What is your morning smoothie recipe?

Charlene A.
I like combining yogurt, fresh bananas and peaches or frozen berries, and baby spinach with chia seeds. For some sweetness I’ll add a little honey or syrup.

Catherine G.
I have two go-to smoothie recipes, which I really enjoy and use for both breakfasts and dinners. I don’t have them every day, but I choose between them based on what I’m in the mood for.

One is the Pink Breakfast Smoothie, by the apparently defunct Mama Owl Blog, but the recipe image is still easily searchable on Pinterest or Google, and I’m including a Pinterest link here: https://www.pinterest.it/pin/328340629077681743/
The only difference when I make this is only really measure the milk and fruit, I leave out the honey and ice (I freeze the fruit), and everything else I eyeball or do to taste.

The second smoothie is from a book I’ve read called Sugar Free, by Sonoma Press. (I highly recommend the book, and I keep going back to it for recipes and information, even two years since first reading it.) The recipe is called the Cocoa Banana Smoothie, and here it is, with directions:

1 tablespoon chia seeds
¼ cup water
1 frozen barely ripe banana, cut into chunks
2 tablespoons almond butter
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1 cup almond milk

1. Soak the chia seeds in the water for 10 minutes.
2. Place the chia seeds and any remaining liquid and all the remaining ingredients in a blender. Blend first on medium speed for 1 to 2 minutes, and then on high speed for 1 additional minute, until smooth. Serve immediately.

Excerpt From
Sugar Free
Sonoma Press

I also add ice to this one, since I prefer more of a Frosty-like consistency. At first, this one may seem bitter, but I promise that your taste buds will adapt! I actually ended up looking forward to this smoothie every morning when I was following the book’s sugar detox, and even afterward! 🙂

Hope you enjoy these two recipes and get a lot of mileage out of them!

Hans Erich E.
I’m not generally the type to drink smoothies, but I enjoy putting together bananas (for sweetness), kachava (for protein and minerals), and greens (for more nutrients).

Jessica Z.
Spinach, kale, collard greens, strawberry, banana, flax seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, yogurt, and fruit juice puree