What are some easy, quick breakfast options? I’m getting bored with the same things.

Abdullah N.
I would say it depends on what you’re getting bored of. Take your time in the afternoon or something to research different breakfast IDEAS. Emphasis on ideas because I don’t want you to just like for single breakfasts. I want you to look for breakfasts that maybe you could shift up the ingredients every day, eg a smoothie. Or breakfasts that don’t rely on multiple ingredients that may or may not be in your fridge or store room. I would recommend cereal if you’re into it (stuff like porridge or weetabix, not the kelloggs kids junk lol) however I’m not a fan of those myself so I would recommend atleast one egg in your breakfast because they are really good for you. My go to breakfast on a cheat day is scrambled egg, toast and beans. And that is an IDEA for me even though it sounds plain because I can always add different spices or sauces. Sometimes I can add sausages or make it full. The mistake you don’t want to make is making your breakfast TOO nice everyday, otherwise once you get bored of that, nothing will satisfy you. That’s why stuff like full English of course is only done on special occasions.
Blanquy N.
1/4 cup cut oatmeal 3/4 water , 1 tablespoon chia, cook 5 minutes , add raisins, brown sugar . When is done add almond milk blueberries, organic strawberries , dairy free yogur top with coconut flakes Take it with your Fred brew coffee 😋