What is your favorite quick healthy breakfast?

Jojo E.
a cup of plain Greek yogurt and a tasty apple fill me up in the morning, gives me a blast of sugar, fat, and fiber, and are easy to fit in my bag.
J Rgen T.
Good quality granola with a mixture of fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries, pomegranate) and some good quality probiotic yoghurt.
Line Z.
My go to quick breakfast is plain lactose free yogurt with some banana, strawberries and blueberries chopped up in it. With a drizzle of honey.
Ashley E.
My favorite quick and easy breakfast is oatmeal with fruit and nuts. I make quick cooking oats with cut up dried fruit and nuts in it

I also like apple slices with peanut butter and cheese (which is a great snack, too)

Alba B.
Probably a yogurt and some fruit. Plain but I find comfort in this kind of healthy routine. And you can add some dark chocolate to the yogurt!
Vic S.
My favorite usually is scrambled eggs with any veggies I have, usually spinach, onion, tomatoes or peppers and some cheese. I add some avocado on the side too with a cup of coffee.
Kartik F.
Bowl of Cooked Oats and fresh fruit salad.glass of any fresh squeezed juice and a bowl of roasted dry fruits with honey.
Jorge U.
A good low calorie protein shake with some fruit mixed in makes me feel good as I head to work and for some reason has me very hungry for a good healthy lunch
Robby Z.
I like to have some cream cheese whole grain toasts and banana & peanut butter to start off the day quickly yet energized! 💪🏻