Do you eat before training/workout or after? Why?

Maya N.
Yes I do eat before and after.
You have to eat before you workout to get energy to workout, the best thing to eat is fruits or veggies. You have to eat before because you have buried a lot of calories and to maintain blood glucose, I would recommend eating protein after your workout. When you don’t eat before or after you can get tired or sick and those calories that you buried can come back and you may gain weight
Isha Y.
I drink water and eat a few fruits before working out then eat my breakfast after workout. This is just my personal routine and you can do it however you want, but I think that being on an empty stomach is not going to give you enough energy to work.
Roberto Z.
i sometimes eat a sandwich or my breakfast before working out, cause i exercise at 2 pm and i have to eat breakfast, but when i work out for too long or haven't eaten in awhile i eat after
Htin W.
After. Here are the reasons
1. Food tastes better
2. I could get stomach ache if I eat before
3. Can’t workout while I am full or hungry.
Lohana N.
I eat a few hours beforehand – that way I can get the fuel I need without the cramps and rolling feeling you get when you exercise in a full belly. Depending on how taxing the workout is, and how early I eat, I will also usually eat after, too.