What is the best drink for breakfast?

Craig E.
Water! Rehydrate the body after hours of good sleep and rest! Liver has been working all night to clean you out so give it the tools it needs!
Kathy C.
Water or a warm beverage. Juices, coffee and sodas will give you the sugar/caffeine kick you think you need but it will not last long.
Frederik E.
Water. I think minimizing the calories we drink is better for overall health.
Josephine X.
Water. It refreshes you and clears mental fatigue.
Sacramento P.
I would say a smoothie with mango, banana, kefir, grounded pumpkin seeds, and some freezed fruits ( forest fruits for example). Sometimes I add ginger, a apple, spinach or something else I have left over in de fridge.
Arlene A.
I prefer protein smoothies that include frozen fruit, veggies and protein powder with non fat Greek yogurt and a little skim milk. I add in a little cinnamon and nutmeg. If time is too tight I have a glass of skim milk.
Slavica F.
I say best drink is two drinks, one like water or milk that is refreshing and hydrates, and another choice that is satisfying like water, juice , milk or coffee etc.
Mathis Q.
If you normally drink coffee, then tea is a healthier hot drink alternative – especially green and herbal teas which can relax and calm a stressful mind. Whilst fruit juices and vegetable juices can be a natural choice, some contain high levels of (or added) sugar and sweeteners so look out for that.
The best drink any time of day or night is always water. Your body wants to stay hydrated! 💧
Alma Z.
I always keep a jug of homemade iced tea in the fridge. Dont spike your blood sugar early in the morning with a sugary cafe coffee
Noah P.
Fresh squeezed citrus ( that you make yourself at home and drink immediately).
Or milk ( if your body can tolerate it)

I start my day with fresh squeezed lemon water( with a sprinkle of pink sea salt because I need the extra sodium, but not everybody needs salt) . This burst of vitamin C keeps me going and it improves my mood immediately. Also, it turns out that some people drink lemon as an anti-toxin.
Though any citrus will work– oranges, grapefruit, tangerines etc.

Julie F.
A cold glass of water or a well balanced smoothie would be my recommendation. Something with a nice amount of protein and heart healthy nutrients.
Robin Q.
I think the best drink is water because it hydrates you early on in the day and it's the most refreshing thirst quenching drink you can have
El Onore O.
I start my day drinking water, but for breakfast, I prefer black coffee, more specifically DXN black coffee (with an extract from a certain type of mushroom).
Laura F.
Water or green tea as it is beneficial for you body after sleeping for 8 hours as you body can be dehydrated when you wake up
Mattie T.
Tea is a fine alternative, but I'd recommend avoiding a caffeine expectation in your body: when you routinely consume a set amount of caffeine at the same time every day, your body begins to pre-empt it by lowering your natural stimulants in advance so that once the coffee is ingested you return to baseline. Therefore you aren't getting any benefit – just a harder time waking up and the possibility of a terrible day should you somehow not get your daily dose.
A Da O.
The best drink for breakfast is a glass of milk, depending on what it’s paired with, in some cases some type of fruit could substitute as a sweet refreshment for a meal, with a glass of water, of course.
Martin J.
They say that lemon water is great when you wake up in the morning , I will try it ,its also good for the skin.
How about Orange juice or even water ,water has great importance for the body and skin and it won't hurt to put some ice cubes in it cool water is awesome when you get up.
Richard R.
I think water is always the best choice anytime. Of course other drinks are good too but with moderation. But you can never go wrong with water
Chris W.
From personal experience a liquid breakfast is not a better substitute solid food. If you're looking for a beverage to enjoy at breakfast time, I found having a treat, coffee with cream or really excellent tea, gave me something to look forward to at breakfast.
Marius U.
A smoothie with your favourite fruits. I prefer banana mostly
Samuel F.
More water! I love a hot drink with breakfast so I make a hetbal tea or infusion. My favourite at the moment is Lemongrass, Ginger and Goji Berry.