How can you follow a good morning routine while living with someone who is following a different path?

Martin F.
You can always follow a good morning routine while living with multiple people with different paths. I do, myself, so I have experience with how to do things. You should allow yourself to follow your own path, even if others have a different schedule. Don't let others get you down, because this is about YOU, not about them. Stay optimistic and happy with how you go with your journey, you're unique and that's okay. Recognize that you are helping yourself, not pleasing others, and to stick with your well-being for your sake. Don't forget that change is okay <3.
Caroline Q.
It's all about compromise. My husband doesn't wake up until 11am or 12pm so I just have to do what works for him and for me. When he's asleep is when I enjoy the quiet and when I do my Journaling and exercise. I also use headphones so that I don't wake him up. He's also a heavy sleeper so that helps. But when he wakes up, I make time for him and than I get back to what I'm doing. Set boundaries and also learn what you can and cannot control and work around that.
Bryan X.
Ask them to create a netural space with you, that,way you wont be tempted by their lifestyle and stay focused on yours. Respect one anothers choices and even ask for their support in your changes. You might even find it easier to follow a good morning routine with them cheering you on!