What’s a more luxurious but still healthy weekend breakfast?

Britney U.
I would go for oven heated bacon, scrumbled eggs and a homemade smoothie with the fruit you prefer. Pancakes can be healthy and tasty too
Liva C.
A more luxurious but still healthy weekend breakfast might consist of (for me at least) an assortment of different fruits that are low in sugars. Also, it might include some type of special egg dish like Florentine or a well crafted omelette.
Tilde W.
You could spend some time to make a parfait or smoothie with all of your favorite fruits! Or an omelette or breakfast scramble with your favorite meat and/or vegetables! What really matters is taking the time to make yourself something special! If you spend the time making yourself something, it always makes it feel more special.
Mads Z.
This is my personal recipe, please credit me with this recipe if used by anyone or published on any forum, website, friends, family, etc or magazine.
High Protein Waffles & Blueberries:
1 cup Kodiak high protein waffle or pancake mix
2 eggs
3/4 to 1 cup Vanilla Carb milk (11Gm protein/8oz)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
3/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon real Vanilla flavoring
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 to 3/4 cup fresh blueberries.
Mix all ingredients well except blueberries. Then add blueberries & gently fold them into the mix.
Does not really need syrup but if you must, use 1/4 cup cinnamon applesauce mixed with Walden Farms 0 calorie Pancake & Waffle syrup. Warm in microwave 20 seconds.
Bet you can’t eat just 1 waffle or pancake!
Rai Q.
The healthiest thing I can think of would be the fried egg and avocado sandwich I’d make and put sriracha on. It’s delicious and a great mix of textures, especially on a good bread like fresh Italian!
Nellie O.
I like to have fresh vegetables that I can cut up and add to an egg scramble. I like to grate potatoes and have hashbrowns with my eggs. Add a cup of coffee with a banana or apple and you have a healthy luxurious breakfast.
Kerstin X.
An english muffin with peanut butter and honey is always a great option, or you could try a fruit salad with a side of eggs the way you like them.
Jared Z.
On Saturday I would recommend a healthy breakfast including eggs and low fat protein. While on Sunday I would recommend eggs Benedict, or if you prefer a sweet breakfast pancakes are just fine!
Daisy P.
Maybe go for a fancy parfait or an omelette. Both options allow you to add multiple things to them. Whatever you want. And then you feel fancy and luxurious.
Marian U.
Poached eggs with lemon and oil dressed arugula and avocado or ham/turkey is delicious! I also recommend this delicious smoothie with coconut milk and raspberries. It’s so good! https://theorganicmomma.com/coconut-milk-smoothie-weight-loss/
Oneida Q.
A slimming world fry up. Anything fried use Fry light. Bacon medallions or Ham or bacon with fat trimmed off, low fat sausages or chicken sausages (heck ones are amazing), fried mushrooms (i like them in a little garlic), baked beans, plum tomatoes and you can make your own hash browns if thats what you fancy.
Its worth the effort and it tastes great.
I also cheat sometimes and go to tesco and have their healthy option fry up in the cafe. Nom nom 😍
Chester O.
For me it’s eggs! You can have a lot of healthy delicious options with eggs you can scramble them with vegetables, cook omelette and my favorite eggs are fried, (I use avocado oil, olive oil or coconut oil but there are some frying pans that don’t need any olive oil) and I’m mexican so sometimes I heat a tortilla and a little bit of tomato sauce (it can be spicy or not) and the fried egg sometimes I add avocado and jam or sometimes I do this with pita bread. 🙂
Maureen N.
Something freshly baked, like bread or scones. Pancakes or Dutch baby topped with fresh fruit and maple syrup, washed down with a glass of water or tea. A big bowl of fresh fruit salad with a bit of mint and a touch of maple syrup.
Luis E.
fry up all your favorite vegetables like potatoes, mushrooms, green onions, kale, spinach, peppers, etc. with some pastured lard and butter, and then scramble in some eggs, milk, and cheese. Serve that next to yogurt with berries and honey, and/or jam on sourdough toast. And maybe a mimosa 🙂
Henry F.
For me, luxury breakfast means something you spend more time making and enjoying. Being a weekend it’s nice to be more relaxed about counting calories etc but bringing in healthy elements is satisfying. Such as a fresh cooked breakfast with eggs, healthy protein and fresh tomatoes. Or grilling some yummy figs to have with toasted fruit bread and soft cheese :P’
Balance is key!
Alma Z.
A fruit salad made with tasty tropical fruits and unsweetened yogurt. Though I'm guilty of usually using sweetened yogurt lol. Have that early morning, then mid morning some high protein pan cakes or eggs & whole wheat bread toast. Wash it down with a tall cold glass of milk.
Sebastian P.
I still like oatmeal in the morning but i add in nuts and frozen fruit. Or have a scrambe of sorts… with eggs potatoes lots of veggies and one type of meat.
Ruben J.
I like to eat a two egg omelette with spinach and cheese, two pieces of toast lightly buttered with unsalted butter, and half a cup of fruit. And I can’t forget a glass of OJ after my morning water! It fills me up but doesn’t make me feel stuffed! With a busy work week, I can’t always eat a healthy breakfast like that so for me it’s a great change that’s still really healthy!
Alfredo Y.
I always like to make omelettes on weekends. I have the time to add all sorts of veggies and actually sit and enjoy my breakfast.
Julie T.
I like fresh fruit, oatmeal, eggwhites and tea or coffee. You can step up the egg whites a bit by making an egg white omelette. If Im in a hurry, I'll opt for a smoothie and egg whites. Oh and maybe as a rewsrd toss in a mimosa or two!
Kathryn C.
I like to sometimes have avocado, eggs and seasoned black beans. It is a great source of protein, better carbohydrates for the body to digest, and good fats. 😀
Judd Z.
To me a luxurious weekend breakfast would be eggs sunny side up, an everything bagel with avacado on it in place of butter. I would then either make oatmeal if it's cold out or do yogurt with granola to pair with it. To drink I would make a cup of tea and sweeten it with honey! I hope you like this!
Alicia N.
Good morning! I love avocado toasts – and they’re totally customizable. The nice thing about toasts is that they’re less bulky than sandwiches, and since there’s only one piece of bread it leaves more room for you to add the things you love! I go basic with avocado, egg, a little bit of salt and pepper, but some healthy options you can add to make it more luxurious include tomato, turkey bacon, lettuce or spinach goat cheese (or any type of cheese) – you name it!
Duane P.
Last weekend I made avocado toast with sunny side up eggs, smoked sausages and orange juice for my spouse. Very simple yet delicious and healthy 🙂
Mille P.
I recently had an egg scramble with spinach, tomato, and a bit of parmesan! I added some chopped garlic and a piece of wheat toast. It was absolutely delicious and kept me full and energized throughout the day.
Vera J.
What I could recommend you is go to 22 days Nutrition,they Have the best of best ways for your healthy weekend for your breakfast,but if I were you I will pick a quinoa with avocado chopped tomatoes and spinach with a orange squash,and black beans 🙂 that I will recommend you to have it first and so then you can choose your breakfast so far how you want,if you'll like some sweets in your morning I will have a decent plate of pancakes aside will be fruits and oats on the yogurt,and get some drinks of tea or orange juice :),and your welcome,happy to help🤗
Peyton E.
I like making an omelette, but fancying it up with some too notch ingredients! Get some umami mushrooms (I love chanterelles when I can find them), saute them up with some delish onions and red peppers and other veggies you like. A little bacon goes a long way for flavor if you want to use that too! Get a flavorful cheese (I like goat or smoked Gouda with this combo) and put a little of that on last. Some berries on the side. And some yerba mate tea for some caffiene if that's your jam.
Important, stop when you're full. Don't over indulge, but now one says it's wrong to indulge;)
Lo C I.
Avocado smashed on toast with lemon pepper, topped with tomato slices and a pinch of salt. A scrambled egg for extra protein. Add a side of in-season fruit, sit back, and relax!
Victor S.
Avocado on toast topped with mini tomatoes and a drizzling of balsamic vinegar. Mash the avo with a dash of extra virgin olive oil and salt to your liking for the perfect base. Pure luxury.
Daniel U.
When I have more time, I like to have two poached eggs on half a baked sweet potato (bake ahead of time and reheat) with sliced avocado and black bean salsa
Filippa C.
Luscious porridge cooked with coconut milk, hemp seeds and banana; decorated with lots of nuts, blueberries and almond butter