Do you think I need to exclude bread from my daily meal plan at all?

Sebas W.
Honestly, I believe it depends on your weekly intake of bread to see if the intake rate is decent or out of line. As always for any diet, try to incorporate new food choices, in simple terms, be open to try other options for each food group, for instance, for whole grains, instead of eating white bread, try sweet potato and local/organic bread. It is the little actions we take that make a huge difference in making a change in our livea.

Oscar N.
I believe it depends on the type and amount of bread…if you’re not gluten sensitive, whole grain breads, including wheat breads containing little to no sugars, would be an optimal choice. For those of us that are gluten sensitive, the gluten free options are now varied and quite tasty! Breads made with white flour, while they may have their place in some diets, don’t contain nearly the nutrients needed to be considered “healthy”. However, don’t count out breads made with fermented ingredients such as sourdough…it has beneficial nutrients. So yes, bread can be part of a healthy meal and diet!