Should I eat the big breakfast before or after working out? I think it will make sense to eat something light before and then eat a big breakfast after… I haven’t started working out yet, but going to start real soon.

Sofie B.
It depends on if you want to gain or lose weight if you want to gain weight then eat before working out if you want to lose weight eat after working out because after working out you burning calories will be more and faster
Saloni F.
See, being a yoga student myself, i've learnt that one should always exercise with empty stomach. Working out after eating food might result in certain vomiting, stomachache and the result will not be much effective. After drinking water, go to brush your teeth,clean your home ,do any other chore or journal . This will help you to digest your water and after you can exercise, stretch or do anything you want. Then you can have a great breakfast as a small victory.
Wish you good luck with your journey.
(A great tip: Have the curiosity to finish the journy )