Still trying to find an alternate breakfast to peanut butter and toast or yoghurt and granola. I cant find one. Needs to be quick and easy as I dont like to or have much time to put in a lot of effort as I leave the house for work at 4.30AM. Any suggestions?

Joyce Y.
Your best bet would be to use meal prep, prep quick things like overnight oats, breakfast burritos and sandwiches. Put the sandwiches and burritos in the freezer and heat in air fryer or microwave until hot as you get ready, then you can take it on the go if need be.

Ashley F.
Overnight Oats can be prepped for the week, but even Quick Oats topped with some fresh berries and fruits is a wonderful alternative!

Eloida F.
I prepare for breakfast in the prior evening, I found something that works for me: an apple, a banana and a handful of peanuts and dried fruits.

Savanna E.
Hey there! I have encountered the exact same issue in the past and some of the quick and efficient (yet still healthy and yummy) breakfast ideas that I have come up with are as follows:
-A low sugar and whole grain cereal with a milk substitute (almond milk, coconut milk, etc)
-Oatmeal with organic bananas, strawberries, or blueberries (or whatever fruit you prefer)
-A protein bar, a piece of whole grain toast, and an apple
-A breakfast sandwich with eggs, bacon, and cheese (they come preassembled in the frozen section; if you don’t like eating frozen foods, maybe avoid this one)

I hope that helps!! 🙏🏻

Alix E.
I totally relate to not having the time or energy to make breakfast in the morning. You might want to prepare breakfast the day before or maybe always have some easy and nutritious foods ready, some already made oatmeal and throw on some fruit or maybe have some healthy pancake batter in the fridge. Anyways good luck:)