Eating before exercising in the morning… recommended or no? If so, how long do you wait to exercise?

Thomas Y.
I think eating after exercise is better because after a good energy expenditure we require some energy and since our metabolism has become fast our food can easily be digested moreover during exercise most of our carbs are broken down and the body is in the need of more glucose so that it doesn't form carbs from breaking down muscles and forming lactic acid along with energy so yeah eating after workout it is😁
Brooklyn E.
It depends on the sort of exercise. If its an intense short one, I like to eat afterwards. If its an exercise taking more than 2 hours I always try to eat good. About an hour to 2 hours beforehand. Dont want a rumbling stomach while working out.
Bert P.
It is recommended to wait two hours between eating and training for the best results. and I personally don't train in the morning
Stephanie N.
I typically wait till I'm done exercising to eat my breakfast. If I end up exercising later in the morning I eat a small breakfast and wait about 45 minutes before starting my workout