What is the time frame from waking up to eating breakfast that you’ve had the most success with?

Aydn F.
I start my days sometimes at 10 but mostly 12 when I'm off and I like to shower before making any meal. So I would say 9 or 10
Sophia Z.
Of course it depends on what works best for you and your body but in my case I like to wakeup around 8 to 9 am and then after a walk and my other morning routines I'll eat breakfast. So from waking up to breakfast the time may very between 30 min too a maximum of 1h 30min
Jacob C.
I like to do Push ups, I strive to do 20 and do it slowly with good form. This helps me with building strength and since my wife and I live in a small studio, it works with my space available.
Emily Z.
i really dont know , i wake up , i do some stretches and meditation and i do my skincare routine and i took my breakfast its like 30 min of time frame and
Danielle U.
Make time for eating first thing in the morning. If you wait, you are likely to lose track of time and have to eat on the run or not at all. Making time to eat and relax before getting ready for work is super important for me.
Ana F.
About 5 mins, the time to wash my face and get to the kitchen. I eat right after I wake up as to make it easy to eat better and not skip it.
Isabelle S.
I usually wait a bit because personally I don’t like just waking up and eating, so I wake up, drink some water, and then do my hygiene routine and then work on what I’m going to have for breakfast.