What are some healthy breakfasts that you like to eat?

Faith N.
Toast with avocados spread on it with a fried egg on top; plain oatmeal with fruit in it and creamy peanut butter; and a smoothie.
Karen X.
Oh I eat the same thing every day, I love sameness. I’m also low-carb.

Scrambled eggs with fried avo & mushrooms. I’m 2 meals a day, so this is usually around 11am

Ines U.
Simple breakfasts. Things like toast, peanut butter on toast, granola bars, and fruit.

I like to think I'll enjoy yogurt, but I often find I don't eat it as much as I buy it.

Ana S P.
Well I don't know many but I do know some: Greek yogurt, blueberries, granola, honey, green apple, well that's only one but the fruits are to your liking.
Samantha O.
Overnight oats – layer of porridge oats, natural yoghurt on top, frozen fruit (berries) on top of that. Seal it up, leave it in the fridge over night then mix it all up and have for breakfast in the morning!