not so great one will leave you wanting to go back to bed.
Adam Q.
it feels like i have nourished my body well with vitamins and all the necessities which makes me feel strong and good start to my day
Soraia Q.
One is a full breakfast that makes you feel energised and ready for the day. Eating something that can carry you for most part of the morning can pit you even in a better mood.
A "not so great breakfast" though, doesn't leave you as satisfied as the other. I find myself being grumpy sometimes when I don't have a proper breakfast.
Madison T.
A great breakfast will have foods like porridge or granola that will give you energy for a long period of time a not so great breakfast for example an English breakfast may be tasty but are filled with fat that will only give you energy for awhile so make sure you breakfast is full of nutrients and fruit but a treat now and again doesn’t hurt
Alex N.
A great breakfast gives you energy and like a boost to start your day it’s more like a huge kickstart to having a great day and
Sergio F.
a great breakfast is a nutritious delicious meal you love and enjoy, while a not-so-great breakfast is a meal that will make you feel tired and will lower your energy levels after eating! breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it helps you to feel energetic and happy for the rest of the day so always make sure to prepare a nutritious yummy meal because you deserve it!!
Milica F.
Well, a great breakfast is a meal that we prepared well for ourselves, that meal fills us with energy and optimism, we make it how we like it to taste and feel, so that's why it is a great breakfast. The not-so-great breakfast is the opposite from the great breakfast, it's a breakfast that we maybe didn't made it well to satisfy our likings.
Massi P.
The not so great breakfast happen too soon, and too much, so my body can't handle it and have stomachache. The great one delicious, give a good mood, not too much and gave a good fuel until afternoon.
Arthur G.
If you have not-so good breakfast rest of the day you will have no energy. But if you have a great breakfast rest of the day you will have energy,you will feel much better much stronger.And with a great breakfast you Will feel more full and satisfying.I hope this can answer your question.Hava a great life.
Enilda Q.
Great breakfast keeps you energised for the day. It's important what you have for breakfast, you better have something healthy and it will provide the great start of your day, and will provide more energy for the rest of the day.
Victoria F.
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Mason O.
It gives us more energy, it's a great way to have a beter focus and be more productive. Besides that your body is healthier and you feel more energized and you're less hungry during the day.
Nicole U.
A great breakfast means having a balanced meal with all the food groups included which will sustain you for longer.For example, oat meal or yogurt with fruits, sandwiches, smoothies ,etc. On the other hand a not so great breakfast include having foods whish wouldn't sustain you for longer ,foods such as , chocolate bar, soft drink , cake and cookies etc.Hope that helps. Thank you
Ellen C.
A great breakfast is like a smoothie, that gives you enough energy and fulfillment to conquer the day without being dragged down like a heavy unhealthy breakfast. That is where the no so great breakfast comes into play.
Magnus C.
A great breakfast gives you plenty of energy but a not so great one either gives you a sugar rush then tiredness or not enough energy.
Leo Y.
Difference between a great breakfast and not so great is that in a great breakfast we ate a nutrition and protein breakfast like any oatmeal or egg which is very good and the not so great is sometimes we skip breakfast or sometimes we don’t eat a healthy breakfast or sometimes we ate very fast
Valentine E.
A great breakfast is healthy gives you the energy required to start you day. A not so great breakfast would be unhealthy and provide you with little to no energy
Brent E.
A great breakfast has a mix of fruits and vegetables as well as a heat source of protein like eggs. You feel energized for the the day ahead of you. A not so great breakfast is full of sugar and doesn’t give you as much energy aka cereal
Shalini U.
I’d say it’s the nutritional value. You can have something that’s not really healthy which fills you up, or you can feel the same amount of fullness through a more healthier option.
Floyd W.
A great breakfast will allow you to have more energy during the day and for a longer period of time in contrast to a not so great breakfast.
Tammy C.
A great breakfast may be a breakfast that makes you feel energetic and refreshed in the morning for example maybe yoghurt with fruit and coffee or green tea . Whereas a not so great breakfast may be a breakfast that may be quite heavy per se for example something like a big bowl of cereal or a ton of toast.
Benjamin C.
A great breakfast meal has something that is healthy but something that can get you going and a not so great breakfast is not healthy and only gives you enough energy to wind you up but then makes you tired
Jon X.
A great breakfast gives you the motivation that you need during school or work a small breakfast isn’t gonna keep you all awaken all day I try to the most healthiest and big breakfast so i can be ready for school and be happy not sleepy
Noah J.
a great breakfast is a healthy breakfast. Whether it’s small or big with a whole bunch of veggies. And a not so great breakfast is one with lots of grease.
Ma Line P.
Well for me a not so great breakfast woukd be for example cookies and milk (even thought I love it) you already know it not haelthy from the beginning and moreover it doesnt motivate you like you should if you have a long day but if you after standing up washing your face you make a beautifull new recipe taht healthy and good looking it will maje you full ofc with only good things and it will hive you a lot of energy and will make you feel happy bcs you did it
Shane P.
A great breakfast is sitting down peacefully eating and journaling a not so great breakfast is sitting in your bed watching Netflix very early making you feel lazy
Wilfriede E.
A great breakfast is a delicious, filling meal thats gonna keep your body energized throughout the day and is full with nutrients that your body needs to function properly . A not-so-good meal is a delicious meal but not exactly filling and isn’t full with nutrients and it might be high in calories too.
Jane Z.
Keep it keto, make sure it's enough to last til dinner. Make it quick or make it in advance so it doesn't derail the morning
Punith N.
If we take great breakfast we are so energetic and the day will go good if we don't have a breakfast we don't feel energetic and the day is not good
Vega N.
A great breakfast is something delicious and nutritious. Also light. And a pretty small sized meal – otherwise I get sluggish.
Lylou P.
A great breakfast tastes great and makes me feel great! It gives me energy and starts my day off well. A not so good breakfast makes me feel sluggish immediately or doesn't give me enough energy to last until lunch.
Daphn O.
A great breakfast would allow you to have the fuel to be productive throughout the day. However, an unhealthy breakfast only gives you fuel for a few minutes and leaves you less replenished throughout the day.
Rukaiyah N.
Great breakfast makes me feel like I've started my day right. It makes me feel accomplished but also on track, like I'm on my way to continue doing greater things. And even if Ive had a bad day, reading a full breakfast makes me feel like it wasn't all so bad.
Lisa I.
To me a great breakfast in the literal Food sense would be 1/2 carbohydrate and 1/2 protein. Like for example an English muffin with an egg 🥚 the egg can be served hard boiled , over easy, scrambled, etc. Or it could be a piece of fruit with a handful of mixed nuts, or hot cereal with some peanut butter mixed in the Hot cereal for the carb/protein combo. There are various ways to eat a good breakfast. Always remember how you start your day and the content of your thoughts mostly is what will set the tone for the rest of your day to unfold. The mindset and thinking patterns are key tool in order to get throug your day with a positive outlook and attitude so be reflective and mindful as to the content of your thoughts .
Victoria P.
A great breakfast is something that makes you feel comfortable, makes your body feel its energy. It's the product of your time spend to do it, instead of buying it. You put love, effort, time, great ingredients for the love of your self, for the love and respect towards your body. You don't just eat something good, you enjoy your greatest breakfast. Your entire day starts besides a glass of water, with a delicious, nutritious and healthy breakfast. It shall not be good, but great.
Sadie Z.
A great breakfast is when you don’t get hunger until hours later but when you don’t eat breakfast you get hungrier faster which isn’t good for the body!
Michelle N.
A great breakfast is fuel for your day. A balanced breakfast is what gives your brain the power to start the day. I try and have double my protein than carbs and always try and have fruit and vegetables too. I avoid caffeine and drink lots of water whenever I can.
Liraz Y.
I prefer to eat protein, veggeis, fruites and whole grains as much as possible. And prefered having time to sit and it without rushing out as much as possible
Isabelle C.
Great breakfast:
(1) oatmeal, fruit, sausage,
(2) yogurt parfait, PB toast

Not so great breakfast:
(1) sugary cereals
(2) too many pastries with nothing to balance it out

Katja U.
A great breakfast makes you feel better and more energized while a not so great breakfast makes you feel tired and lazy.
Philip P.
Ur more happy to eat a good breakfast than just a lame breakfast because that makes ur day even better if u start with a good breakfast.
Olivia P.
A good breakfast always makes me feel great and I even dance when I enjoy my food. I don’t like the feeling of hunger either and healthier options even adds on top of the happy sensation
Brian Z.
For me it's more about how much my body wants. If I don't want more than a handful of nuts I'm not going to force myself to eat an egg and some fruit. The point is that I did something to Kickstart the day.
Storm C.
well a great breakfast is something that you prepare for yourself that you feel will make your day go great and that is good for your body. it also will give you more energy throughout the day. a not so great one is like oh yeah i’m just drinking coffee for breakfast and yeah ok that’s fine but have something with that coffee.
Enzo O.
My usual breakfast is two eggs, vegetables, toast & Emergen-C – rarely do I have oatmeal or a smoothie- they don’t keep me satisfied until lunch — that’s the difference — a good breakfast lasts
Ishita X.
A great breakfast reffers to a meal packed with essential and right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats etc
And an not so great one is simply which will either not effect you or will make u sick if u will over eat
Alberte U.
A great breakfast holds my energi up til lunch time and doesn't make me nauseous 🙃 it fuels my body and makes my morning more mindful and less hurried.
Christina T.
A great breakfast is one that keeps you full and is nutritious. I’ve read a lot of literature that really focuses on whole foods, and avoiding pre packaged foods with lots of additional ingredients like preservatives.
Jj Q.
A great breakfast makes you feel full without making you feel gross. Too much sugar, carbs, makes me feel sluggish. Eggs are my favorite. Eggs with (and this is how you know I’m a real person) cashews. Yes, cashews. I’ve never seen this done before but I love it. It’s high protein and tastes yum. STOP JUDGING ME. 😂😂😂
Harry Z.
A good breakfast combines multiple healthy items and requires one to sit and mindfully eat. A not so great breakfast is quick, probably on the go and doesn’t include multiple items that are good for you.
Louisa A.
The difference is that breakfast is seating your day, a healthy breakfast will keep you going we’re as an unhealthy breakfast you’ll get tiered very easy and sometimes a bad breakfast can effect your mood and the people around you
Sof A Q.
a great breakfast is one that fulfills you and satisfaces you. Food gives you energy and you need energy to go through your everyday life. Do not skip on breakfast or try to make it smaller than what you need, this would be the result of a not-so great-breakfast. Take care of yourself and good luck with this journey of wellness <3
Rebecca Z.
A healthy breakfasf is fueling and energizing. It gives you the energy you need throughout the morning. It should be healthy and protien packed. Eating a healthy breakfast also ensures you get nutrients and vitamins that you need in order to stay healthy.
Richa G.
Great breakfast would be something that you eat healthy, keeps you light and doesn't make you sluggish throughout the day, adding protein to your breakfast would yield up some energy along with some nuts & fruits.
Sophie P.
For me, a great breakfast is one that keeps me energised until lunchtime without crashing in energy. I personally enjoy eating porridge for breakfast with some fruit.
Charlotte F.
A great breakfast replenishes your body and gives you energy. It helps get you through the day and you are satisfied with it. On the other hand, a not-so-great breakfast lacks all you need to get through the day and may not be as satisfying.
Jane E.
Great breakfast is balance one, just enough carbs, protein, coffee, some fruits, and a not so great one breakfast is unhealthy food like, white bread and all rice and processed food.
Victor Q.
The fellings that a great breakfast gives, that's the difference!
The energy, the good felling, the sensation of eat something good and the long period we can wait for another meal, because you are what you needed.
Dominik O.
i might be wrong but if I had to guess, a great breakfast contains nutrients that give long lasting energy, and also rich in a variety of useful minerals and vitamins (mix of things like nuts, raisins, fruits, oats and yoghurt). A not-so-great breakfast is something like "junk food", so high calories that give short term energy and lacks a variety of useful minerals and vitamins. (Potato chips, chocolate bar)
Gaurika N.
The kind of breakfast that sustains me for the first half of the day is usually split into three – a pre-workout oatmeal snack, then a post-workout, protein-heavy, fat-heavy (think eggs and butter) loaded feast with a fruit to keep that sugar steady, and a pre-lunch snack of dried fruit and nuts. Lots of fibre, (plant) fat and protein, with fruit-sourced sugar, and minimal processed foods.
Jerry O.
a great breakfast is something made with love and that has proteins and u like it. as this will last for the whole day, eating a great breakfast, which is something that the enegry will last the whole day. eat something yummy and made with love, that is a great breakfast.
Elizabeth N.
A great breakfast is one that is large enough to last you till lunch time so that you aren’t snacking. A great breakfast also has a lot of fruits and dairy, along with some meat and a bit of bread or carbs. A not so great breakfast would be something like popcorn or a cake, where it is more of a snack or a dessert. A not so great breakfast also doesn’t fill you up so you end up snacking throughout the day.
Wanda C.
eating a great, filling breakfast gives me a full tank to start the day off strong & productive, while having a not so great breakfast leaves me tired and having to constantly go back for more snacks which leaves me doing less work
Vivian N.
there are a few things that can make a great breakfast. to be honest, i’m not the best with my eating schedule. however, breakfast is important because it starts your metabolism and gives you the nutrients to start your day. eat something you want to eat. make sure though it is nutritious and healthy.
Magnus F.
A great breakfast gives you the boost and energy to need to get through and entire day. It puts you in a good mood and a good mood will lead you to being happier, full of energy and being productive.
Emile Y.
A great breakfast allows me to think better, move better and most importantly feel better. If your mood is all over the place in the early day, then it reflects badly on the whole day.

Nourishing yourself with foods making you feel satiated longer are the best breakfast items, especially fibre and complex carbohydrates.

Meher X.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy you need to complete all the tasks the day has planned for you. Having a great breakfast, with a balance of all nutrients will give you the best form of energy you need to get through your day. For example, having sugar will make you feel sluggish and lazy, but having protein and good carbs will make you feel energised and active!
Ana G.
In my opinion, great breakfast means a healthy one, which is good for our health. It may also mean a delicious and tasty dish. But not-so-great one may be junk food and unhealthy one.
Elzbieta X.
A great breakfast is a meal that makes you feel good about what you ate, for example, eating some fried eggs with apple slices instead of food that’s pre-packaged, pre-cooked, and loaded with preservatives and other things to make it taste good even though it doesn’t really help you and give you the nutrients you need
Joshua X.
The difference between a great breakfast and a not-so-great breakfast is that a good breakfast is a meal that has proteins and less carbs that just fills you up. A good breakfast also gives you the energy and nutrients to start you day. A not-so-good breakfast is a meal that has no protein or nutrients and just has plain carbs. A breakfast like that also doesn’t give you a good amount of energy for the start of the day.
Eva Maria O.
I believe a great breakfast is one that is healthy and filling, that you enjoy. A not so great one is a small snack that you can’t enjoy. Being able to sit peacefully is a huge part of a good breakfast.
Cheyenne T.
The difference between a great breakfast and a not so great breakfast is a not so good breakfast would be eating junk food ex:(chips,cake,cookies etc.) a good breakfast would be like ex:(eggs,bacon,granola
Lorenzo P.
A great breakfast is one that let's you go on with your day all energized and ready for ANY challenges that may come throughout the day. A not-so-great one is one that you don't enjoy, it doesn't help your throughout the day and it doesn't help growth.
So it is much better to have a perfect breakfast most of the days.
Harper Q.
Good food that gives wings to your spirits is a great breakfast.
While, not so good breakfast is merely to satisfy the bodily hunger but not to heart's content.
Cameron P.
A great breakfast is healthy,balanced, prepared in advance,less time consuming to make,fullfiling yet not so heavy at the same time
Gracie G.
a great breakfast gives you energy to start the day and makes you feel good. a not so great breakfast loaded with sugars, fat, or grease can leave you feeling sluggish and irritable.
Royal G.
A great breakfast is having food that will get you through the morning and it’s healthy like eggs and fruit or even cereal. Not so good breakfast would most definitely be junk food or anything that has so much sugar and can make you so full you would want to fall asleep.
Bradley Z.
A great breakfast will keep you going for longer than a bad one. It also makes a mental trigger and makes you feel like you are nice and awake.
Melitta X.
A great breakfast is nutritional, full of fruit, veggies or whole grains. It's a breakfast which gives you energy for the whole day.
Allison P.
Honestly, the amount of nutrients it provides. Eating a breakfast with a fruit besides it can give you more energy than a big bowl of cereal and because it is the first meal of the day. It should be one that boost your energy instead of one that makes you more sleepy. Another thing that makes a great breakfast is the amount (or portions) of food you put on your plate, if you eat less or more than what your body needs it will slow your metabolism.
Becky O.
It is a great way to start the the day. It will give me the energy I need. It will be a way to say I love myself. I need to think of my skin, my eyes, my mobility. I want to be around for as long as I can for my kids and eating healthy will help. A not so great breakfast will make me feel tired, irritated, and it won’t be good for my overall health.
Quentin Z.
A good breakfast consists in nutrient minerals vitamins which Benefit your health and wellness and gives you the right energy natural energy that is good for you to start your day off with where as a not so great breakfast is more sugary gives you false energy doesnt benefit you and leaves you feeling tired again in a hour or so time
Jayden U.
Is all the energy and the power it gives you along the day. Depending on the hours between breakfast and lunch it keeps you awake all that time.
Also, you can use it as a motivation to wake up in the mornings.
Kawaii N.
The quick sugars vs the slow sugars. Also the quick fillers vs the foods that keep you full and give you energy. Not so good breakfast are the ones that give you a crash of energy then quickly dissipate
Romique Y.
A great breakfast consists of all the nutrients you need and leaves you feeling energized for a period while a not-so-great breakfast is not that nutritious and doesn’t give you much energy.
Jacinta Z.
A good breakfast would include a balanced amount of healthy carbs along with protein. Something like eggs on toast, muesli or oats with nuts.
A not so great one would be something like a donut, croissant, waffles made from processed flour, loads of processed sugar.
Megan E.
The difference is the preparation and the time of enjoying it. For example, you don’t want to go off impulse and go for potato chips in the pantry. But, whether it’s the night before or in the morning, I like to take the time, even if it’s 5 minutes to make my breakfast. Then, I like to be mindful and enjoy, no matter how quick it is
Iyana Q.
i think a great breakfast is that you take time for it and you eat more than usual and a not so great one is that you grab something quick and don't take time for it
Arian U.
As said by many people, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is true. The difference, between a great breakfast and a not so great one is that a great breakfast can get you energized and ready for the day.
Jane J.
I think a great breakfast is one that helps you break your fast and give all the nurtriment you need in order to have energy through the day. I don't think it should be frugal but trying step by step to incorparate healthy aliments instead of cake or chocolate is satisfying. For exemple you could have a simple egg with a fruit it takes less than 5 min and it gives more nutriment and energy then that slice of cake.
Silke P.
The difference between a good breakfast and a not-so-good breakfast is that a good breakfast fills you up more, and you feel better throughout the day, while when you eat a not-so-good breakfast you may get really full, but it is addicting, and you feel like you need to eat more, and then you don’t feel so good throughout the day and feel like you are gonna throw-up
Serge E.
I suppose a good breakfast is when you eat healty food, not sugary food. That means the fact thag you ate breakfast doesn't mean you had a great start to do day, not if it isn't healty.
Devyn G.
For the most nutritious breakfast, try to choose whole, unprocessed foods from each of the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy. Try to include proteins from foods like yogurts (look for varieties with less sugar added), eggs, nuts and seeds or legumes.
Mavis E.
A great breakfast makes you feel energized for the rest of the day. You know it's not-so-great when, an hour later, your energy crashes.
Norman Y.
Отличный завтрак это тот завтрак, на который достаточно времени. Для меня он долгий. Когда есть много разной еды – это Отличный завтрак. Не самый лучший завтрак это когда ты ешь второпях.
Cl Mence E.
It’s nit that big deal, some people are gonna get fat if they eat more, but some other don’t care about what they eat. They just want to get full 🤷🏻‍♂️ But I tried this challenge and it was a perfect one in my thought, cuz you’ll get more energy
Savannah S.
A great breakfast is something you enjoy, preparing and eating, and that nourishes you for the day with slow energy and nutrients
Darryl S.
It’s one that fills me up, gives me energy but something that I am won’t get bored of. I will want to eat it every morning and it is easy to make but also doesn’t cost a lot of money. Preferably fruit and I need to be more organised at creating a fruit salad in preparation as sometimes cereal is too high in sugar and fat.
Janice P.
Great breakfasts are the ones healthy and more desirable by you and the recipe which gives you a feeling of comfort and adds a relief for your while day to be more energetic and active in your daily activities.
Wendy Y.
A good breakfast leaves you feeling energized, a bad breakfast makes you feel sluggish, full and sleepy. Good breakfast consist of nutrition not just coffee and run.
Peter T.
A great breakfast offers you a surge of energy to get you through the day, whereas a poor breakfast makes you feel sluggish and disorientated.
Shawn P.
At a not-so-great one you eat unhealthy stuff like pancakes or something else that contains much sugar, therefore, not being good for you. A great breakfast is when you eat healthy stuff like porridge, or something else that has 'the long sugar' or whatever it's called, which means that the sugar gives you energy for a long time, when the other sugar just gives you a boost of energy and then you basically die like an iphone battery (you run out of battery very fast).
So that's why you should eat the great breakfast rather than the bad, sugary, unhealthy one.
Hope this helps!
Lupita N.
After you eat great breakfast, you will feel better than not-so-great one. Feel better means your body is like works well. And also, your stomach doesn’t feel bulky
Hooman V.
You have more energy and feel less overwhelmed throughout the day and maybe it makes you less anxious, because it's part of loving yourself and you realize the you have yourself beside you
Thomas Y.
A great breakfast makes you feel empowered, like you're taking care of yourself, sets you up for the day and you won't have to worry till lunch. Think about the food you're eating to be less processed and as close to their natural state aa possible.
Joke J.
A great breakfast is a breakfast that fills you up and keeps you energized for the entire morning. A not-so-great breakfast might be very easy to make and nice to eat, but it won't give you the same energy and satisfaction.
Ash N.
a great breakfast isn’t necessarily a healthy or unhealthy one, it’s one that fills you up and keeps you running throughout the day but also makes you feel happy.
Jill E.
I’m Italian so sorry for my english. For me a great breakfast consist on time to dedicate to this activity so is not a fast breackfast. Then I try to eat some proteins, sone carbo and sometimes fruit, so I try to eat every macronutrients
Elaine W.
I believe that a breakfast should make you feel energized. It shouldn’t make you feel like you just ate a large holiday dinner and want to take a nap. However, make sure to be aware of how full it makes you feel. Your stomach should be quiet for longer than 10 minutes.
Stilest M.
great breakfast- a good sized meal for what ur gonna be doing for the day thats healthy and satisfying.
no so great- a bowl of cereal
Valdemar W.
When I eat too much sugar, this is not a great breakfast
I need more proteins and veggies, seeds and fruits, this is the great breakfast
Natalie R.
A great breakfast should make you feel good inside for a long time long time while a not so good breakfast dose the opposite
Fatima X.
a great breakfast is energizing and just a good way to start off the day, but a bad breakfast would be something sugary or not so good for you. protein is a great main thing in breakfasts and it should be the biggest meal of the day
Kirsty P.
One with plenty of protein and fibre and slow release energy… something that takes a bit of time to make and will fill you up