What protein-rich and dairy-free breakfast recipes can you share?

Renbird N.
My favorites are eggs + carb + fruit. For example a bowl of rice with eggs and a leftover fruit or veggie, plus some sauce or seasoning. Nutritional yeast seasoning is an easy way to add some extra protein and nutrients to most savory breakfasts. If you like smoothies, my favorite dairy free protein powder is sun warrior, but cheaper options are easy to find. Peanut butter powder is also a handy smoothie add in if you like the flavor. If you like sweeter, fun breakfasts, try this banana pancakes recipe (1 banana, 3 eggs, tsp cinnamon, mashed all together with a fork and cooked like small pancakes) or look up nomnompaleo’s mug cake recipe. You can microwave frozen berry mixes for a minute or two to make a quick sauce like topping that is cheaper and has less sugar than maple syrup. Add a thickener or artificial sweetener if you want it more sweet or syrupy. For fast paced mornings I always keep some hard boiled eggs or some apples and nut butter on hand. If you like, you can also brown some ground turkey and keep it on hand to throw into various lunch and dinner recipes for the added protein. If you find a recipe you like that calls for milk, my favorite substitute is oat milk because it is thicker and creamier than other milk alternatives but doesn’t have a noticeable taste like soy or almond milk.