It pressed rice meal is good for everyday in morning?(We call it pauva/poha in India. Keeping pressed Rice for night and fry it with potato pieces)

Fernando E.
That sounds delicious! But if that is all you eat for breakfast, you will be hungry again very soon after. It does not have enough nutrition on its own. Make sure you eat something with protein with the pauva, like eggs, tofu, soy, meat, cheese, dairy, and stuff like that.
Meghan O.
Rice and potatoes are more carbohydrates than anything. The best breakfast is proteins, eggs, various nuts, protein bars low on sugar if you are in a hurry, things of that sort. I hope this helps you! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Miguel S.
Fried foods may not be the best for you. Maybe you can use rice to create something like oatmeal, and then add some fruit ๐ŸŽ and nuts ๐Ÿฅœ
L Rke E.
I am also from India!!! Eating fried items during nighttime is not a good idea, instead you can have mashed potatoes and poha.
Neo U.
I've never tried it.. How does your body reacts after you eat it? Personally, my body cannot take starch, and flour well, I'll get very sleepy with the high carbohydrates. I am a Asian as well, altering meals will be difficult since Asian meals are high in carbohydrates. Nevertheless, try to find easy recipes in the internet that you can prepare. That works for me. Good luck to my friend!
Andree N.
This is a great question! I would ask you this: how does it make you feel after you eat it? Do you feel happy and your body energized? Do you look forward to poha each morning? There is a big difference between eating food that may be "healthy" but doesn't make you feel feel good. Only you can listen to your body and discover that. Also, your body may want different things! sometimes I want leftovers from the night before, or soup! One day I wanted cake, so I had some. I felt great bc I listened. Your body is smart!
Alex A.
In India I have had Idli which is like pressed rice and also served in the morning with chutney. I think rice is a good way to start the day as it is filling but also add fruit!
Faiza V.
Variety is always better than eating the same thing everyday because all food items have specific nutrients. Potatoes and rice will give you carbs- try to add some kind of protein to this (like peanut) so you get a slow release of energy instead of a sugar spike. Look up the glycemic index of pressed rice and potatoes and compare it to other items. The lower the GI the better it is for breakfast. Poha is a common breakfast in India and we all wants to stay closer to the taste we grew up with. Even if there is a dish that is considered unhealthy but you love it… you can always have a small portion of it from time to time as indulgence…. if you completely cut off eg biryani then one day if you see it you will over eat. Food is a joy, we should enjoy it. And health is an asset, we should protect it. ๐Ÿ™‚