I would love more recommendations for a filling and healthy whole foods breakfasts! It gets dull following my own breakfast routine sometimes.

Mary F.
I like to do 3-4 slices of Avocado and 1 piece of Toast w/butter and an egg(boiled and sliced is the general way I do it to keep it clean). With fruit, like some grapes or banana, on the side. It seems like a alot but when you think about it, is a well rounded and a just the right amount, at least for me. It tastes soo good and is cheap to make!
Nishma W.
You can always try avocado salad, it’s amazing! I definitely recommend. After or before that you can have cereals. They are good you know? Then you can go ahead and have some egg. It fills your stomach and gives you lots of energy. Then look for some fruits like apple or banana. If you don’t want to eat them just as they are, mix them with some plain yogurt. Hope you like it!
Amy N.
I like anything with egg in it to keep me full, so simple things as omelettes or scrambled eggs. Depending on where you live you can get kodiak cakes which are basically a protein mix that you can make pancakes, muffins, and waffles out of and they keep you so full. I also like overnight oats for on the go. I do like to have a smoothie but I find they don’t keep me super full so if I have a smoothie I follow it up with corn thins and almond butter
Tamy N.
i have granola bites,the usual cereal and if i feel like it i make healthy pancakes, like oatmeal ones or banana pancakes,smoothies are good as well 🙂
Patsy W.
I would suggest looking on pinterest, google, and maybe YouTube all of those can give you some recipes to try and often times they give ones that you wouldnt have thought of trying. Breakfast doesnt always have to be the stereotypical breakfast you can eat anything then, breakfast is when you break your fasting from last night.
Hayles W.
This morning I made cinnamon banana pancakes it was so quick and easy.

1 mashed banana
2 eggs
1/4 – 1/2 cup flour (depending how this you like your pancakes)
All mixed together in one bowl

I topped mine with Greek yoghurt strawberries and a little maple syrup x

Hope you enjoy

Adam G.
Try something new each day one day have fruit the next day maybe have porridge and next have eggs and beans whith some toast and all these fill you up until dinner that when you get hungry again!😊
William W.
I love making overnight Oats, you can include anything in them, quick and easy to prep in advance and are ready to go first thing in the morning