What breakfast is the best for you?

Rachel U.
The best breakfast is first of all should be healthy. So usually I eat cereals, some vegetables or fruits. And of course a cup of coffee
Gabriel U.
A breakfasts that I prepared the day before, like overnight porridge (oat flakes with oatmeal in a jar and in fridge) or I collected all material for a bean stew veggi egg brekki. I eat within two hours I’ve gotten up – I struggle to eat right away.
Mikkel C.
For healthy options I like bananas, eggs, almonds. I feel like I need to add something else to the healthy options to replace eggs. Maybe cheese sticks. Semi healthy would be the waffles or cereal.
Peter X.
The best breakfast for me is a fast meal. In the morning I don't want to eat even if I'm hungry. Try this recipe: 1 banana, 100 g of oat flakes without sugar, 5 dates and milk (or soymilk, or almond milk) 100 ml or more. Add some fruit and that it! Blender is an essential. Not boild oat will work longer that boild
Jacquelyn N.
I believe the answer is different for everyone. I am an athlete, so I may need to intake more caloriss than others. But, a good breakfast starter would be some eggs and fruit. I know some people say veggies are also good, but I find it hard to find breakfast recipes with veggies included. But, if you can make it work then veggies would also be nice. I hope this helps, and have a nice day.
Kindilan U.
Special K forest berries super yum and healthy or an up and go drink/ fit drink I think it’s called you can buy at Woolworths
Monk J.
Truth is i only have found two breakfasts that keep me full….oat bran cooked w water, spoon of cream, banana or hard boiled eggs with side of cottage cheese
Calvin J.
I have several "best" breakfasts. One is a smoothie made with fruits and veggies paired with a soft boiled egg. Another one is overnight muesel madd with Greek yoghurt and milk. Then there is good old fashioned oatmeal…not the ones in the package. Oh…the list goes on. A fast and easy one is fruit, yoghurt and my homemade granola.
Rose J.
Usually left overs from last night's dinner. If not, anything savory and with a lot of fresh vegetables (not really sweet)
Reayanie B.
The Breakfast that was good for me? I guess Having a Combination of Fruits and Bread plus Milk. Why? Because Sweet fresh fruits makes me energetic and not only that it gives me Vitamins as well that my Body needed, Bread, cause i actually really like bread 💗
Vicki Z.
I eat either a bowl of oatmeal or a fried egg on whole wheat for s as sandwich, with a glass of orange juice, for breakfast
Gitte Q.
I eat for breakfast everyday, a bowl with fruit like an apple or banana, wheat, linseed, chia seed, amaranth seed, soy milk and a cup of hot coffee.
Avery F.
I do my best when I have an egg, sausage, and cheese breakfast sandwich, a banana or a few clementines, and a cup of coffee.
Ana Q.
I like to eat different breakfasts throughout the week. Therefore sometimes I eat bread with avocado and an egg. Other times muesli with natural yogurt or almond milk and other times oats.
Tiago E.
Bacon and eggs are my first choice. Oatmeal if that feels too heavy. And a French toast omelet type thing with eggs, cinnamon and vanilla served with a tablespoon of cream and maple syrup. Just making it an omlete lets me cut out the bread in the french toast but still have the sensation when the eggs are fluffy and pancake like.
Ciara P.
I prefer to eat oatmeal with some kind of fruit and maple syrup. This or maybe some toast with peanut butter and banana on it.
Christoffer P.
Some sort of taco or overnight oats with as much protein as I can get in either. I put greek yogurt, whey protein powder & milk or almond milk into oats with fruit and seasonings to make it special. Apple cinnamon is my favorite. If I want savory, I usually put some sort of protein like ground beef or beans into tacos with fat free cheddar and 2 eggs. This gives me tons of protein at the beginning of the day, which always boosts my energy. And tacos are my favorite food, so just throwing anything healthy into a white corn tortilla or taco shell with some salsa automatically makes me want to eat it!