I can eat in the morning, but I’m having a hard time eating before going to work because no matter what time I wake up I feel like I’m always running late. I want to eat before I get to work because I want to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up to start my day off right. How do you do it?

Gaja M.
I wake up 20minuts early to make myself a breakfast and then eat it.But if i am late then i will makeyself a smothie and drink it when i am geting ready for a day.

Camoola E.
you can start by eating something small like an apple or a breakfast bar. when you get used to eating something every morning you can try eating a bit if toast and if you're comfortable with that you can then start eating more

Deja Y.
You can make breakfast before you got to bed and just reheat it. Or wake up an hour or two earlier and give yourself time to adjust

Igor O.
When I setup my morning routine I allocate time slots for different activities, including breakfast. Also, I know approximately the time when to leave towards work, thus I can focus on doing morning things without feeling hurry.

Anthony Z.
I eat drinkable yogurt for breakfast because it doesn’t take that long to eat and it usually comes in a bottle so I don’t have to worry about dishes. I can even bring it with me in the car and eat it on the way if I need to.

Abigail Z.
If you’re okay with something like a fruit + protein breakfast, you could put a banana and peanut butter (or any fruit, or a bagel, or a granola/protein bar, or trail mix, or dry cereal in a bag, or tbh poptarts, or whatever you enjoy eating) next to your water in your room so you can drink some water and eat right away. I have a hard time eating before i work out though, so i usually keep my breakfast next to my workout equipment and eat after my cooldown.

If you prefer a hot/cooked breakfast, try things that can be microwaved (like a refrigerated egg sandwich/wrap, or a portion of leftovers from dinner the night before) or that you can use a kettle to add hot water (like oatmeal), so you don’t have to worry about making time to wash any cooking tools. Or cold ready-to-eat foods (sandwiches, wraps, hardboiled eggs, overnight oatmeal), just keep something else you really really need in the fridge so you have to open the fridge in the morning to grab like, an important document or a pair of socks or your computer mouse or something, and your brain can more easily justify “well might as well grab that breakfast while I’m here”.

Also anything that you can eat/drink on your commute could also be a good idea.

Like tbh a good rule of thumb for any of these foods is how many steps they take to get ready (when you wake up) + how many bites they take to eat. If it takes more than 2 steps and/or more than 10 bites, it should be a food you really, really like to eat, or else it might feel more difficult in the morning to justify the effort/time it would take when you have other important things to do.

Adriana Z.
If you don’t get tired of routine meals, I’d say timing yourself preparing and eating them helps. Give yourself enough time to do enjoy bf without pressure. If one day you decide to stay in bed a while longer or have to look for something different to wear, you can see how much time you have for bf and that determines what you eat. Make instant oatmeal your go-to on days you have less time and eggs with sausage and toast the days you have more time. If you want to ensure you eat before work, do it before getting ready. You may be compelled to go to work without eating, but never so much to go in your pjs 🤷‍♀️😅

Marshall P.
I would try something simple at first. Start with grabbing a banna or apple and eat it while driving to work. I also love making overnight oats because you can eat them in just a few minutes! So start small and work your way up to having some oatmeal or anything like that. Theae are all options that fill me up until a snack or lunch. Hope I helped!

Leyla A.
I plan! The night before, while on bed I plan a happy healthy breakfast! This helps me to feel more organise know what I will get in the morning!

Logan O.
Well I'm a big multi tasker so I usually do 2 or more things at a time for example I brush my teeth while starting the stove and taking out ingredients and starting the oven. Another thing I would do is sleep earlier and wake up earlier and eating something is better than eating nothing so 2 pieces of fruit or and small toast something quick and easy works. Hope this helps

Sara F.
Meditation is the key The reason why you always feel like you are running late may be the fact you get anxious about work So my advice is to take 5-15 minutes to meditate There are a lot of apps that can help you with meditation It will relax your mind and calm down your thoughts And after a week you will start to see results How easy you will go on yourself

Nelson W.
I also used to be like that, but I never ended up eating breakfast. Start small with things you know you have time for in the morning something with no prep work. Then once you’re used to actually having breakfast in the morning (set aside 5 min and force yourself to just sit and eat and do nothing else in that time and then grow the time as you need to.) maybe yoghurt and fruit, a healthy sandwich, and then if you have more time maybe on Fridays for instance, have a good cooked egg breakfast (or what ever your goal is for breakfast). Hope that helps.

Uwu F.
this is kind of a hard question but usually for me i find it easier to eat breakfast when i have a structured morning. when i have a morning routine i can plan out the amount of time i need for each activity so i can make sure i have time to do things like eating. it also helps to know what you’re going to eat the day before so you can prepare the meal easily since you already know what you’re going to eat. i’m not sure if this will help you but it works for me.