At what time do you consider it too late for breakfast?

Leah C.
When I wake up at 8 am in the week andend have to run to the office, I consider not to have enough time to have breakfast
Tiffany U.
Anytime after 10 am , according to me is too late for a breakfast. However the ideal time should be within an hour of getting up in the morning.
Elaine Z.
Breakfast is just a label; I have no problem eating breakfast food (eggs and sweet potato for me, usually; not sugar cereal) for a lunchtime meal, or something in the middle of the two. It's what you're eating, not precisely when, that really matters!
Bobby O.
Never! Breakfast is simply the meal you have first, breaking your fast literally. I also believe that no food is off limits for breakfast as long as it's a substantial meal that gives you all the energy you need and that you enjoy. To ensure it gives me everything I need I try to ensure it is healthy and balanced whilst occasionally indulging my love of sweet breakfast foods such as waffles and pancakes.
Marcella T.
It depends on your lifestyle and context. I guess midday would be too late during the week. But during weekend it is ok as you can merge both breakfast and lunch for a yummy brunch. I am trying to have breakfast these days which I used to skip (only black coffee) because not hungry before 10-11am. Now having a green smoothie homemade and maybe 2 boiled eggs before 11am and thats my breakfast😊
Roland T.
I think it’s to late for breakfast when lunch is only 3 hours away ! I think one of the most important things to look after is that we have breaks between the meals isn’t it?
Eleanor Y.
11-11:30. I make it to work by 9:30, and try to eat breakfast as soon as I'm there. If I don't eat soon after I arrive, I find that I'm not very productive, and when 11-11:30 rolls around all I can think about is lunch.
Rapha L P.
Personally, I love breakfast, so it’s never to late to eat it! I usually eat my breakfast by 10am, I drink coffee and water prior to eating, so I never feel like 10am is too late.
Stephanie W.
I usually find that after 10 or 11am it doesn’t feel right to eat breakfast. I don’t get much additional energy and it’s also close to lunch time – I am likely to not be hungry for lunch and skip it. I feel like eating breakfast as close to waking up as possible makes me feel like I have the burst of energy breakfast is meant for.
Tiffany F.
It kind of depends on whether it’s a week day or on the weekend (or holiday). On weekdays anything after 10 I consider lunch not breakfast. On weekends I sometimes sleep late so breakfast can be anytime between 7 and 13.
Sofie U.
To be honest, I hardly ever eat in the morning. I wake up, play on my phone, smoke, then the hunger comes around 11am. I’ve been drinking water in the morning and eating once the hunger comes. It is okay. It will come. It will come more and more once you continue on. Just eat something simple.
Frida P.
I do not believe any time of day is too late for breakfast. It depends when you get up but it is recommended yi eat within an hr of being awake… it also matters how you perceive food since breakfast foods are often thought of as certain items when as long as it has all the food groups technically you can just wake up and have steak and potatoes if you want.
Adam P.
I don't think any point is too late for breakfast. Your body needs fuel so it's better to eat hours after you should have than not at all. Also I dont believe in categorizing foods by the meal we eat them at. So if you want to eat a healthy breakfast you can eat any healthy food you would eat at any other time of the day.
Frida Y.
For me it’s past 9:00 because then you’ve been up several hours, usually, and you might make a bad choice of breakfast as you might be over hungry by then.
Stephanie U.
It really depends. I’m medically retired so I don’t have any work obligations, which means I get to sleep whenever I want. That has been both a blessing and a curse; the great side about not needing to wake up early since I’m retired is that I can go to bed whenever I want and sleep in as late as I want. The downside is that my days rarely have any structure to them since I don’t have any formal responsibilities. This can create pretty big lapses in when I actually wake up and start my day. In the future I’d like to eat around 11am -12 pm, but that’ll have to happen hand in hand with getting into a set schedule and “hard” bedtime. I would say (for me) 2 pm is too late for breakfast.
Alberte P.
Depends what time you get up I guess. Sometimes I'll get up as late as 11 in the morning and will have my first meal at 12 or 1pm, I still call it breakfast 😀
Clifton B.
In my opinion, if the breakfast is more than one hour after getting up, it is too late. After one hour in the morning without breakfast, I am mostly too hungry to be concentrated, therefore not productive.
Mara Z.
10 a.m. is already too late—half the morning has passed by and you’re already going toward lunch territory. I like waking up early and going to bed earlier. If I eat breakfast by 10 a.m. it means that I either overlooked eating before working (which is bad) or I just woke up (which is worse).
Oscar A.
For me it's never too late! My first meal of the day is called breakfast regardless the time (haha). Of course you should follow some certain daily schedule, I'm a night owl and I usually wake up around 9-10 am and try to stick my breakfast time for 10-11 am. Watch out and don't let yourself starve in the morning!
Damien O.
I always eat breakfast after I’ve had a glass of water when I get up. I prepare over night oats the night before and if I have a lie in, I still eat them. The only time I don’t is if I lie in later than 11 as it’s almost lunch time.
Deann T.
I call it breakfast until about 11:00–then I call that first meal lunch! I have never really been hungry until between 10:00 and 11:00. Over the years I have gone through periods of adding an early meal because some study or other looked at breakfast eaters vs non-breakfast eaters and found a correlation to higher weight for the non-eaters. I have invariably gained weight during those periods. Recent studies have confirmed my observations. Apparently for many people who are just not hungry in the morning, adding breakfast just adds calories to the day. Those people go on to eat the same lunch dinner and snacks that they were already eating. Result: weight gain.

I find that if I wait until I’m really hungry to eat breakfast (not hangry) I have a better day. I seem to get more done in the morning.

So for the purposes of this exercise: my first meal counts as breakfast no matter when I eat it.

Kylian T.
Depending on when you wake up, you should eat breakfast at least forty-five minutes afterward. Because then it messes up the rest of your eating schedule.
Adalbert F.
It is never to late for breakfast since it means you are breaking your fast from the night before, you can eat breakfast at anytime.
Mae Y.
There’s no hard and fast rule to this one. It depends on your waking up time and work time. But It’s too late if your lunch time is under an hour away. Maybe 11.30 is the latest to not disrupt your meal timings too much?
Ion O.
I had a friend who would say first meal of the day is always breakfast…technically true but I feel better when I eat my first meal early than 11am. It really makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something!
Herta R.
A too late breakfast will be at 10 or 11 am because your body doesn’t feel hungry at that time (personally for me). But it also depends when you slept/sleep. 😁
Kirsten W.
I think that depends on your body and your plans for that day. Food fuels your body and if you're not hungry (without any other issues impacting hunger cures or appetite) I would say it's never too late if you reframe breakfast lunch and dinner into meals eaten that are based on when you're actually hungry.
M Rcio Q.
Mmm I always have breakfast, even if I wake up at noon… so I don’t really know how to answer that. Maybe my answer is: is never late to have breakfast.
Isobel P.
Humm!… 🤔Let’s see, I try to have breakfast between 9 and 10am, so for me late would be anything after 10am, even when I only do 2 meals a day because I do, IMF.
M Line O.
I often eat breakfast late and merge it with lunch. I'll have a cup of fresh ginger and hot water first thing in the morning and then get on with my day. Hunger hits at about 11.30am so I'll make a big "brunch".
Lisa F.
It’s never too late for breakfast. Although eating several hours after waking up does not have all the benefits of an early meal, you can ‘break the fast’ any time of the day.
J Ni Q.
For me, it’s still breakfast if it’s within two hours of waking up. My sleep schedule could still become more regular but that doesn’t mean breakfast can’t be a habit in the meantime.
Lorraine O.
Around noon I'll start calling it lunch. 😉 Whatever I call it, I always eat something nourishing as soon as I can after waking up. Even if it's only some walnuts and raisins – it helps fuel my day!
Bobby Z.
It depends on your lifestyle and what tone you wake up. For me, within an hour of waking up is good so I am rolling my morning habits together as a routine.
Martin C.
It really depends on how much of my day is already done.
If I have been awake, and haven't eaten for 4 hours, I consider it too late for breakfast.
Adeodato Q.
I do not think there is any one correct time for breakfast. It depends a lot on your schedule. As long as your meals are spaced out you should fine. Breakfast is your first meal of the day when ever your day starts.
Zander P.
Short answer 11 am. For me it strongly depends on the time you wake up. I aim to have breakfast within the first 2 hours of my day.
Andrea P.
For me 7.30 am is too late as I woke up at 5am. As I understand scientifically proven that having breakfast within 30 minutes to one hour is more healthier. So if I am having breakfast after more than 2 hours then its too late .
Aubin E.
When you start your day befor breakfast, then getting tire and hungry
Breakfast early prevent tiredness and give you the energy to go on the morning with a positive attitude and ready for action