What is your favourite protein and vitamin rich breakfast?

Primitivo Z.
My favorite protein and vitamin rich breakfast would be a hard boiled egg, fresh fruit, nuts (pistachios are a favorite). Maybe yogurt with granola, nuts and fruit!
Becki Y.
At the moment I am loving scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and spinach on a slice of toast! It's quick and easy to make in the microwave and if I know the next morning is going to be a rush I make it the night and keep it in the fridge.
Isabella E.
Any balance of whole grains, whole fruit, and protein is enough for a good breakfast. You can combine a toast, eggs, and your favorite fruit or a typical breakfast burrito For an all in one if it contains eggs, bell peppers, sausage. My personal favorite breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal, 2 eggs, and an apple.
I hope this answwers your question :^)
Chad E.
I like a good avocado toast , sometimes with an egg . This is my usual breakfast . Sinon , I like a cucumber tomato feta toast and when I’m feeling sweet I’ll do a peanut butter banana flaxseed toast with a drizzle of honey . And once in a blue , I bring back an old favourite: shiitake omelette with green onions and a little sesame oil 🤤
Margot O.
I'm not sure I'm new to this not very good with nutrition but I saw a recipe for egg omlete and greens with avocado that's what I'm having today
Kristina U.
I like to keep my breakfast mostly the same every day; I’ve heard it’s helped with focus and concentration for the rest of the day because you’re not trying to choose what you want for breakfast. Scrambled eggs are super easy and fast, rich in good fats and protein, and I like to have some fruit or berries, usually either an apple or raspberries. I know fruit and eggs sounds weird, but I eat the fruit after finishing my eggs because it gives my palette a nice sweetness to settle on for the day. Avocados are also a good choice to have either with or after your eggs 🙂
Martin S.
My favorite protein and vitamin rich breakfast is Greek yogurt with fruit. I’m also a fan of rice cakes with peanut butter and all-fruit low-sugar jelly.
Nyovi X.
Yoghurt is good for protein, and you can add fruits for vitamins. Seeds also contain protein and can be added. Honey is a great ingredient as well.