When you are pressed for time in the morning, how do you still have a good breakfast?

Lola J.
I try to find a 10min break from work and grab something healthy from the coffee shop, or I leave a bottle of green juice at work for time like this. Or worst case scenario, I will have a super healthy lunch.

Lilly Q.
Normally during work days I have a homemade fruit smoothie, so I don’t really need much time for that. Instead during the week I like to have a more substantial breakfast.

Telo F.
I either make a to-go breakfast the night before – typically coconut chia seed pudding – and eat it on the train. Or I grab some oatmeal when I get to work. Cereal doesn’t cut it’s for me, I need something more substantial!

Lance O.
I normally AM pressed for time. A good breakfast doesn’t have to be a big one or even a cooked or prepared one. I have some cranberry almond granola bars, oranges, and cheese sticks I can pick and choose from but most of the time I’ll grab the cheese stick and an orange and try to eat them on the way to work. Today I had a banana that I clumped a big spoonful of peanut butter on right before I ran out the door. Not the best, but it’s still healthy and balanced and it definitely gives me energy. You could also try buying frozen fruit, protein and almond milk (or whatever ingredients you like) and make a smoothie quick, put it in a closable cup and take it on the go. Whatever works best for what you like.

Suzane O.
I travel for my job so most of my breakfast are in hotels that have amazing breakfasts. I don’t really need to think about it.

Capucine F.
I make overnight oats, or parfaits that sit in the fridge overnight. In the morning, all I have to do is grab it and go!

Holly J.
Some fruits are very easy to eat, like bananas, grapes, apples. Take them with you. Other thing you can do is to prepare some hard boiled eggs in the night before, it's quick and easy.

Victor Z.
I prepare components of my breakfast food ahead of time, ex: hard boiled eggs or Pre made quiche. If I know my morning is going to be rushed I make the entire breakfast one that in can grab and take with me made the night ahead also I have healthy bars/fruit that are a back up if I have an unexpected am rush.

Beverly O.
Do you tend to not have time for breakfast? Prepare for it ahead of time. Get some overnight oats ready (so many variations of recipes online), pre-make or pre-portion out a smoothie, make some grab-n-go breakfast bars or muffins. Give yourself every reason to succeed!

Savannah Y.
I know breakfast is very important so I always make sure to get up and give myself enough time to make something. But if I am pressed for time oatmeal is always a good option or scrambled eggs.

Venceslau S.
I’m always running late, that’s why I got this app, to fix that! But I always try to have quick healthy options stocked in my pantry, like trail mix, canned Tuna, crackers, and bananas. They’re quick to grab or prepare when you’re in a rush, with a reheated cup of yesterday’s coffee!

Tiago F.
I usually make a big greenie: a smoothie with frozen spinach, vegan yoghurt, apple or banana, ginger and oat milk. Sometimes I chuck in some protein powder. I’ll sip it while I’m driving to work.

Harvey C.
Make it a priority. If that means needing more time in the morning then begin with getting an earlier start. Try even eating before washing up. Once it becomes a habit it’s as normal as showing or drinking coffee.

Eline Q.
I still eat breakfast like grabbing a few bananas and some nuts on the way to work. Or if i absolutely have no time, i will grab a bottle of soylent on the go.

Ella J.
When I'm pressed with time in the morning I just grab an apple and few almonds in my hand and eat it while on my way to work. It's better to have something small than nothing 😉

Naja G.
Usually I make sure every night that my next morning breakfast is sorted. I cook fresh every morning but some preparations can be done a night before that really helps. Never leave home with an empty stomach. I always have a hearty breakfast. However sometimes when I am running late, I grab a fruit or nuts or quickly make a tea or something just to make sure I dont leave my house with empty stomach.
Waking up lil extra gives you ample enough time to prepare your breakfast and get ready for the day.

Jacob C.
Well you can, instead of getting up earlier you can make your breakfast the night before 😉
Good luck on your journey to a helthier lifestyle! Ur doing great just a little more 🙂

Roger U.
I usually make the time. I get up, have a cup off coffee and make breakfast after that. I usually take it to work with me, because I get hungry around 9:30. if I’m really in a rush I’ll just grab a banana to go or a protein bar.

Howard G.
I grab some fruit and take it wherever I'm going and eat it on the way. Sometimes I put frozen fruit in a bowl of a night and let it defrost overnight and then in the morning I add yoghurt.i also really enjoy eating breakfast now (I didnt use to) and I try and make sure I get up on time.

Mila S.
This is when planning comes in handy. Make ahead breakfasts can be hand held (think egg bites). Make large batches and portion them hoe the freezer. Just pop in the microwave and go!

Friedlinde Q.
Honestly, sometimes I don’t. If I am pressed for time, my husband usually takes time to make me something, but if We are both time cramped, we don’t eat a good breakfast. I’d like to have more fast breakfast items on hand that are actually good for us, like fruit or boiled eggs.

Malou N.
One option is to prepare your breakfast in the evening the day before. Also, you can try to get up a little bit earlier than usual to prepare a breakfast. Don’t make it a super complicated dish. It should be simple, tasty and nourishing.

Phillip C.
I ALWAYS find a way to drink coffee, so if I have to skip breakfast, I load up my cup with full fat milk for a good shot if protein.

Jelena F.
I either take it with me and eat it when I have 5 minutes to calmly enjoy it or if this is a recurring problem, adjust my schedule to wake up 5 minutes earlier. Look online for breakfast meal prep ideas like breakfast muffins that last the entire week so you don’t have to make something every morning.

Cassandre Z.
I make something quick, like toast and eggs. and a lot of juice , orange juive, water or apple juice. & even a apple or orange too something I can grab really quickly

Bianka Q.
Plan for short time. Have yogurt or power bars ready. Not every morning will be eggs and bacon but it can still be filling.

Sacramento F.
Actually it’s happening almost three days a week, when I go to gym early in the morning and I have to hurry to go to work.
I usually take with me fruit and protein bar or (I will try this next week) a banana and peanut butter smoothie.

Christian N.
I create multiple meals ahead of time making my lunch so I have more time to sleep or stretch so I am able to have a relaxing morning my common easy breakfast is apples and peanut Butter while if I have time I tend to go for eggs or oatmeal’s somthing that can give me proteins

Johan C.
I get it ready the night before; if need be I take it with me. Breakfast is the best part of mornings, so it's very rare that this is a concern. Fabulous asks this question, in various ways, quite often and I am wondering what is the purpose?

Alizee Q.
The ultimate solution is that you get up earlier so you’re not pressed for time. But for those times when things come up then you can at least get something like a piece of whole fruit, a handful of nuts, or even just opt to make the day and intermittent fasting day Which might be something you would want to investigate, anyway.

Charlotte S.
I eat multi grain toast with almond butter (you could do peanut butter if you want) on it and half a sliced banana. Or something savory like avocado on toast. If your really pressed for time make your toast before you brush your teeth that way it practically makes itself while you get ready. Its tasty, healthier and you can eat it and take it with you on the go! 🙂

Mehdi U.
I usually wait until there is time, so that I can eat my breakfast in peace. I know they say eat within the hour of wake up but I rarely get to do that.

Jason O.
I make sure that I have the things I need in the house to make something good. A bowl of porridge and fruit takes 2 mins…a toast and egg, 5.

Bernice F.
I usually carry snacks like fruit and nutbars to eat in the train, and of course a bottle of cold water woth either green tea or ginger tea bag in

Paula O.
Take rice, some hummus, add in whatever veggies, meat or leftovers you might have, some feta cheese, jalapeños and you have a healthy wrap in no time.

use a spiraliser for carrot, some spinach and veggies I cut the previous evening for my child’s lunch box.

I use a spiraliser for carrot, some spinach and veggies I cut the previous evening for my child’s lunch box.

If you have any to keep it low carb, then just eat the veggies and beans as a salad.

Dora O.
because I have time for meak a good breakfast. I wake up at 5 am and take shower and get ready to the school and meak my breakfast in last 20 minutes

Mae S.
I have a selection of quick and easy to make breakfast ingredients to hand.

They’re quick to put together and quick to drink at home while I’m doing other things

Francisco W.
I eat breakfast at work on week days. I work at a daycare, where the cook provides 3 healthy meals a day for the kids and teachers, so I eat most of my meals there, unless it is something I am not a fan of. I also keep a backup breakfast (usually a granola bar) in my bag for days when I don't like the provided breakfast (oatmeal day 😓)

Magdalene F.
I don't. I just rush out of the house and get chocolate along the way. I should delay and get something healthier at work

Andre O.
At that time, I try to take as little food as I can for breakfast. Sometimes, o even skip breakfast because of short time.

Yann Y.
I do intermittent fasting, so breakfast does not have to be first thing in the morning . The longer my fast, the more benefit I derive.

Ariadne Q.
Not really, but I try to at least have a granola or fruit bar. I usually try to get my stuff ready the night before but it doesn't always happen.

Kathryn Q.
Like this morning, I grabbed anything that I didn’t have to cook and ate it raw, like berries cheese juice and vegetables to make sure that I still had something in my stomach when I left. So I ate well even though it wasn’t as amazing as usual at least I had my fruits and veggies for the day

Florian C.
The website Darebee has a great recipe for breakfast bars – make a batch in advance, so you don't have to cook in the morning!

Delores Z.
Prepare a breakfast from the night before. Take it to work with me. After my morning hustle I just heat it in the microwave and enjoy my great breakfast.

Bertoldo Y.
breakfast bars! there are some really good ones out there. I usually keep a box on handso I can grab one on my way out of I need to!

Dean W.
I like to prepare food the night before. A breakfast sandwich, a breakfast burrito, or even just a few hard boiled eggs. Something I can warm up and eat on the go.

Herman Z.
Usually I will have frozen pre-made frittatas or breakfast burritos that I just need to heat up. Also, some already hard-boiled eggs!

Auguste Q.
Try to separate the elements of a healthy breakfast: protein, fiber, fruits&veggies. Then find things from each categories that can be eaten on the go. A healthy breakfast doesn't need to be complicated, sometimes a handful of nuts, an apple, and a few slices of cheese is all it takes to start the day right.
If you have kids try to think of the snacks you give them. Yop yoplait yogourt or gogo squeez (apple sauce) are two no mess option you can take while driving a car. Granola bar, cheesestring ficello, babybel, etc.
On the plus side, if you are a parent with picky children, it's easier to bargain eating breakfast if it's in terms of snacks.

Nathan T.
Fruit, hard boiled eggs, tea

I try to make sure the day or night before that I have some thing ready to grab and go the next morning.

Usually if I am preparing for my upcoming week’s daily routines, I will have made sure to do some quick grocery shopping for the upcoming 5 to 7 days.

Kristina Z.
I usually grab something quick and easy that I can eat on the way to where I'm going. For example, a peanut butter sandwich and maybe a fruit.

Noah C.
Prep something that travels well the night before and then take it to go in the morning. That way you don’t spend a lot of time prepping and eating your food

Theo E.
You can grab some fruit, yogurt, or something else quick and healthy. If you know you like to sleep past your alarm then you can plan ahead. Make hard boiled eggs the night before, double your breakfast over the weekends and save half for the week. You can do simple things to save time and still have a great breakfast.

Elias F.
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Reinhart F.
It starts with how you prepare yourself the night before. Meal planning or overnight food that is prepared the night before really helps. Overnight oats? I used to always be pressed for time and use to barely even eat anything and still go out hungry until dinner time. Try boiling some eggs the night before or buy prepackaged croissants or crepes (whatever food you like really) you can grab and go without worrying of the hassle to prepare them the morning of.

Eloane Z.
If you know you're going to leave early, try waking up just 15 minutes early and always remember to go into breakfast prep immediately. Even five minutes can be important. If you dont have that luxury, try buying bars with nuts or Peanutbutter and grab one with fruit to eat on the way to your appointment. Its quick but still has everything you need!

Victor F.
I don’t always manage to make breakfast before I leave for work, especially if I’ve exercised in the morning. I’ve noted a few healthy options I can buy near my office so I can still have a good, healthy breakfast that will keep me satisfied until lunch time e.g. fruit smoothies with added protein, carb free egg ‘muffins’ or even a chicken sandwich on wholemeal bread with lots of veggies.

Christian W.
Apples and nuts. Or boil a bunch of eggs. easy way to peel hard boiled eggs in the morning is after you boil them. Crack them all over and leave them in cold water before refrigerating them when you go to peel them it becomes much easier I just wrap them in paper towel

Jeff T.
By drink coffee "or any drink you prefer but not alcoholic one of course" frist of all, a good cup of coffee for me can solve any problem no matter how hard it was…. hope this answer will help

Selma W.
You have a list of easy fast managable breakfasts which you could have either on the go or still at home but without much time consumed

Gertrude E.
Then I usually throw a tupperware with some healthy (not too sugary, unroasted) muesli in my bag that I eat at work by my desk when going through my emails in the morning.

Cecilie Z.
There’s one simple solution:
I prepare breakfast from the evening. Google for “overnight oats” for example. You will find plenty of tasty, quick and effective recipes

Jacob X.
I try to prepare for this situation in advance, so I can always have a quick grab breakfast for situations where I’m in a hurry.

Mildred C.
I try to prep ahead of time. Having hard boiled eggs ready in the morning, or a low sugar protein shake to take with me, along with a piece of fruit, helps keep me on track and full in the morning, even if I don’t have much time.

Kristina C.
I cook everything while I get ready and bring it to work so I can just reheat it. This is helpful because I am not always immediately hungry, but will be before lunch.

Irmgard Q.
I like to remind myself some food is better than no food. Bananas are an easy take away or even a handful of nuts. My dad also says, boiling a dozen eggs in advance makes a great quick snack or breakfast. It does not have to be fancybreakfast…