Do you struggle with the time to prepare and eat breakfast?

Lucy P.
On work days I find it difficult to prepare and eat a substantial breakfast because I’m a slower eater and I run out of time in the mornings when I try to make a good breakfast
Kitty E.
I found that eating overnight oats is the best option for me. I am very lazy and don’t like to prepare my breakfast while still waking up. So the night before I take literally 2 minutes and prepare my oats, put them in the fridge. Next morning I just make my tea and eat my oats. I follow the Minimalist Baker Overnight Oats recipe, and I truly like the taste and how it keeps me full for a long time.
I tend to eat the oats cold, but yoy could always put it in the microwave for a minute if warm food is your thing. ☺️
Lilly Z.
From Monday to Friday I go to work so I eat outside, and durring the weekend I usually have enough time which I take to enjoy preparing and eating the breakfast.
Debbie J.
Yes. On weekdays I just cereal fruit and milk. I keep to this on weekends also when I am strapped for time. Make sure you use a higher protein cereal and you really have to use the milk or yogurt to get enough protein. If you run out of energy a little too soon, increase your portion. Nut butter, bread and fruit is a little higher calorie and will stick with you a little longer. Again have milk or yogurt with it. On weekends, if I have time, I cook eggs or French toast, waffles or pancakes. It is better with yogurt and fruit than our usual syrup and butter.
Odete F.
No, I allow at least an hour to get ready in the mornings. If I could reduce the amount of time it took me to prepare breakfast, that would be awesome!
Aiden P.
Yes. First reason is that I don't know to cook and thus just content mysefl in buying ready to eat food from the local restaurantss around.
Mary W.
in the past, i always struggled with the time aspect of breakfast, but i’ve started preparing an oatmeal shake in the mornings where all i have to do is add milk and mix, and then drink it on the drive to work. this kind of process is really effective for me because i always seem to be running around in the mornings, but i really enjoy not being hungry when i first get to work.
La R C.
Yes. I struggle with time a lot. Some things to eat when you don't have much time is to simply cut up an apple, grab a handful or peanuts or take a granola bar with you
Liliana C.
Not really, because I wake up hungry and make the time to eat. I also feed my soul by doing daily Bible reading and prayer right after I eat.
Soraya Q.
Normally I do not struggle. That's not to say I don't struggle. Im constantly preparing for the next "task" and set myself up for success. My advice is to go through your routine a few times and then make time to do a retrospective. What went well, what did not work and why. Then adjust your plan. You may have to do this retrospective a few time but YOU WILL get it right and it will work for everything in your life.
Anastasios Q.
Not when it's prepared the night before. Make breakfast as easy as possible for the next morning. If it needs to be diced, cracked, shredded, or prepared in any way prior to cooking, do all of the prep the night before. If all you need is a bowl, set your dishes out the night before. Make it the easiest thing to do.
Jennie J.
Yes .
Everyday when I came from gym ,it will be late always .so I have to invest some more time to prepare and eat.if I do this I will be late to office,that's I take outside food
Magnus X.
In my case, yes. Though not everyday. See what times work for you and try to plan your breakfast accordingly . That would give you a much more consistent routine too! Much luck on your habits! You’ve got this!
Kristin T.
Yes and no. If I really want to, I can make a good, healthy breakfast everyday. But I really hate doing dishes. I think it would help if I make sure dishes are cleaned each night before I go to bed. Then I only have one pan to wash after breakfast.
Katrin Z.
When I was child my parents always cooked healthy breacfest for me and I have habit to eat good breackfest every morning. Of course now I am adult and I need to cook breackfest for myself. It's much harder:) But I am trying to keep this habit and if I don't have time to cook I am eating fruits, at list drink tea with some sandwich.
Savannah W.
I actually do. I’m not so big on breakfast anyway. I never was. So instead of eating a bowl of cereal or something similar, i make myself a fresh smoothie everyday. It’s actually fun to figure out which vegetables and fruits work together.
Sharlene E.
Yes I do because I wake up late and I’m using rushing to to get ready and out the door to work. Then once I make it to work, I’m hungry and starving for lunch! Then lunch time, I’m tempted to eat pretty much anything. I realize that skipping breakfast really has an effect on the rest of my day.
Danile T.
Yes, very much. Sometimes I eat breakfast at work. But we can prepare something there or if you eat bread pout it out in the evening
Rene Q.
No I batch cook on a Sunday. I like to make 24 Beakfast Muffins made with egg , baby spinach and any vegetables I have to hand.
Selma U.
Not at all. I have granola with yoghurt each morning, with some herbal tea. I usually make granola on Saturday morning for the following 10-14 days, so it’s an enjoyable start of my weekend and also an easy option for the breakfast.
Slawomir J.
I used to struggle because I wanted the perfect meal. However, I now adopted a vegan breakfast, with peanut butter and jam on bread along with a fruit. This allows me to have breakfast in less than 15 minutes.
Claude N.
Yes. I have twin babies that have a varied wake up time and morning schedule. I don't like eating too early but I also don't like eating once I'm already at work. So I need something I can have ready to go that doesn't need cooking or much assembly. I have cereal and yogurt and that way I can make it in one min and when it's needed.
Silje P.
I dont really , I prepare my dish or ingrediants the night before. It does only take me 5 minutes to heat up and start enjoying my awesome breakfast , this has changed me alot.
Felix Z.
Hi. I did, and sometimes I still do, but the problem now, isn't the breakfast. It's that I am prone to go to bed to late, so I don't get enough sleep and thus have trouble getting out of bed in good time in the morning. I sort of solved the first problem with time, by deciding what to eat in the morning, the evening in advance, and then making sure I have all the ingredients prepared before I go to bed. The other problem is still a work in progress. I know that I need at least 7 hours of good sleep, and if i have to get up at 6 in the morning, then I need to be asleep by 11 in the evening. I am hopefull that I can make this into a habit going forward, but I'm not there yet. I have had a few successful days with this.
Leonard U.
Breakfast is the last part of my morning routine so that it doesn’t feel so rushed to me. Even if it’s a busy morning I like to be ready to go by breakfast so even if I have to throw something quick together the rest of my morning isn’t waiting for me to stop and eat. And if I have extra time, then I can make something more complex or just take my time eating.
Lois S.
My most important problem is the timing for waking up and have breakfast, I use sleep cycle app that help me to wake up on time
Kenzi U.
Sometimes I go swimming and I don't have breakfast because is just after getting up. Now I am trying to go at lunch to swim after having a great breakfast, my only problem is to find food I perceive tasty, I get Easily bored with breakfast food
Cassandra S.
Actually I don’t struggle with a great breakfast, because for me it is a really important meal, is the one that gives me a lot of energy and motivation for my day, so that gives me the power to get me a great breakfast
Tim Z.
No. On Sunday I prepare 7 casserols to last me for the full week (nuts, seeds, coconut oil, dried fruits and other mixtures). Before I eat it I mix it with yogurt and some fresh fruits (bananan mango, blueberries). 20 min once per week + 5 min each day.
Heiner F.
Sometimes, with my fast paced life requiring me to be at multiple spots during the day. It can feel like I never get a break to relax. That’s why it’s so important to make time for breakfast in the morning. The best thing is making sure you have food in the house and wake up early. Breakfast gives me the added boost needed to take on the days task.
Lucy O.
Yes, but now I buy simple ready things as nuts, popcorn or mini sandwiches. Grabbing them and start eating helped me. I still struggle if I have to actually prepare breakfast otherwise.
Est Ban Y.
For me personally it has just become a non negotiable part of my day over time. It is now a habit. The easiest way for myself i find is to buy all my fruit for a week, sometimes even 2 by picking some that aren't yet ripe or by keeping them in the fridge. I also always keep frozen berries in the freezer. If I have to rush out I put it all in a jam jar big enough to fit a hand blender, so i can blend it, close it take it. Or even taking the blender cup with its lid.
Just make it as easiest as possible for yourself, little changes over a long period of time
Juli O Z.
No. I prepare on Sunday for the rest of the week. There are a few key factors:
1. Breakfast doesn’t have to be traditional breakfast foods. It can be anything healthy – dinner leftovers,
2. Wash, cut and freeze fruit for a quick smoothie: water, fruit, Flaxseed or chia seeds and spinach or kale- 5 minute meal.
3. Toast with protein is easy – I eat gluten free bread with almond butter or avocado.
4. Fruit and nut butters are a great breakfast that take minutes or yogurt and fruit and nuts. (Adding nuts or seeds keeps you satiated longer because they have fat and protein)
5. My husband boils eggs in the Instapot every Sunday and peels them and has them ready to go for first thing in the morning.
Clarence O.
Yes, it's difficult to find the time to prepare and eat a healthy breakfast. Most days I do make the time because I find it does make a difference to start a day with a high protein breakfast with fruit. I feel less hungry for hours afterwards.
Deise N.
yes! I've found that preparing the night before is helpful. for example overnight oats or chia seed pudding. if you have a blender as well, a nutritious smoothie is quick to make and can be had on the go.
Teresa Y.
I do struggle with eating breakfast. I love breakfast, it’s my favorite meal of the day but I can’t seem to get it in my day when I’m on the go.
Maybe I should redefine what breakfast looks like, not be so strict about it..: what do you think?
Sofia C.
Yes. It takes a lot of energy to prepare food I like. Also, it's hard for me, when every day is a guessing gamw of foods I 'can' eat and 'cannot' eat.
Liam Y.
I do, I guess I don’t always feel like I need to make time for breakfast the way I make time for other things in the morning.
Sofia U.
I don’t struggle with the time to make breakfast when it’s just a bread or when I remember to make overnight oats the night before. To make scrambled eggs or sauteed vegetables, I struggle to find the motivation in the morning. I want my mornings to start with a calm relaxed feel, and working in the kitchen is not relaxing for me.
Alyssa Y.
I currently have a well balenced shake with plenty of protein which I make the night before. It's quick to make, quick to drink and I don't worry about what I'm eating in the morning. I can then have a more "proper" snack or meal at work.
Il Dio P.
Sometimes, however most times I prep for the next day at night. This means that I review my top priority tasks and activities for the next day before I go to bed, which leads me to make sure I wake up early enough for breakfast. If that doesn’t happen I’ll prep my breakfast the night before. Here are some easy breakfast ideas: * Make overnight oatmeal * Have a meal shake supplement * Try some ready to eat fruit and nuts. These options can help you get in good nutrition as well as cut down in prep time.
Dawn F.
No not at all. Breakfast is my favourite meal and I never have a problem starting my day off in the right way from a breakfast perspective.
Alexandra A.
No, I prepare easy 2-3 ingredients breakfast, nothing too complicated. I have also bought everything for the week, no thinking what to prepare today.
Donna N.
Sometimes. If I drink the night before, I sleep late, making it harder to get up early. I usually have peanut butter on toast, but if I have eggs, it takes longer to prepare. Also, it can be a bit awkward at times using the kitchen for the obvious reasons.
Lukas T.
Yes. I always take a long time to prepare and especially eat breakfast. I’ve succumbed to giving myself a time limit – I don’t get very hungry in the morning anyway.