What breakfast do you eat when you want avoid bread?

Jos N.
Bread is a big part of Mexican culture, as well as the famous tortilla. So willing to give up on bread as our way of enjoying our meal is difficult for us, but not impossible. So, I enrich my breakfast (usually scrambled eggs) with pinto beans. They’re a good source of iron, protein, and minerals. And if you can add salsa (like home-made chiltepín salsa) to the beans, you’re going to wish that your breakfast never ends.
Julia C.
I will often eat eggs or gluten free rice crisp cereal or eat one of my premade meals even if its more suited for lunch or dinner
Veronica Y.
Oatmeal with nuts and fruit in it. I prefer walnuts and bananas and occasionally rains or dates. If your going totally keto or low carb, try Greek yogurt or just low fat cheese like mozzarella with nuts and fruit. Easy if your running out the door, just bag it and snack while you drive but get go-gurt or drinkable yogurt like keifer.
Jasmine F.
Maybe something with an egg. I like eggs and avocados. It’s healthy and good without the bread. Maybe a fruit salad also.
Raul O.
If you are trying to avoid gluten then there are a lot of options to make or buy. If you are avoiding bread in general, you can eat oatmeal with fruits, healthy pancakes with some fruits, an omlet with some fruits or grilled vegetables, some yogurt with granola and fruits or a filling smoothie bowl.
I hope this helps 😊
Willi C.
I've been enjoying Carmen's porridge and adding peanut butter. Works out to be approximately 10g protein, 10g fat and 30g carbs with less than 8g sugar.
Kathryn J.
I eat cornflakes, sometimes only one glass of milk, actually I can't think of a great break fast without bread but you can try a really great salad from online for a full breakfast and also do try intermittent fasting ☺️☺️
Mary G.
I had oat meals with mix dried fruits and nuts. Sometimes I will have pancakes with blueberries or strawberries or just with honey itself.
Holli N.
I’m all about yogurt and blueberries at the moment. Drizzle a little maple syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon on those bad boys and you’ve got a banging start to the day!
Farah Z.
I usually go for banana and peanut butter on the top, or greek yogurt and granola, or oatmeal, or an omelette with avocados and some veggies to make me full, but bananas and peanut butter are my easy to go
Galaza Z.
Smoothies, fruits, oatmeal, tofu or egg and veggie scramble with optional rice, porridge, or quinoa. Breakfast burrito or wrap.
Kayleigh T.
Here it is:
1) Get Healthy adult cereal
2) Add banana slices, or any other fruit
3) Add nuts or trail mix
4) Add milk
It's filling, hits all your food groups, and is easy to make on days when I don't have a lot of energy to cook.
Ashley N.
Eggs with sautéed spinach (season with salt, pepper, and garlic) or eggs with sweet potatoes are a favorite. I also love having soup for breakfast! Often I find myself eating oatmeal or a banana or apple with peanut butter
M Ni X.
It depends on my mood. Sometimes I am in hurry so I just grab a banana or a fruit. And sometimes I am into oatmeal so i eat oatmeal with banana and peanutbutter.
Candice S.
I usually eat a big breakfast. Some variation of Greek yogurt with berries and granola, plain oatmeal with cinnamon and honey, some kind of fruit like an apple or banana, then if I'm still hungry or I know it's gonna be a rough morning I may eat an egg or 2, usually with salsa on top. If you're just in a hurry the Greek yogurt doesn't take me long to make at all. I just plop a bowl on the food scale and spoon out yogurt, then pourin berries from frozen bag, then sprinkle on granola. Takes less than 5 minutes.
Benny E.
I like rice with mixed vegetables and eggs. I don’t like bread for breakfast because it give me bloating when I eat it on breakfast.
Arquimedes Z.
A banana, juice and two rolls of turkey breast and cheese 🙂 i really enjoy the last two things, but always feel sick after eating bread… so i eat them without the bread. tastes pretty good
Cadwi Z.
I use to eat milk and cereals when I want to avoid bread. It’s a healthy breakfast and it’s even better with some coffee!
Jeremiah U.
Usually I will eat an egg and bacon, or an egg and sausage. I don’t really like fruit so I won’t eat that for breakfast.
Bruce J.
Most of the time, I eat 2 buttered toasts, But sometimes I switch it up a bit by making myself a bowl of cereal or a plate full of vegetables that are accompanied by a few eggs.
Francesco E.
I usually have a sweet breakfast, with things like milk and cereal or biscuits, you can also have some snacks with a fruit or with some juice, a sweet breakfast gives you energy for the day
Paige U.
Honestly, I’ll have a protein bar. I eat that because it’s small, which makes me feel better. And, it’s protein which is good for you and holds you over!!!
Rim M.
I am gluten intolerant!
I will tell you what I just made :
I heated some almond milk, put some of it in my coffee and the rest on a bowl of oatmeal and chia seeds for omega-3s.
I had a peach on the side. It was delicious.
Mirjam E.
if u want to avoid breads, i strongly recommended fruit salads or shakes. these are fulfilling but are healthy. other options are eggs, omelettes and even some cereal
Valdemar W.
I never want to avoid bread, but when I don't want to eat it, I go for "Crepioca" – Tapioca (something made of manioc) mixed with eggs, or I go for tapioca with eggs, or eggs alone, or eggs and crackers.
Paula C.
I usually make myself healthy crepes with oat flour, milk and honey. When I feel very lazy, the night before I make chia pudding and then I have breakfast done for a few days. Also, I always try to go with tea and some fruits.
Stephanie U.
Bacon and Eggs. Avocado is great as well. You can also make pancakes with Almond flour or make Keto toast with Keto bread which has no carbs.
Lynn N.
I typically love smoothies: 300 ml almond milk, 30 gr oats, 150 gr of a fruit (mango, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries or raspberries), 1 scoop of collagen and 1 scoop of vanilla protein
Christine O.
I never eat bread I always eat roti or chapati, it's way better than bread and full of fiber which is best suitable for breakfast
Fern U.
a banana
an avocado
an apple
granola with greek yoghurt
(unhealthy but…) a flapjack
scrambled egg on its own
sardines on thier own
overnight oats
Expedita A.
Oatmeal (I add a little brown sugar)
Yogurt and fruit (you could even make a parfait)
Make one of the many variations of eggs; omelettes, fried, Denver, scrambled
Carlos C.
The breakfast I eat when avoiding bread would typically be on the healthier side, with more fruits and protein. Such as a protein bar, eggs, a banana, or grapes.
Sing Y.
If u don’t want to eat bread then I suggest that u eat something that fills u up but not overwhelming such as eggs and bacons maybe?
Karma S.
Well if you want to avoid bread when eating breakfast, a go to would be cereal. But if you're not the cereal type (I'm not a massive fan of cereal either) then you can go for a fruit bowl with yoghurt! I reccomend berries and apple slices with strawberry or vanilla yoghurt! You can always go for granola instead. And porridge is a great option too. You can put fruit in that aswell! And if you're in a rush you can always have breakfast bars. If you have a lot of time on your hands a certain day you can fry or scramble some eggs and maybe even some bacon too! You can have mushrooms and tomatoes and even bean with that! I hope I've given you some good ideas!