What’s the right carbs to protein proportion at breakfast?

Milo F.
The right carbs come from high protein based foods to give the push you need throughout the morning these foods have a high nutritional value and this means your filling up on healthier food although having to much protein can be bad for you.
Olin A.
There really is no rights amount just make sure that you're not over consuming carbs and that your vegetable intake is more than your carbohydrates
Olin A.
I'm not really sure
I think carbs should be more so that you have enough energy to go about your day without the constant need to eat and also to avoid crashing during the midmorning period. But you should also eat more protein to keep yourself alert.
Jerzy M.
I listen to studying music but not too boring or you would want to put something more upbeat and get distracted I would listen to something right in the middle and perfect for your taste!
Carole G.
I actually don't know it because I live I Italy and for breakfast we have a croissant, hot coffee or cappuccino, so I don't know.