What do you eat for breakfast? For me, I switch between eggs and cottage cheese but I am getting bored.

Zach P.
I try to have eggs every morning, but try to switch up how I have them. Lately I've been making a breakfast scramble with some ground beef, eggs, peppers, paprika, hash browns, etc. You could also try using a different protein as your main dish such as chicken or turkey for a more lean option.
Harro T.
Hi good question I usually eat I eat eggs the same as you but if u want to change I really want u to try egg sandwich it is like egg green pepper hot sauce and more things or pizza sandwiches it is light as well
Erin Y.
Variations of eggs. Sometimes soft-boiled egg with honey, sometimes scrambled eggs or omelette. I usually pair the eggs with other protein or non-protein foods such as frankfurters or fruits like mango. And of course breakfast feels great with black coffee!
Shawna N.
I actually eat the same thing! Lol Somtimes I’ll have yogurt and fruit or add fruit to my cottage cheese. Or spice up eggs with avocado. Or I have some oatmeal but very rarely.
Kathleen B.
I love steel cut oats with a splash of oat milk, some sort of berries or banana and cinnamon with a drizzle of maple syrup. I make a big batch of overnight quick oats once a week and then divide it into bowls that I can grab and go with in the morning. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to eggs so that is not an option for me.
Каця Барушка N.
I eat oatmeal with apples, dried cranberry and almonds. It sounds like it’s complicated but it takes a couple of minutes to chop the apples and add the cranberries and almonds. And the result is wonderful. Oatmeal is boring because it’s texture is well boring)) at least to me. But with all these other ingredients it’s fun, diverse and yummy)
I also eat toast with salmon and cheese, and sandwiches with peanut butter. I should probably add some banana, too.
Mathilde E.
I eat eggs but not cottage cheese. So I cannot really help other than suggest fruit, oatmeal or a shake to mix things up a bit.
Greta S.
Usually milk, cereals and some fruit. Sometimes pancakes, crepes or baked cakes. Other times some sandwich or focaccia; and fresh bread with jam.
T O Z.
One morning I have a poached egg & mashed avocado on toast plus a cocoa & banana smoothie. The next morning I have oatmeal with a bit of milk plus a tropical fruit smoothie. I'm quite happy alternating between these two breakfast meals.
Shannon T.
I only recently got into the habit of eating breakfast, however I try to eat a range of things. This is any kind of egg I know how to cook, fruit and fibre cereal, wheatabix or crumpets. Some days I also try experiment with salads.
Ashanta P.
I usually switch between steamed broccoli or spinach with sweet potatoes (using chili powder for a kick) or steamed broccoli or spinach with black beans. Sometimes I'll add a poached egg or quinoa for a little something extra. 🙂
Liva X.
I eat different types of eggs like veggie omelette, hard boiled, and different ways of having oatmeal. I use different fruits each time. My personal favorite is banana and peanut butter.
Ella G.
Egg on toast, toast and peanut butter or jam etc, sometime porridge with a little something for flavour thrown in, also something called Huel is really good, nutritionally complete food in a powder, gives me an easy boost of vitamins and is chocolate flavour! 😀
Marcus X.
It depends on the amount of time I have. Mostly it’s fruit and some form of granola. If I have a little more time then it’s some sort of a breakfast sandwich
Angelica F.
I make avocado toast sometimes, or oatmeal with banana, sprinkle of protein,, and cinnamon. Sometimes a protein cereal with oat milk if I'm pressed for time.
Andrea E.
Honestly I eat the same! Maybe when you eat cottage cheese try to add fruit, almond butter or peanut butter, oats and honey. Vary the fruits you use.
Sam U.
Hi! Usually I have eggs too, but it doesn't just have to be scrambled eggs, try different recipes and make it more fun! And you don't have to eat eggs every single day, try to balance it! Like one day eating eggs, one day eating pancakes, balance it!
Dorian F.
I used to do oats and cranberries consistently for years. Now I fast so my first meal is during lunch time. I have one fruit and two sandwiches.
Patrick W.
I usually have a banana with some peanut or almond butter. Occasionally, I'll have a waffle or two topped with almond butter and blueberries.
Roberta Q.
My breakfast usually consists of eggs, but I try to make them in different ways and then have something else. Sometimes that’s a bagel with goat cheese or avocado toast. If I ever have leftover potatoes of any form I usually incorporate those in some way.
Austin F.
I try to eat similar (if not the same) things every day because I’m still building the routine of eating breakfast.
The “sameness” contributes to that feeling of routine.
However, I’ve started to think of the routine as:
1) Protein
2) Natural Sugar
Not only does this help check both boxes of savory and sweet, it also keeps the routine from getting stale (pun intended).
My breakfast recipe:
– Two scrambled eggs and two veggie sausage links (Morning Glory makes really good ones). You can make both of these in the microwave, which helps if you’re at the office early like me.
– A packet of instant oatmeal (preferably unsweetened) with a tablespoon of honey. Again, microwaveable.
– Two slices of toast with a scoop of almond butter on each. Most offices have a toaster.
– Single “Handheld” fruit – banana, apple, orange, etc.
– Small cup of coffee with stevia

Sometimes I eat just the eggs and the oatmeal. Sometimes I eat every part. But giving myself a preselected menu with the mindset of “sweet and salty” keeps it balanced, healthy, and fun.

Good luck on your Fabulous Journey.

Heinz G Nter T.
The last few days I've been having packaged oatmeal bars but since its Sunday I'm going to make a batch of them for next week
Jaclyn W.
It depends, I try to switch it up. I like mixed fruit and nuts, oatmeal with fruit, waffles with eggs, turkey bacon or sausage, coffee (my fave), tofu scramble with veggies, sometimes a bowl of cereal, and sometimes just a good cup of green tea or a smoothie
Dianne P.
Fruit , polenta, nut butters, grain salads w/ sweet potato, miso soup depends on the day and what I have available. For a treat – once a week or so I have a scone.
Samantha F.
My favourite is scrambled eggs or avocado toast. Recently I found a really simple banana oat smoothie and so I’m going to start making that more cause it’s simple, easy and fast to make. Especially cause half the time I don’t have time to make or have breakfast so the smoothie is the perfect to go option. Other days I have grilled cheese sandwich, french toast, a weird combo but avocado and hash brown or even pancake with chocolate pieces.
Jennipher P.
I usually prepare a lot of breakfast burritoes and keep Them in the freezer. 😊 Then its easy to just grab one and hest it in the microwave in the mornings
Barbara W.
I have different types of eggs or avocado on toast (in season at the moment here) – I make my own granola as well. Sometimes I’m on the road very early and my choices are not so great, so I do need to stock up on healthier options to grab n go
Kate U.
I love making oatmeal — you can make it sweet or savory as you’re feeling in the mood! I mix in a tablespoon each of peanut butter and my favorite jam.

Also, whole-milk plain yogurt with fresh fruit (especially blueberries) is another favorite of mine.

Ares G N.
For breakfast I like to keep it simple so I repeat practically the same each day. I have outmeal and scramble tofu with veggies (avicado included). I change fruits I add to the oatmeal and veggies to the scramble. Sometimes I add a multigrain toast and nut butter. When rushed I have a fruits and oats smoothie to go!
Lorraine J.
I like to have toast with different sautéed veggies or various spreads on it and lay an egg on top. Then I sprinkle on some hemp seeds or other topping. Maybe give it a dash of hot sauce
Alexis N.
Some weeks I do cheese, grapes, and different nuts. Then I'll do hummus or mashed avocado with a low calorie but high fiber chip. Then for a week Ill do pinwheels made with whole wheat or beat tortillas.
Ida E.
I often eat some oatmeal. You can practically add anything so I dont really get bored. I sometimes also eat a lot of fruit and maybe some nuts.
Brittany Z.
You can make many variations with eggs. Search online for options. I often eat cereal with yoghurt, nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits etc. Again, plenty of variations possible. So my breakfast is never the same, eventhough the basic ingredients are. Also combinations with Avocado are great. And finally, porridge is a great option with which you can greatly vary flavors and ingredients. Have fun!
Isabell U.
I tend to eat rye bread with ham, cheese and with something on top like tomato, cucumber, red bell pepper or maybe an egg (boiled or fried). If I'm feeling fancy I'll even put some avocado. Sometimes I eat just plain yogurt (like Greek or Turkish) with honey and berries or fruit, and a little bit of granola or müsli. Also just plain old oatmeal is also good just add berries or fruit. Hope this helps! 😊
Schala T.
If I want it cold I usually tend to eat my raisin bran cereal or a good healthy alternative. If I want a hotter breakfast then I tend to make toast with a mixed berry Jam and peanut butter.
Lynne T.
Most days I have porridge with fruit but I mix it up with Good Belly cereal/oatabix. When I have more time I enjoy oat pancakes
Julia N.
I generally eat overnight oats for breakfasts on mornings where I work and need a quick meal. That way I can make them overnight and not take any time in the morning. On slower mornings I typically eat eggs, and mix it up by making them differently. I also enjoy eating sliced green apples on a English muffin with melted cheese on top.
Ali Z.
I go the full hog, literally. Scrambled eggs, homefried potatoes, bacon, almond bread, avocado, kombucha, a big 'ole cup of coffee and I'm full and happy.
Lester T.
Fav breakfast ideas : oatmeal w banana and peanut butter, bread w tahini & banana, yogurt w homemade hazelnut praline & banana.
Stacey F.
I eat some variation of eggs and vegetables, or a smoothie, or oatmeal, or a parfait with fruit, Greek yogurt, and granola.
Barbara A.
I have been very bored with food lately- I have had both eggs or cottage cheese but neither seem appetizing, nor does cereal. I’ve been eating almost “strange” things for breakfast like soup or salad. Soup is somehow comforting to me and also makes me sit down while eating- which is another bad habit of mine, to eat while doing other things or eat while standing/walking.
Reandra Z.
My breakfast is not any more interesting, I’m afraid. It is normally either toast and scramble with fruits or oatmeal porridge topped with fruit. I also love peanut butter toast topped with chia seeds and a cup of tea.
Jac N.
I like to keep it fresh. Eggs some days, teff or oats with fruit some days. Love a breakfast hash or tofu scramble. It makes meals something to look forward to.
Emma Q.
I have porridge with apple and honey or if I have the ingredients I make egg and avocado on toast. I've never tried cottage cheese!
Andrea U.
I love to have breakfast. I usually drink milk and coffee than I eat toast bread with tahini sauce and marmelade. I'm usually sleepy during the morning and this is the reason why I don't like to change my morning menu.
Annie F.
I like to make veggie egg scrambles or egg in a hole. Otherwise I'll do yogurt and granola or cereal / oatmeal with a fruit of some kind
Katrine W.
I eat random. Either leftovers from dinner the day before (if I made some), instant noodles with canned corn kernels and a slice of cheese and cashews, a grilled cheese sandwich, eggs on toast.. If any of these are too much effort for me to make (because of my depression) I don't eat at all or I eat something really simple to get eg. proteine bar, granola bar, potato chips, few cookies with my instant coffee..
Frank N.
i normally eat cereal, but if i don't have milk or cereal, then i normally eat peanut butter and applesauce on toast. it's actually really good, i have it a lot, and it's delicious. i also sometimes have an egg casserole, and in that casserole, it had eggs with cheese and cut up sausage in it, it's also very good 🙂
Samantha Z.
I typically eat either oatmeal or toast with hummus and a cup of milk with protein powder.
You could also try a quick breakfast burrito with a few beans and potatoes, rice or quinoa to change things up.
Benjamin W.
I try to eat different things every day. I switch between pancakes, croissant, cappuccino, black coffee, bread and jam, cookies.
Nagito X.
I’m pretty plain myself but I like to eat a fruit bowl or pancakes with some fruit on the side. Maybe some oatmeal on lazy days!
Camille A.
Hello stranger! I'm from Italy so it's really hard for me to eat something salty in the morning, we have a sweet tooth for breakfast! So I try to eat half an apple or a banana, for a nice boost. Sometimes a yogurt or a slice of bread with honey is the answer! So maybe you can try one of this alternative meal. I hope I helped you a little♡ Have a nice life!
L Gia A.
I have a concoction that is part Bullet-Proof coffee for breakfast. I add Cacao, Kapikachhu, MCT oil, Monkfruit sweetener, coconut creamer, collagen peptides, and ghee to 5 parts decaf and 1 part caffeinated coffee. I mix all of those ingredients well in a blender at high speed. It makes a rich, delicious drink that I store in an insulated stainless steel container and pour from into a favorite mug.