What do you do when you don’t have time to have a good breakfast? (Or am I missing the whole point here…?)

Camilo Q.
You have the right idea with "missing the whole point". You should really have planned and prepared thing to account for days when you would have only enough time to just grab food and go. That said, there could still be (rare) cases where you have no other option (maybe an unexpectedly long travel where you ran out of food that you prepared and there is no healthy place nearby. sleeping in does not count lol). In those cases (which would not really happen frequently enough to matter much), it would perhaps be okay to eat something that is not good. But the rest of the time, you should always have something prepared so you can just grab something and go if you need to.
Madeleine T.
When I don't have time for a good and healthy breakfast in the morning I prepare something the evening before. An easy example is Oatmeal, which can differ however much you want. You can put berries in, apple, banana, etc. Or I wake up earlier to have some time for breakfast.
Helenka N.
I always eat breakfast. I can skip any part of the day but not breakfast. I am just not functioning well. If I don’t have much time, I grab bun or banana and run through out the door. I sometimes also buy a smoothie. But I NEVER skip breakfast. The most important meal of the day😁😁
Prisca B.
I grab a breakfast bar or a protein bar and go..this means you have to have them stocked up if you know you'll be skipping breakfast some mornings
Amber U.
You always have time for breakfast you are just lazy. Your body will be grateful later in a day. You can prepare some bring along fruits or nuts or even pre-prepared meal already packed and waiting in a fridge the night before. Always think in advance.
Kristen E.
That’s completely okay. We all have super busy schedules. Maybe try to incorporate something quick like a protein bar and piece of fruit on the run because that’s better than eating nothing at all.
Franklin N.
I used to be someone who didnt eat breakfast and was always late for school when i did, my mom forced me to eat so i would get me some cereal while i drink my coffee or even having a banana to grab could help. If you dont have time in the morning to make something but do have time to eat i suggest to make something the nught before which can be stored in the fridge
Emilie G.
I usually like to eat leftover dinner for breakfast because then it takes less time to prepare. If I don't have leftover dinner I sometimes make breakfast ready before I go to bed. If I don't have it ready I like to eat things that take little time to make, like eating yogurt with some fruit an musli. Sometimes I have to take my breakfast to go, but I prefer to eat it at home. There also are some options that are ready to go and easy to bring, like breakfast bars. And honestly, sometimes I have to be honest and say that the quality of my breakfast varies, but I try to eat something that makes me full, gives me energy and lasts. Hope this helped some
Lillie E.
Having a good brealfast is important ,,,
Get up earlier,,get breakfast ready the night before ,decided what you would like for breakfast,,,
Plan ,you will enjoy if you plan.
Eggs boiled the night before,
Salad leave,
Tomates ,
Ready to eat,,
Sebastian C.
I tend to fast until lunch – i.e. I drink plenty of water and 1-2 cups of black coffee. If you do it regularly, the feeling of hunger will go away too. If also helps if you tend to have late dinners or have a drink later at night, as it gives your digestive system some downtime.
Tonya J.
Well if you can, get up that little bit earlier to make a good breakfast, or you can prep things the night before. Even making breakfast bars on the weekend so you don't need to worry during the week can help. I've found prepping is the key to eating well, but if you forget then just grab a muesli bar or some fruit – its fast and still quite healthy. Hope that helps!
Adarsh P.
Firstly, I never avoid breakfast…if I miss it, then I will eat some extra in my lunch and try to never miss the breakfast
Fanny X.
Usually I don't have time either so I make coffee while I bath and I prepare eggs with avocado and toasted bread (I usually toast it at the same pan I make my eggs) it's delicious and faster.