How versatile is your breakfast? Does it consist of one or two dishes only or more?

Hans Wilhelm J.
Well it depends on the day and how many calories I’m gonna intake usually it’s 2 dishes but if the calories are to high it will be one. Usually it’s 2 eggs with something else like rice and some fruit or smoothie.
Izabela Y.
Always one dish, I’m not very hungry in the morning so I usually grab smashed eggs and a toast or granola with some fruits
Thea C.
I usually only do one dish since i like to get creative while making my coffee and that takes a bit more time. But to change things a bit i like to try different recipies most days. Theres a lot of different things you can do with outmeal like add fruit (i did ones with banana or pear kinda tasted like banana bread) or add different kinds of milk. I dont think you need to necessarily have more than one dish in you breakfast for it to be a complite one and chaging things each day helped me a lot with my cooking skills as well as having fun. (Im sorry if my english isnt great its not my first language)
Mahum N.
I like a light breakfast, so it’s usually just one dish. But I don’t like eating the same breakfast everyday. One day it could be cereal, next day I’ll make pancakes, and then toast the next day.