Vegetables for breakfast? On days I eat lots of veggies with breakfast I feel much better, satisfied and healthy. It’s like a personal kudos that I did something good for myself. Also, lots of other countries all over the world eat vegetables with breakfast but not so much The USA. So how do you eat more vegetables for breakfast? Recipes?

Noa U.
The most basic solution is vegetables omelette (spinach, onion, mushrooms, zucchini) and if you have a bit more time make shakshuka with a piece of fresh bread or toast for the sauce is really satisfying
Ayiana F.
I personally believe that vegetables for breakfast has been emerging more and more in the USA within these past few years. Some ways I incorporate vegetables in my breakfast is by sautéing some spinach on the side if you’re having a hot breakfast with waffles, eggs, & bacon. My other common go-tos would be tomato avocado toast, smoothies, a veggie omelette, or even a quiche with a variety of veggies throughout. If you haven’t tired veggies for breakfast I’d suggest you give it a try for yourself. Enjoy!
Minos N.
Hi, dietetics student here 👋
Do literally whatever you like. You can eat vegies with whatever meal you like. You wanna eat them for breakfast? Amazing. They're tasty, healthy and a great alternative to the sugary breakfasts common in the western world. Don't care if it's something others do, you do you. You can google recipes for breakfasts with vegetables. In general asian cuisines have amazing dices with vegetables, even for breakfast. In my personal experience Indian cuisine does vegetables VERY good, great even for some picky eaters 😅 Hope this helps.