Do you have any fast breakfast options?

Monsy Y.
A fast breakfast option I have is a energy bar, a piece of fruit, or one of my favorite, a peanut butter sandwich. On the go? Grab yourself a water bottle or a blended smoothie of your preference. It can take as long as 5-10 minutes.
Olivia Y.
I‘ve been eating eggs each morning. They’re great because you can prepare them in so many different ways. The same meal every morning gets a little tiring. Hard boiled eggs are a great fast breakfast because you can make them ahead of time. They’re also easy to eat on the go, since they’re not too messy and don‘t require silverware.
Beth P.
Overnight oats prepared the night before is easy to grab and go, or grab an apple to dip in peanut butter. You don't always have to have "breakfast foods" too, you could make yourself a sandwich the night before
Amoonita D.
whole wheat toast with mashed avocad + top it with sauteed mushrooms, add some pinch of seasalt + black pepper and lemon juice
Jodi W.
I make eggy bread on rye sour dough bread. Sometimes I make it the night before but it doesnt take long to fry with a bit of fry light in the morning. Then I wrap it in silver foil and take to work. It's easy to nibble on in the car or on public transport.
Johnny S.
Yes. I have 2 cook eggs, mozzarella, and 1 fruit; or I have an omelette with a Whole wheat Bread. It's protein + fibre.
Sara G.
Brown toast with cheese, or smoked turkey, or jam and butter or peanut butter and bananas , cake in a mug, oatmeal, Cereal
Penny J.
Well, porridge oats only take 2 and a half minutes in the microwave and for toppings, it takes seconds to throw some delicious blueberries, honey and chia seeds on. This is my go-to breakfast on those lazy Saturdays because of simply how effortless it is to make yet wonderfully delicious. Additionally, it can be topped with anything which is why I absolutely love porridge! Alternatively, poached eggs only takes 5 mins but is delightful with toast and a handful of peppery rocket leaves. Those are some of my favourites but I'm sure there's probably some other ideas on google
Benedek F.
Fried egg with toast and ketchup, onion is optional, I season the egg wifh salt, black pepper, red pepper and oregano (you can make it under 15minutes)
Ale T.
Yes. When I'm in a hurry, I choose a ready breakfast like bananas and apples. A cup of my favourite granola or oatmeal is another option for me.