Why do I have to eat breakfast every day?

Maryam N.
Eating breakfast daily is a great way to start your day and stay energized. If you eat a nutritious meal it'll also help keep you healthy!

Zeineb W.
Because your body and mind need a source of energy to function, if you don’t you won’t have enough energy to go through the day and won’t be the most productive.

Stephanie F.
To be more happy and energetic person.so becouse of that my life more enjoyble..and then l can do my works even its impposible..becouse lm happy

Brooklyn Z.
Even when I'm not hungry, I find that the me who had breakfast is always a better me. More energized, overall happier. Our digestive systems make up a good deal of our emotions, so we need to take good care of it!

Kitana C.
breakfast is the important meal of the day. it also helps to give off energy for the body and is also burns calories which is good for less fat forming in the body.

Maeve Darly Q.
Eating breakfast everyday is like your foundation. It’s the cornerstone that hold up the rest of your day. Eating a good breakfast prevents fatigue and moodiness from putting a damper on your day. It’s time to be nourished and with yourself.

Emma E.
I eat breakfast everyday to stay healthy and energized. Eating breakfast starts my metabolism and gives me energy to get through my workouts and classes in the day.

Hans Adolf W.
You have to eat a nourishing breakfast every day in order to have enough energy during the day. Is the most important meal of the day! Healthy food is better as it has more energy.

V N.
You will be full of energy from the start of the day. Tour body will not crave for food so you can focus on other important things. And most important, you will have the most important meal if the day.

Rosa Z.
Well it’s your fuel if you really want to keep going on this journey you need energy and you will get it from your breakfast.

Yogesh F.
When we start our day with nice breakfast. We are energised for whole day.
We be in good mood as our body is in great mood.

Adail Q.
I like eating a slow breakfast and starting the day at ease. Getting up 15 mins earlier than normal helps me accomplish that. Also, I like to prepare (at least 'What' I'll make) the night before. Cooking a double portion of something yummy and healthy makes it super easy to get those extra 15 minutes of sleep back every other day with quick-reheat leftovers.