What do you do if you don’t feel like eating?

Ernst Dieter Q.
I have learned through many times that not eating has done more damage than good. Sometimes, when we get frustrated with our bodies we might resort to starving ourselves but that does nothing but make us feel worse in the long-run. Eating consistently has given me good energy, a better mood and much more appreciation for life and my body. Our bodies need fuel to function, and its really important that we understand that and honour it. Also food is amazing, so why not enjoy it:)

Callum A.
I always do some exercise or yoga before eating so I'm always hungry 😅 but answering to your question sometimes I do not fell like eating so I don't force my body to acep the food because if I do I will fell sick so what I do is

Sandrino P.
I very rarely don’t feel like eating. If I don’t feel like I’m hungry but it is time for food I usually grab something small like a cold cut of meat some cheese and drink water because I am probably dehydrated

Christoffer C.
If it's because your not hungry, or something like that, just dont have anything to eat, and then later on when you start to feel hungry, eat something. If it's because your worried about how much you eat, things like that, please, please, please eat. Your perfect and dont let anybody else, tell you otherwise. 😀

Jamie Q.
If I don't feel like eating. I look at the alternatives I have, i can eat something small or just at least a snack so I know I've at least ate something.

Sharon W.
Drinking water is really good because that's better than nothing and it can help your body process things like hunger etc. It's also good to eat something lighter – like a banana or a simple sandwich or soup that is easier to eat

Cecy P.
I drink a cup of water, I mean pure water. This helps you clean your body and even whet you appetite. You can drink a cup of water 30 min before you meal. If you drink more water it can help you to regulate you appetite.

Macie G.
When I don’t feel like eating, I’ll normally grab something small, like a bowl of berries or some bread and eat that, and eating that is usually enough to make me hungry for more, if not, then I grab a granola bar and some fruit for later, when I am hungry.

Maria A.
Try to find something small and light to eat that doesn't require too much effort and isn't too repulsive. Often works for me: bananas, yogurt (one of those little single-serving tubs), biscuits/crackers.

If there's absolutely nothing, you can have a meal replacement shake. Remind yourself to try again and see if there's something you can eat later.

Byron J.
Usually I would drink something like tea which would make me hungry again. I might also drink something like a smoothie which has high calories and skip eating an actual meal.