What can I eat apart from omelettes in the morning?

Isobel T.
I make homemade oatmeal in the mornings with flax seed and chia seed. I throw in some fruit and yougurt too some days. Along with some fiber cereal or make smoothies or egg sandwhiches.
Zeferina F.
I enjoy strawberry yogurt (no sugar) with granola. Also apples with peanut butter or a bowl of mixed fruits (two fruits, you don’t want to add lot of sugar to your breakfast). A cup of warm liquid oat will be good as well
Aubin G.
If I don’t want (or have)eggs I just eat ground breakfast sausage or chorizo and veggies with quinoa in a burrito. Or sometimes I’ll just have granola and yogurt if I’m not very hungry.
But I also find myself eating a lot of eggs. Try mixing up the preparation so you don’t get bored.
I love an over easy egg on gluten free bread with avocado on the side. Or sub sweet potatoes instead of bread. Lots of butter and salt.
Lastly one of my all time favorite things is a good ol blt add avocado and an poached egg if you really want to do it up!
Axel Z.
Oatmeal is always a good one even with some avacodo toast. Plain eggs go good with it as well. If your in a hurry you could grab a nutrition bar. If your an athlete or someone who wants to get fit protein shakes and bars are good meal replacements.
Wolf Dieter F.
An avocado! These are great if you're on-the-go. They're filling and have healthy fats. You can spritz some lemon and add a little fresh cracked sea salt on top to jazz it up.

Also could try smoothies. Use coconut water, almond milk or other types of water, juice or milk as the base, add protein powder, any other powders you take (like collagen or other), then add whatever fruits and/or vegetables you like. Can also add nuts for another layer of flavor.

Alison E.
There are many different options for a health breakfast to start your morning. Something like a yogurt parfait with Greek yogurt, honey, berries and granola offers a substantial amount of protein to get you through the day, as well as the probiotics, antioxidants, and other nutrients you need to keep your body healthy. Other options include a hearty oatmeal, toast with peanut butter and banana, avocado toast, whole grain waffles or pancakes topped with peanut butter, honey and berries, or a low-sugar cereal.
Cati Cia P.
The world is full of a variety of foods, why limit yourself to omelettes in the morning? Typical breakfast foods include toast, cereal and fruits. And each of these have many flavour combinations. Personally I like to eat toast for breakfast; two pieces one with Vegemite, and one with peanut-butter. I always have a cup of coffee to got with the toast. If I'm feeling like a bit extra I fry an egg to go on top of the Vegemite or add banana to the peanut-butter. Devine!