Any great high-protein smoothie ideas for a breakfast on the go?

Brandon U.
Hi! 🙂
I usually like to put oats, any vegetable milk (i like unswetened almond milk), flax seeds, chia seeds, spices (cinamon, nutmeg or ginger) and fruit (bananas, apples or pear). Sometimes I like a small spoon of unswetened nut butrer as well 🙂
Thibaut C.
– Protein ( vegan protein powder, collagen)
-Fat (coconut oil, nut butter, avocado)
-Fiber (chia seed, flaxseed, avocado)
-Green (kale, spinach, cucumber)
Francis J.
Do you use protein powder? I love Arbonne powder, which is mainly pea protein with a couple others to get the fully amino acid complex.

Otherwise, a pre-hard boiled egg and a slice of toast is a great quick breakfast on the go, especially after exercise. It has a good protein-carb balance (not fit for the low-carb challenge).

Jacob F.
Honestly, there’s tons of recipes on the Internet for high protein smoothies but one of my go to breakfast smoothies consists of banana, blueberries, kale, spinach, natural salt-free nut butter, flaxseed, chia seed, hemp hearts, and a small handful of crushed ice. I use a Magic Bullet and blend everything together until it’s extra smooth. I’ve mostly been focusing on building stamina and endurance so I’m not doing a bunch of weight training or focusing on high protein intake.
Lucy C.
I like peanut butter, oats, and bananas for my smoothies but there are multiple different smoothies that you can look up online or on Pinterest. Hope that helps! 😁
Adelina Q.
I'd recommend mango with kiwi as a base flavour, then add a chai seed mix, spinach and even a carrot or two.
Blend with orange juice or coconut water.
Asta Z.
I'd like to do veggies or fruit smoothies. When I'm doing veggies one, I tend to use water and my favourite ingredient is baby spinach. When i'm doing fruit smoothies, I tend to put milk instead of water, or I add half portion of plain yogurth and half portion of milk. Various seeds are also good ingredient to add. For the protein, since vegetable and fruit don't usually have that much protein in them, I use protein powder from DM but I'm sure you could find it in other shops too.
Brooklyn O.
There are a couple of options for protein in a smoothie, which really depends on your resources and tastes. My go to as someone who generally hasn't planned far enough ahead, is to add some peanut butter which I always have around. But you could also experiment with adding other nut butters or even look for recipes including eggs. Googling 'egg smoothie' would probably do it.

The alternative, which requires a bit of planning, is to find protein powders, like whey, which will not overly influence the flavor, or are designed to be added to shakes and smoothies. These are usually available in sports stores since they are often used to help build muscle.