What do you consider a great breakfast?

A B.
Something with protein or whole fruit. My breakfast today was cranberry rice toast with peanut butter and ham. As a “dessert” I had an apple with some netella.
Bandana F.
Well according to me right breakfast for me is cornflakes, and almonds and bananas for stamina and apples and a glass of milk for bodybuilding then there you go you start your day with this I think it's kind of good because heavy breakfast makes you know kind of lazy and sleepy but you want to be a kind of energetic and active throughout the day so this will help you for sure
Kelly Q.
I eat a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon on it, half a banana, warm milk and a little maple syrup. I often make a batch of oatmeal up on Sunday and add the cinnamon when it is warm. Divide it into 1/2 cup servings and refrigerate. I make enough for the whole week. I also have a half grapefruit and a cup of tea. I look forward to the breakfast every morning.
Gerry Y.
In my view a great breakfast means which is prepared by myself with the all the conscious ingredients and having it in a balanced way . And eating it while enjoying flavours
Steven N.
The foundation is something that has long lasting energy, LowGI options, like wholemeal bread, oats, or as I recently learn chilled leftover rice! And then add something that replenishes what you may have lost, like an egg if you strengthened your muscles before, or yogurt if you need to replenish your good bacterial.
Erc Lia Q.
For me a great breakfast is one that I have time to prepare and enjoy the meal, for me it's not about the food, but the time I spend on that
Soham U.
A meal that can keep you well energized and is not too overfilling that you feel sleepy. I would prefer a breakfast full of proteins and less sugar to avoid a sugar crash later.
Alcinda E.
First of all a breakfast that is taken after some kind of physical activity. Whether it be yoga, running or walking. Burn some calories on an empty stomach first!
Your body will then metabolize nutrition differently and I like to start the day with some fruit. Thirty minutes later a meal that contains complex carbs and protein