If you know you won’t have time to prep/eat breakfast the next day, what do you do?

Tommy J.
The best thing to do is prep your breakfast the night before. Even better if you make overnight oats for the week. Another alternative is to grab a protein bar and go. I hope this helped!
Christiana W.
I would pre-make the breakfast and then heat it up in the microwave. Or I would take yogurt and fruit to go and have it ready the night before for the morning.
Louisa P.
Wherever possible I try to draw lines in my life so that is never something that happens.

If despite my best efforts it happens anyway, I accept that not every day can be perfect, and do my best with what's available.

Sometimes the days you fail your routine in making your own breakfast is the best day to treat yourself to a nice breakfast and get back to normal tomorrow

Dawn J.
I'd eat a sugar free musli, drink a cup of milk then when I can I buy something healthy food in a store. (Sorry for my English, it's only my second language 🙂 )
Wesley B.
I will try to make some thing 2hich I can use in morning breakfast or can carry it and rat it on go. A Perfect example would be roasted dryfruits consisting cashew, almond, walnut and resins or veg sandwich
Nicole O.
What I do is I prepare my breakfast the night before like overnight oats, so that I can jump for breakfast without preparing it in yhe morning.
Sara S.
It's always best to prep your meals a few days in advance or on the weekends when you have more time. I prefer to hard boil enough eggs to get me through the week seems grab a piece of fruit as I head or the door in the morning.
Lynn C.
I put my oats in the micro wave while my dog is outside and I'm getting dressed, they're normally ready for when I'm finished and my dog needs to come in. If I'm really pressed for time I grab an apple and some yoghurt
Violet P.
I usually meal prep for the entire week. If I do fall short then I try to eat fruits. I do buy a lot of fruits for that purpose.
Andreas N.
I like to make a sandwich or prepare the foods the night before. Or make a sandwich the morning of that'll get the job done.
Ava O.
Try to prep the night before and make something you can take on the go. Or if you really have no time, I like to drink an Up & Go when I'm in the car or on the train. It might not be the best but I think it's better than not having anything for breakfast.
Pablo E.
Prep it the night before on a plastic plate. Then I can take it with me to work. Or I make granola etc in a jar the night before and take that with me.
But the best thing – get up earlier so that I can make time!
Svetlana X.
Best option is to prep a smoothie in a travel mug the day before & store in fridge overnight. Or have some healthy snacks that you can eat on the go. In UK lots of station cafes sell porridge to go. Just make sure you buy the unsweetened one.
Pearl Q.
Well, you should prep your breakfast the day before. You can have a smoothie, fruits with toast, and even an energy drink. That way when you wake up, your not rushing and worrying about what you have to make for breakfast because it would already be done.
Mathew T.
I’ll either try to put something together the day before or plan on something easy so I can just grab and go. Main thing is to have a plan. For example, cook a pot of oatmeal, enough for three servings and put it in three separate containers, or I’ll make sure I have everything I need for a quick smoothie.
Elizabeth F.
I prep something the night before if I can. I will get fruit washed and prepped into containers for the next day. And I'll put my lunchbag at the front door so I don't forget.
Alison E.
Prepare a portable breakfast ahead of time. This really works for anything you need to do, especially your morning routine’s. If you were obstacles in your way in the morning, the more likely you are to achieve what you need to do in the morning. this really works for anything you need to do, especially your morning routine. The more prep you do ahead of time to remove active steps in your way in the morning, the more likely you are to achieve what you need to do in the morning. Even if it means sleeping in your gym clothes with your gym shoes next to the bed. I used to scoff at this idea, but now I get so much more done in the morning on days when I sleep in my gym clothes and have breakfast prepped at least one day ahead of time.
Jeanne C.
The best way is to prepare your breakfast the night before. Pack some apples or egg sandwich or anything you prefer.
So in the morning it will not take as long
Ella B.
You can prepare the breakfast the evening before and put it in your fridge. There are a lot of recipes for overnight oat that make themselves in the fridge!
Swantje O.
If I know I won’t have time to prepare breakfast in the morning, I can prepare a breakfast the night before.

I found recipes for Overnight Oats that I can put in a jar in the fridge at night and are ready to eat in the morning. A jar is easy to take on the go as well.

If I want to add toppings, I prepare those at night and put in a container next to the jar.

Another option is to make eggs the night before in the style of a quiche, frittata, or muffin tin egg cups, which can all be microwaved and eaten at home or at work.

I also fill a water bottle, set the coffee maker to auto start in the morning, and set out my travel coffee mug so it is ready to fill and go.

I hope you find this helpful and use it to develop a system that works for you. Best wishes!

Ethan F.
I have to have a back up strategy and so I would most likely find a way to eat something even if it was a little later such as brunch.
Milan P.
I make sure I wake up early enough to ensure that I eat a good breakfast. This sometimes means I look absolutely terrible, but I feel good!
Gumersindo A.
if you like to take your breakfast you will always find a way to do it.. like waking up a bit more urly or just prepare some stuff before you go to bed and you know that you not gonna waste time in the morning
Victoria F.
If I've forgotten to prep breakfast for a day, or havent prepper enough for the week, I may try to wake up a little earlier to try and fit breakfast in, but that doesn't always work. So I usually have extra protein bars in the pantry that i take with me as a late morning snack, but on days I haven't had time for a proper breakfast, I'll grab an extra one or two bars. It's not ideal all the time, but on those mornings you've overslept, or because you didnt get a chance to prep breakfast it's a great way to ensure you at least get something good to start the day.
Michaela X.
If i can't prep breakfast the next day probably i'll prepare something the night before (like sandwich or overnight oatmeal), the same if i haven't time for eat it: i'll prepare something i can bring with me at work
Ngue Q.
I keep it as simple as possible in this situation. I will grab a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit, and some cottage cheese. Pick foods that you like and are easy. Yogurt with fruit and granola is another option.
Janet U.
Make a granola cup with yogurt and berries the night before, store it in the fridge in a to go cup, and grab it as you leave in the morning.
Ismael T.
When I am preparing for a sleepover shift I can allow more time to pack a healthy breakfast and a water bottle with filtered water.
Britney P.
Have a bag of almonds always at hand, whether that's in the car, your bag, etc. It's a quick, filling, and real food that needs no prep except putting it in reach!
Randall E.
I would bye bananas or apples the night before and take one with me to eat it on my way. These fruits have everyghing my body needs to feel full and energized till my lunch.
Sofia F.
I always prep breakfast the night before and leave it like a little love letter to my future self in front of the fridge all ready to pop in the microwave and dash in the morning. I've even been known to premix plain yogurt with berries, flax, and almond slices for something even faster that doesn't need to be heated up.
Uta R.
Make your first meeting a breakfast meeting. Or pack a breakfast bar in your car and eat it on the way to what ever is keeping you from breakfast. You need to have one simple something to eat within 30 minutes of waking up.
Perry O.
Well if I don't have time for prep of breakfast then I will try to eat some extra fruits or if I don't even have time to eat fruits then I will take them with me and eat it while in middle of anything.
Suzy Q.
Buy fresh fruit every three days, and keep it in the fridge. Oranges, apples, pears, any fruit you like. Also keep some yogurt and some almonds and cheeses. Whe in a hurry grab one of each and keep hoing.
April N.
Maybe try to get premade things that you can take on the go or prepare some food the night before. Also planning what your going to eat really helps so you don't have hesitation when trying to throw things together in the morning. Good luck!
Melanie P.
Well, this can happen quite a lot ever since I'm a 6th grader in a tight school schedule. So, what I'm used to doing is to just take a small snack like an apple or a crossont and eat it on the way. And what do I have to drink? Water, from my water bottle of course!
Carl A.
I do one of two things: I either plan to wake up early (if it’s viable), but if not always grab a breakfast bar or piece of fruit to take with me to eat later
Amalie U.
I grab some trail mix or I make sure to prep the night before. Overnight oats is my go to. I throw oats in a Tupperware, boil some water until it just comes to a boil, add honey, cinnamon, a little salt, blueberries, dried cranberries, crushed walnuts, and vanilla soy milk to the oats and pour the water on top. I make it a little watery because the oats soak it up.
Wenke S.
I either wake up earlier to hav a quick bite, at least cereal with fresh fruit, but if that is not an option, I try to find a store that is on my way and buy a banana and an apple, as well as some mineral water to get my body moving.