I’m quickly running low on the healthy breakfast burritos that I made in batch and froze! It takes about three hours to make enough for a couple of weeks. Any suggestions for breakfasts that I can prep and freeze that take less time to prepare?

Anna B.
Hi! I eat hardbread made out of seads with salmon, herring or shrimp for breakfast together with a mix of beats. No prepp, but maybe not what you hade in mind?
Clara N.
Smoothie bowls are super simple yet delicious you start with the liquids (juice is my go to) then frozen fruits and you can add protein powders its just overall amazing
Barry O.
for frozen food, i recommend banana chocolate smoothies. you freeze two peeled (don’t ever freeze a banana unpeeled) bananas for about an hour, and put it in the food processor. add two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder, one tablespoon of almond/peanut butter, and one cup of plant based/regular milk. an optional ingredient is one date. blend it for about 45 seconds to a minute, depending on how frothy you want your drink to be. that’s it! if you don’t have time to freeze your bananas, blend in some ice cubes instead. you can adjust the amount of ingredients as you please. enjoy!
William Y.
If you're willing to take a little time, you can get mason jars and fill them with greek yogurt and fruit for a week, and they'll keep in the fridge. Blueberries are a good choice. If you want to do something to freeze, you could make a smoothie mix or make individual bowls of sausage, eggs and spinach or kale with red pepper and onion. That way if you like the burrito idea you can stick with something similar, and just package it in small tupperware or freezer bags.
Amanda F.
Smoothie bags with can be prepped a head of time and frozen. Then in the morning just through it in a blender with your liquid of choice.