How do you manage rising at 5 am, having a breakfast at 5:30, and not be starving by 11 am?

Hannah N.
It really depends on what you’re having for breakfast. For example, some trail mix or a granola bar isn’t going to cut it. You have to have a good source of protein, some filling carbs, and food that is going to give you energy for the day. Sometimes milkshakes or coffee can also help me not get as hungry as quickly.

Jerry O.
By having a balanced diet with complex carbohydrates, protein and fat to aid a slower digestion instead of having a diet containing simple carbohydrates which causes a spike in energy that depletes quickly.

Sierra P.
Well I am currently doing the 7-day Intermittent Fasting challenge, so I'm delaying breakfast until 9 or 10 (yesterday I easily made it to 10, but today I was nodding off at 7, so I listened to my body and ate😄). Anyways, on a normal eating schedule for me, I think that what I eat helps. So the last 3 days I have had a cup of overnight oats and that leaves me feeling full for longer. I like to add fruit and nuts to that if I have them. Also, I heard that your stomach doesn't know the difference between full of food or full of water, it just knows that it's empty, so I try to drink consistently (to stay hydrated and start to listen to my energy levels to indicate whether I'm hungry or not, not my stomach)