What are some easy and fast breakfasts?

Vianei C.
Right now I'm enjoying some cashews, pecans, almonds and walnuts, blackberries picked from the garden, and a lovely ripe peach. I find the nuts are surprisingly filling and the fruit is a refreshing sweet treat.
Leo E.
Oatmeal. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. My staples are cinnamon and honey. But I'll occasionally add blueberries, granola or peanut butter!
Otoniel E.
I made either, sourdough toast and grapefruit jam, an acai bowl, or kimchi stew! Another good starter if u dislike eating but want to be full is a protein shake!
D Rcio A.
I love to make oatmeal and banana pankakes, it's delicious and easy to do for breakfast. Also I have seen some recipes of smoothies with banana, strawberries, Greek yogurt, and other ingredients easy to find and combine.
Ivan Q.
Some chopped fruit, perhaps some seasonal berries/ fruit or even if they're not available some tinned fruit such as pineapple or papaya with some yoghurt ( I prefer Kefir as it tastes less acidic) and some granola for a bit of extra crunch! Sometimes even a little drizzle of honey 😊. I finish this off with a glass of juice and a cup of tea.
Sylvia X.
Granola mix, some boiled eggs, boiled eggs with guacamole and toast, an apple with peanut or almond butter, a mix of strawberry, blue berries and blackberry salad, and fruit of your liking with almonds etc.
Michelle Q.
Uncle Sam's cereal (no sugar, organic) with frozen berries & chia seeds is my fave, but I also like Extra-eggy French toast (2 eggs, 2 pieces wholegrain bread, milk & vanilla). Scramble the eggs very well, add flavors, them add about 1/2 the volume in milk. You want about 1/2 cup of mixture. Soak the bread until liquid is absorbed (leaving the bread out until partly dry helps), then fry in butter. Slap some fruit, jam, peanutbutter, whatever you like on top. 3rd thing: slice up a Granny Smith apple & fry in butter, while that cooks put 1/2 cup to 1 cup of previously cooked brown rice in a bowl, add 2 T chopped candied ginger or shredded fresh, cinnamon & raisins. Heat in microwave. Slice up 12 pecan halves lengthwise and add to apples when you cut the heat. (You want them hot, not cooked.) Pile the apple mix into bowl, add milk if desired. Add tumeric for added boost. Finish with sugar-free maple syrup or agave. Great when it's cold out. You can substitute any other whole grain for the brown rice.
Those are my three faves. Enjoy!
Zahra Q.
Overnight oats is probably the fastest and easiest breakfast possible as it has been prepared the night before which means you can just grab it and go.
Saayeng G.
For me.
Drinking a cup of sugar free tea and a slice or two of bread with fruit jam.

Or even fried egg with sugar free tea .

Deborah G.
Natural yogurts , you can prepare yoursalf. Find the armenian food Matsoun (diary) and some jam. That would be the most delicious breakfast, cheap and easy
Anatole C.
Friuts. Cereal and tea or coffee.
One could take banana a d some nuts as on the go breakfast.
Yoghurt with grains, nuts like chia seeds, almond nuts etc. Are good as breakfast.
Boiled eggs with bread aslo can be a quick breakfast.
Alec F.
Scrambled eggs with some sort of fruit and/or veggie side dish, and water, coffee, or tea is a breakfast go-to for me. If you don't eat animal products, try fried and seasoned tofu!
Hayley C.
I’ve always enjoyed: oatmeal, yogurt with granola and fruit, a good hardy smoothie with protein and fruit salad with granola. Most you can make in advance like have a frozen baggy of your favorite fruit really for the smoothie or hace you favorite fruit chopped up for you salad.
Elaine N.
I try to get three elements into any fast breakfast: carbs, fat, and protein. So, whole wheat toast with avocado or cream cheese with a hard-boiled egg or smoked salmon. A banana with peanut butter and half a bagel. Instant oatmeal (unsweetened) with fruit and nuts. I try not to eat anything with added sugar to keep the blood sugar stable.
Sergio Z.
I love overnight oats or just oatmeal in the morning with some blueberries. Or you can make some eggs and toast which is my personal favorite. Or you can do some yogurt with granola and berries.
Ruth X.
For me, easy breakfast can include the leftovers from yesterday's dinner(you simply put together a plate and warm it up), breakfast cereals are also good( I take Weetabix or October with some cornflakes) and finally, fruits( which ever fruits you have in the house, you can wash them before and grab one on to go!).
I hope this helps you.
Kasper Z.
I prepare a smoothie at night when I am cleaning up dinner. That way all I have to do in the morning is blend it and go. I use fruit Greek yogurt and chocolate powder.
Bee O.
Vegimit and avocado on toast or rice crackers.

Fruit salad (prepared the night before).

Over night oats.

Cereal .

A peace of fruit.